Hi all....and whoever remain. It’s me again, Limmy. Well, you can still call me that, i don’t if that’s technically me anymore....

Truth is, just a little over a year ago i actually made a new wikia account. Between forgetting my login for this account, my last activity here being a slight blowup, and....i came out almost a year ago as trans-masculine. While the name “Limited2gal” is still extremely nostalgic for me, it just simply doesn’t feel like it accurately describes “me” anymore. 

So, i’m putting a halt to this account and wish to continue editing under my new account, SailorSkeleton. Limited2gal will for now on serve as an archive of sorts.

This account will always have a special place in my heart, but i made it 8 years ago in 2011, i was 15, and i’m 23 now....i’ve changed so much over time that i feel like a totally different person and i feel it’s just time to move on. 

But i’m only shedding the account. As far as i know i’ll always be on the wiki [[heh-hemm...fandom]] and i’ll always be in the groups that pop up!

(typical me hating how the capital “i”s look too much like lowercase “L”s....i swear i’m properly literate!!! Oof!!)

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