aka Kayla

  • I live in My Own Little World
  • I was born on February 15
  • My occupation is Cartoonist
  • I am Female

Don't have that much to say except, "I love these games!" Check out my Sim, Meg Cooper, down below! 

Trevor(MSP) StormieCreater is a fan of Trevor Verily, thou shalt noth disliketh him.

BuddyFan Many people think Buddy is so awesome. StormieCreater thinks so too, pal. Maybe you should too. HINT HINT.

Vic Vector StormieCreater is a fan of Vic Vector, loving to play Plane v.s. Eye in his AWESOME Arcade.

Clayton StormieCreater is a fan of what's-his-face...uh...Clayton or something.

Luke and SurfboardStanding StormieCreater loves Luke's laidback attitude and surfing skills. They want to get a surf lesson from him sometime.

Lyndsay StormieCreater is a fan of Lyndsay, and has an adventuresome spirit! Let's explore somewhere new!

Iggy2 StormieCreater is a fan of Iggy! Why don't we celebrate with a party at Candy's and a sandwich platter?!

Poppy-Party StormieCreater is a fan of Poppy and her flower shop. Flowers are SO cute!.

Nova(MSP) StormieCreater is a fan of Professor Nova. Aliens DO exist!

Violet StormieCreater is a fan of Violet Nightshade. Oh how I love the sight of dead flowers.

Zombie Carl StormieCreater thinks Zombie Carl rules! HAHAHA! But seriously. He is cool, right? And Chesby is just so cute.

Mike StormieCreater hails King Mike and his coconuts!

Bean StormieCreater is a fan of Bean Bradley, understanding his tough life after his childhood fame.

My Top Three Favorite SimsEdit

  • Trevor: He's so dramatic, but it's hilarious Fweeheehee
  • Buddy: Such a lovable guy, no matter what game. Iloveyou
  • Vic Vector: His interest in paranormal things and video games makes his character interesting. Love how he's a funny sidekick to Rosalyn. Giggle

MySims OCsEdit

Fav. Pics Edit

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