Kingdom Resident Carl Zombie Carl

Character Info Edit

Role Swamp Gatekeeper
Home Island Spookane
Interest Cute

Zombie Carl is an undead resident of Spookane who is also the gatekeeper leading to Morcubus's. He lives in the swamp of the island graveyard. But Zombie Carl is fed up with his home and requests that you spruce up his home, to make it more livable and inviting to others. Once you do this, he will give you the key so you and Goth Boy can continue your quest on finding out the secret of life.


You'd think a zombie would be at home in the muck and mire of the Spookane swamp. But after 400 years, even a shambling undead monster can grow weary of seasonally flooded bottomland. Carl's only friend is Chesby the worm (who is actually a dwarf swamp eel).