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  • I live in On Earth
  • My occupation is Wikia User, gamer
  • I am A MySims Fanatic!
I like video games!!!

Welcome to FunTown! (Extras)


Timmy is surprised!


Timmy s angry!


Timmy likes to laugh!

(I forgot the "e" at the end, but I do know how to spell "Welcome", of course)

Hello! This is my userpage all about MySims!

My Sim.

Timmy Laugh

My sim laughing, again.


Timmy gets bored about shopping.


Timmy does not like to clap about performances, but apparently, he did this time.


Timmy is blushing about something.

About Me IlikeitEdit

I'm TimmyBarela! You can call me Timmy, though. If you call me TimmyBarela, thats fine with me.I like to play video games, but I like reading, to. I like to go to sports games, and I hate it when girls do that stupid "awww..." thats very annoying. My favorite video games is MySims and Mario.

Interests FunEdit

These are the Interests I Say that I like.



MySims KingdomEdit

Favorite Sims AwesomefaceEdit

These are the sims that I like! I like them because they are nice, funny, etc.

  • BuddyHe is like, so funny! Dag, dah! Perfect for a good laugh!
  • Gordon2Smart an friendly. A good friend to have!
  • MariaI don't know, but she's FUNNY!Giggle
  • ChazMcFreelyHe is pretty cool. And he is like, SO popular.
  • TravisHe is a good sim. He looks like my sim to!
  • Bob(MSP)My favorite uber sim. He has the same interests as my sim!
  • Rinuyal CandyI like to go to party's!
  • BeanGood sim!
  • LyndsayI like to go to new places too!
  • FlipperPools are fun!

Sims I Dislike AngryEdit

These are the sims that I hate. I hate them because they are rude, annoying, etc.

  • Derek HateRude. Rude to much.
  • GothBoyHateAppeared in my hotel to much. And now he is so annoying.
  • DRONEThese guys talk to much when you are doing "Quick Play" on MySims SkyHeroes.HeadacheBlahblahblahPain I feel like doing this to them:Yociexp104
  • Star Hater!To strong on MySims Racing. Also, lies to much.
  • KageHateBoring character.Boredom
  • Raven2Shoved my sim once. When I saw that, I was like, Rage
  • Ginny3 Hater!Same as Star, but not the part about the lies.
  • Alexa hater!, Kind of rude.
  • Gertrude Hater!, shoved Bob once and made him cry. That was an a dislike, right away. Bugs are gross, too.

Favorite Essences Red AppleEdit

These are my favorite Essences

  • 8-Ball, it's the Fun sim Essence!
  • Textbook, when I saw these from this Wiki before I had the game, I just liked them for some reason
  • Pinwheel, I just like them
  • Penguin Essence, penguins are my favorite animals!

Hated Essences Hopi Doll Edit

  • Hopi Doll, they come out of the ground to much Thinking
  • Rainbow Trout, same as Hopi Doll, but with waterDarnit
  • Sad, sad is for the weak!Yesyes
  • Kissing Fish, same as Rainbow Trout. Kissing Fish is absurd, tooGross
  • Crab, same as Rainbow Trout, along with SnakesEew
  • Snake, Really (look up)

Games I Own Mysims artboxEdit

Here are the games I own. As you can see, I almost have all of the MySims games.

Mysims artbox




MySims Kingdom DS Boxshot

MySims Party

MySims Party DS



MySims Agents Boxshot

Mysims agents ds

SkyHeroes Wii Boxart

SkyHeroes DS Boxart

MySims StatusEdit


Sim Name: Timmy

Town Name: Funtown

Star Level: 5

Favorite Sim: Buddy

Favorite Location: PC: Gardens Wii: Town Square

Favorite Building: Town Hotel

Favorite Theme: Fun house music

MySims KingdomEdit

Sim Name: Timmy

King Points: 5

Favorite Sim: Buddy

Favorite Island: Rocket Reef

MySims PartyEdit

Sims: lots

Town Name: PartyTown

Favorite Sim: Buddy

Favorite Minigame: Robo-Assault

Favorite Location: Sunshine Beach

Favorite Festival: Opening Festival

MySims RacingEdit

Sim Name: Timmy

Town Name: Speedville

Story: Finished

Favorite Racer: Chaz McFreely

Favorite Car: basic race car

Favorite Car Weight: Light

MySims AgentsEdit

Sim Name: Timmy

Favorite Location: Boudreaux Mansion

Favorite Sim: Buddy

Story: Finished

MySims SkyHeroesEdit

Sim Name: Timmy

Plane Name: Aircraft 1

Favorite Affiliation: SkyForce

Favorite Pilot: Anybody I don't mind playing as

Story: Finished

My MySims HistoryEdit

Back in 2009, I just got my DS, with Mario Kart. But then I got another DS game. I found MySims Racing (DS)! At first, I did not like it so much, because of playing as only your sim, but I slowley gained some interest in it. This was te start of my MySims collecting. 

A year or so later, I saw MySims Sky Heroes at a store. I told about it to everyone, and so for my birthday or something, I got it. Well, it was okay, but I like it more now.

Then, I got my Wii for my birthday, so for Christmas that same year, I got MySims Collection for the Wii! So really, I got MySims (Wii) and MySims Racing (Wii) at the same time, and I got it for the MySims Racing. The fun of MySims Racing lasted for a little while, but I got bored with it  and tried out MySims I liked that game and I still play it now, well on a different Wii. Sadly, my Wii does not work any more untill I bring it in for repair.Darn But at least I have another Wii to play in the mean time!Woohoo

After that, I went to a store and bought MySims (DS), MySims Kingdom (Wii), MySims Party (Wii) and MySims Sky Heroes (Wii). I played MySims (DS) first, but I did not like it. Then I tried MySims Kingdom and I liked it. I liked how it was similiar to MySims (Wii), that you can run around and meet new and old sims.

The next day, I tried MySims Party, I liked it, but I did not like the thing that other teams got known sims and I only got two known sims with a buch of unknown sims. I did some festivals and found out you had to WIN more known sims. Then I liked the game even more.

Months later, I tried MySims Sky Heroes, and I liked it more then the DS game. I liked that you got to choose your character, not just play as your sim all the time, you do not have to do Story Mode if you want to play, and it has more action!Woohoo

Then the next year, I was on the internet (no, not MySims Wiki) looking up images of MySims Agents (Wii). I wanted it. And I got it for Christmas. I played it and the graphics are like MySims Kingdom! Even though the ending was AWFULL, I play it now and enjoy it.

Then, a month or so later, I got MySims Agents (DS). I played it and liked it. I liked it that you have a usefull sidekick, Joshua, not a useless sidekick like I got on the Wii version. It was the first MySims DS game that I liked for a long time!

Later, I found MySims Kingdom (DS). Well it wasent that great of a game, but better then the first MySims gae for the DS. Maybe.

A few days later, I found MySims Party (DS) I liked that one. You got more known starting sims then you do on he Wii, which was good. But the first festivals was HARD. You only get to have one sim per team. But the last ones was easy! Weird that the first ones was harder right?

A few months later, I found MySims (PC). It is the last MySims game I found. I like it how you get to meet new Sims, find new Essences, etc.. It was to late to go online, which is shame, but it looked FUN! Now, I play it to have fun, and my sim even has Interests!! Oh my gosh, there is not a single sim that loves Cute in my town!! Wait, Terry Toymender lives in my town!

A few days later, I found this Wiki, MySims Wiki. I knew that I knew a LOT about MySims, so I joined as a AU, but it turns out I was annoying everyone.Sweat But I still had a good time!

Then, at the start of April, I created a account and I'm now a normal user of this Wiki! I'm seen on a few other Wiki's, to, like MySims Fanon Wiki.

This is the end of my MySims History, so I hope you enjoyed reading it!

P.S. You should see ""! It is AMAZING! To see it, click here=>[1]

I Do Userbox Requests!Edit

Hey, MySims Wiki Users! Wan't a userbox that you don't see on the MySims Wiki Userboxes page and you don't know how to make Userboxes? Ask me! I will make the Userbox you wan't and post it on the Userbox page for everyone to use! You will need to have the thing you want the Userbox to be like, the picture type, the color type, and the the text for the Userbox. If you don't say any of these things, I will ask you what you want the missing thing to be. This means you can't say like, "I want a Fred Fan Userbox". I won't know what the picture I would use, the colors, ot the text to be. So make sure to tell me what you want. When I'm done with the Userbox, I will show it to you and if you don't like something about it, tell me and I will fix it for you till I made exatly what you want. So ask me when ever you want a new Userbox! Handsome Bye!967339c1

Timmy's FriendsEdit

Timmy's great friends!
Friendship Level: Best Friend
Cmv has sent friendly talk posts on my page, and is like, SO nice! He's also the first friend I made on this Wiki!Awesomeface
Friendship Level: Friend
Googleybear has worked hard for me on this Wiki and MySims Fanon Wiki. He is the one who made the more better images of my sim for me!

Smilie fun Edit


Ilikeit, to me, the closet to a good regular smiley

Sweat, cute

Headache, perfect for when something is annoying!

DerekStun , I made that one!

Fun with Smilies

Shaplz.png Dancingcat Yikes!!!!Eww RUN AWAY!!!!PanicAAAAHHHHH!!!!

Okay, lets put some funny ones on here.HoleOnion coldOnion crudRavegwahplz.gif HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!OH HO, HA HA HA HA!Hurrhurr

Sparta smileyheh, heh. mmph!Giggle

Okay, let me finish this video game really quick. 'on screen' "Game Over" NOOOOORoar __________________________________________________________________________________

Mmph! It is good to have a little humor, right?Giggle

Comics DurrhurrEdit

This is a comic I made right from the game! Hope you think it is funny!


 Agent Timmy
Agent Timmy

Timmy's Userboxes
MySims Wiki Logo TimmyBarela is totally a user of MySims Wiki. I mean, you know, at least they took the time to look around and even find this userbox to put on their page. You gotta give some credit for that.

Fun TimmyBarela is totally a Fun kind of person. Rock on! WOO!

Studious TimmyBarela believes in being knowledgable and totally Studious.

Hates Cute Cute things make TimmyBarela hurl. BLECH!!!

BuddyFan Many people think Buddy is so awesome. TimmyBarela thinks so too, pal. Maybe you should too. HINT HINT.

Gordon2 TimmyBarela is Gordon's biggest fan! Why don't we pull up a chair and read more about it, friend.

Maria TimmyBarela is a fan of Maria, and loves her mom's cooking. Don't knock it til' you've tried it!

Chaz Fan TimmyBarela is a fan of Chaz McFreely! EXTREEEME!

Traviss TimmyBarela needs to have the latest hi-tech device right next to them, just like Travis.

Bob(MSP) TimmyBarela is a fan of Samurai Bob. Lets practice our respect, honor, BUSHIDO!

Timmy Laugh TimmyBarela is a fan on his sim becuase he thinks that he is a very good sim!

Flipper TimmyBarela is a fan of Flipper! Lets celebrate by seeing who can cause the biggest splash with a cannonball. Walk though!

Lyndsay TimmyBarela is a fan of Lyndsay, and has an adventuresome spirit! Let's explore somewhere new!

Bean TimmyBarela is a fan of Bean Bradley, understanding his tough life after his childhood fame.

DJ Candy Fan TimmyBarela thinks DJ Candy is like, really the best DJ ever. They're also a member of the Official DJ Candy Fanclub.

Derek Hate TimmyBarela hates Derek and thinks it was wrong of him to steal Chef Gino's maps. He deserved to be banned from the pizzeria.

GothBoyHate Goth Boy's gloominess annoys TimmyBarela very much. How could somebody be so down!?

Star Hater! TimmyBarela dislikes Star because ninjas are really dumb and pathetic. Who cares about the Crescent Moon Village when there are other villages that are better?

KageHate TimmyBarela hates Kage and his weird ninja skills. Maybe he should just act normal!

Ginny3 Hater! TimmyBarela thinks Fire Chief Ginny is way too lazy. She never puts out fires; she just races!!!

Ginny4 Hater! TimmyBarela dislikes Officer Ginny and thinks she's WAY too strict. Is she even old enough to be a policewoman?

Yuki Hate TimmyBarela thinks Yuki is a crazy lunatic. They don't want to be bitten in the face!!

Alexa hater! TimmyBarela hates Alexa, and thinks she does NOT make a good robot scientist. She is such a snob!

Gertrude Hater! TimmyBarela hates Gertrude because they think bugs are GROSS! Ewww!.

Train Station Sometimes, TimmyBarela likes to take the train and visit friends in the Gardens.

Essence Creator's Workshop TimmyBarela is the Essence Creator who has saved FunTown.

Wand TimmyBarela is proud to be King Roland's Royal Wandolier.

Festival TimmyBarela is a proud festival competitor from PartyTown.

Sir Charles In Car TimmyBarela is a champion racer who had brought peace and happiness back to the citizens of Speedville.

MySims Agents Thingy TimmyBarela is a special agent operative, hired by the SPA to foil the nefarious plans of Morcubus!

SkyForceRole TimmyBarela is a pilot who works with SkyForce to defeat Morcubus and the Chaos Pirates in order to take back the skies!

Book Party TimmyBarela likes to study outside with friends on Book Party.

Dance-Off 2 TimmyBarela is a lover of dance-offs! WOOT WOOT!

RocketReef TimmyBarela loves helping out Dr. F and Alexa with their experiments on Rocket Reef.

Angry TimmyBarela love the Angry Essence! They also think it's funny every time Morcubus gets angry after always losing!

8-Ball TimmyBarela loves the 8-ball Essence! It's also one of their favorite things at parties with games!

Textbook TimmyBarela loves Textbooks! At least it's not a blueprint, right?

Pinwheel TimmyBarela loves Pinwheels! Oooh... Look at them spin!

Penguin Essence TimmyBarela loves Penguins and is sad they only live in Antarctica.

Mysims artbox TimmyBarela has MySims Wii! Building furniture with Essences is so much fun!

MySimsPC TimmyBarela has MySims PC! They also love to play this very first MySims game that you could play on the computer through WiFi and new exclusive sims!!

MySims Kingdom TimmyBarela has MySims Kingdom Wii! They also love being the Royal Wandolier of the Kingdom!

MySims Party TimmyBarela has and is a fan of MySims Party Wii because they love to participate in the Festivals and play minigames!

MySims Party DS TimmyBarela has MySims Party DS and loves playing the minigames on there!

MySimsRacingDS TimmyBarela has MySims Racing DS and loves racing their friends!

MySims Agents Boxshot TimmyBarela has MySims Agents Wii and loves solving cases and wants to take down MorcuCorp!

Cover-agents TimmyBarela has MySims Agents DS and loves to solve cases, find clues, and solve puzzles!

SkyHeroes Wii Boxart TimmyBarela has MySims SkyHeroes Wii and loves to fly through the skies and defend their fellow Teammates!

MSSH-DS TimmyBarela has MySims SkyHeroes DS and loves to fly through the skies and defend their fellow Teammates!

MySims Agents 2 TimmyBarela was excited for MySims Agents 2 to come out, but is sad because it didn't.

Word BubblesEdit

Timmy – Video Games Are Fun!
TALK – Video Games!
My basic word bubble

Timmy Laugh
Timmy – Video Games Are Fun!
TALK – Video Games!
I use this when I feel so happy! I also use it for thanking someone.

Timmy – Video Games Are Fun!
TALK – Video Games!
I use this when I feel so angry!

Timmy – Video Games Are Fun!
TALK – Video Games!
I use this when I feel kind of happy, but more default.

Timmy – Video Games Are Fun!
TALK – Video Games!
I use this when I feel like somethings wrong, or I'm bored.

Timmy – Video Games Are Fun!
TALK – Video Games!
I use this when I feel like I'm blushing.

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