Yuki-Template Yuki

Character Info Edit

Townie or Commercial? Townie Sim
Star Level Star Level 4
Role Typical Resident
Residence Name Yuki's House

Yuki will come to town searching a potential home. If you give her the chance, she will be very happy and ask that you build and decorate her a spooky home. She also likes biting people's faces.


Yuki watches a LOT of spooky anime cartoons. She almost never misses a single rerun of the classic British sitcom, "May I Bite Your Face?"




Hotel Introduction

  • Hi, my name's Yuki! If you don't keep an eye on me, I'll bite your face! Tee hee!

Accept Move-In

  • Hmmm. Ok, build me a good house, alright? Make it Spooky!

After You Build House

  • So this is [town name], huh? Lots of interesting faces around here!

Request For More Stuff

  • If you don't make my house Spookier, I'll bite your face!

Star Level 4

  • Grrrr! Arrrghh! Did I scare you?
  • I file my teeth really pointy every night. That way, when I bite things, I can leave a big mark!
  • I've always wanted to see a ghost, because I think they're so cute!

Star Level 5

  • The Spookier the town, the Spookier the people who visit it are. Spook it up!
  • Some people say I'm weird. Even though they're right, I still bite them.
  • I bet you didn't know that the nose is the tastiest part of the face.

Best Friend

  • Now that we're such good friends, it really wouldn't be right to bite you on the face. Instead, I'll bite you on the arm! Yaaaaay!

Best Friend Reward

  • Television - Giant Claw blueprint