Appearance:This Sim Heavily Resembles Nintendo's Mascot,Mario. He Wears An Orange Cap With The Letter D On It,An Orange Shirt,And Green Overalls. His Moustache Is The Same As Chef Gino's.





Commercial Sim

Residency:Dario Twins Plumbing

Task 1:Dario Will Ask For A Sink With 12 Metal. Dario:Mamma Mia! I Just-a Created This-a Company,And I Don't-A Even Know Anything About Plumbing! Could You Get Me A Sink So I Can-a Practice Plumbing? Hints:Metal Can Be Collect By Destroying Trees That Grow Gears,Springs,Or Robots. After Completing The Task:Yahoo,Let's-a Begin! Reward:Table(Mushroom)

Task 2:Dario Will Ask For A Toilet With 12 Angry Essences Dario:MAMMA MIA!!! I Just Bought A Plunger,But I Don't-a Have A Toilet To Test It On! Hints:I Bought A Plunger And I Can't-a Use It! That Makes Me So Angry! After Completing Task:Yahoo! Looks Like I Didn't Waste My Money After All! Reward:Couch(Cloud)

Task 3:Dario Will Ask For A Pizza Oven With 12 Bacon. Dario: I've-a Said It Before And I'll Say It Again,Mamma Mia! I'm-a So Hungry,But I Can't-a Afford Any Food,Please Help Me! Hints:Sorry,I Don't-a Know Where Any Bacon Is. After Completing Task:WAHOO! You Are The Best! Reward: Training Dummy(Robot)

Task 4:Dario Will Ask For A Sewer Pipe With 12 Metal Essences,And 12 Robots. Dario:Oh,I Almost Forgot,Can You Put A Giant Pipe In Here? They Warp Me To A Cool Place When I Go Down Them. Hints:Wait,Robots Grow On Trees? HOW?! After Completing Task:YIPPEE!!! IT'S-A DARIO TIME! Reward:Dario's Lucky Coin(Decoration)

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