aka Ashley

  • I live in A town in New Jersey
  • I was born on May 31
  • My occupation is Geek/Boy Lover
  • I am Female
Secretive13 Sim

My MySim character standing next to one of her bestie friends,DJ CANDY!

MySims Reality! Ian Arneson (The Morcubus Returns)

Horrible thing to do to him!!


Omigosh!He looks CUTE!0_0WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT?!


My character is JUST FRIENDS with him,OKAY?!

Travis (MSA)

My little sister actually thinks that Travis is cute!OMG!


OMG!SO CUTE!!!Wait,WHAT?!0_0

Agent Violet


Everyone in mysims agents

some of the NPC characters of MySims Agents

Agent Renee


Agent Gertrude



Another one of the boys that my character has a crush on.

MySims Reality! Chaz McFreely (The Morcubus Returns)

Also...horrible thing to do to him!


One of the boys that my character has a crush on.

MS Photo Jamie.

My request from A go-go Sim (wondering who it is? It's Jamie)!

Hi,there!I'm really glad that I made my own account on here,and I would really like to help.I'm Secretive13, but everyone on here calls me Secretive, Secret, or S-13(now 14)!My character's name is Amanda Jane.(My real name is Ashley.If you want to call me that,you can, but not evil trolls! You evil trolls are NOT allowed to say my name! Thats final)! In the all of the MySims games,I always name my character Amanda Jane and my town New York for no apparent reason.Guess it kinda got stuck to me.

Nicknames on the WikiEdit

1. Secretive

2. Secret

3. S-13

4. Secretivewoman (only called like that by Blanky)

5. Secretively (called by Holli)

6. S-14 (sometimes called by Skyler)

7. Decorative14 (called by Katrina)

8. Secretivito (randomly called by Corey and Steven)


Uh? I don't know. I hate evil people (excluding Preston.) I really don't know any random facts about me.

I secretly try to dress in black clothes if I'm in a bad mood.

Well um... I'm kinda... hyrophobic around pools, sprinklers, and oceans. *hangs head in shame*

I always put sugar in my Frosted Flakes cereal (if my dad buys it)...

I love all colors of the rainbow except pink.









MySims KingdomEdit


MySims Party Stats(I always use the"Strong" setting whenever I play a festival) Edit

  • Strength-4
  • Speed-3
  • Luck-3
  • Stamina-3

MySims RacingEdit

Car Class Weight: Small

Paint Colors: Yellow/Green

Decals: Hearts on both sides of doors

Wheels: Hearts

Front and Back Bumper: Heart- shaped

Headlights: Small

Hood Ornament: The little pink robot from MySims

MySims AgentsEdit




King Mike










Agent Rosalyn

Agent Vic

Professor Nova

If I were in MySims Agents, my status would be...Edit

3 Paranormal

2 Smarts

About Me Edit

I can be really shy around people who are not on the Internet.At school,it's really difficult for me to speak in class sometimes.During the morning and recess,I usually like speaking to my friends.Also,the MySims are AWESOME!!!I feel comfortable playing the games.I have a few boys who I am friends with,but I can also be shy around boys,as well.Like,mega-ultra shy.Anyway,I like Mexican food,playing the MySims games,love to help with about anything,a true geeky person(but not too geeky),and I am always ready to help my own little sister with her work.Okay,so if you want to at least ask me something,go ahead,as long as it has nothing to do with my personal life. I'm also half Mexican and half Peruvian, but I was born in New Jersey.So, I speak some Spanish,but not advanced Spanish.

About my town New York Edit

I have a lot of Geeky Sims,with some tasty Sims,maybe some Cute Sims,some Spooky Sims,and some Fun and Studious Sims.Amanda Jane has a little sister named Isabella.More is read on MySims Fanon Wiki on my user page.

My Mysterious Violet Word BubbleEdit

Secretive13 – I can keep a secret.
TALK – Life can be so mysterious.

Sims That I Really Like Edit

Sims That I Really Like
Agent Violet
Friendship Level: Best Friend
She's kinda cool and spooky.I especially like her hair in MySims Kingdom.It looks really nice.
Agent Candy
DJ Candy Supergroove
Friendship Level: Best Friend
I mean,who wouldn't like her?!She rocks!!!I go to her parties all the time!!!
Agent Gertrude
Gertrude Spackles
Friendship Level: Best Friend
Well hello,who doesn't like science?
Agent Renee
Friendship Level: Best Friend
Who doesn't like animals?!
Friendship Level: Best Friend
Somehow,I agree.Bananas are good for you.
Friendship Level: Best Friend
It's really funny having someone be all mute and stuff.
Ian Anerson
Friendship Level: Best Friend
He's really sweet and...0_0 ♥ And I think he likes me...possibly.
Agent Chaz
Chaz McFreely
Friendship Level: Best Friend
He's really cute and...0_0 ♥
Agent Derek
Friendship Level: Best Friend
I just do,OKAY?
Agent Preston
Friendship Level: Best Friend
He's super CUTE with a capital C and...0_0 ♥ Plus he's my boyfriend. Mine I say! Just kidding. Heh.
Agent Evelyn
Friendship Level: Best Friend
She looks exactly like Ada Wong,right?
Agent Nova
Friendship Level: Best Friend
Agent Buddy
Friendship Level: Best Friend
He's seriously cool in all the MySims games!
Friendship Level: Best Friend
She's now my favorite! She loves darkness, and hates life like me! And I love her appearance in SkyHeroes! She looks so pretty (so's Violet. Violet's still my favorite, but not much).

Sims that I just DESPISE Edit

Agent Summer
Friendship Level: Acquaintance
In MySims Kingdom,she was crowned queen and danced with Chaz!What the heck was that?!
Agent Beebee
Friendship Level: Acquaintance
HELLO,she was Preston's girlfriend for goodness sake!

Games that I own Edit

  1. MySims(Wii)
  2. MySims( DS )
  3. MySims Kingdom(Wii)
  4. MySims Kingdom(DS)
  5. MySims Party(Wii)
  6. MySims Racing(Wii)
  7. MySims Racing (DS)
  8. MySims Agents(Wii)
  9. MySims Agents(DS)
  10. MySims SkyHeroes (Wii)

Games that I don't have yet Edit

  1. MySims Party(DS)
  2. MySims SkyHeroes (DS)


I found this somewhere on the internet.So???

Favorite SmiliesEdit

1. Giggle : Because I'm like that sometimes.

2. Iloveyou : Everyone should know why.

3. Angry : Sometimes at Summer.

4. Rage : At Summer.

5. Voodoo : For strange things occuring.

6. Fweeheehee : For good things.

7. Love : My new favorite.

8. Thinking : When I'm annoyed or for RPs.

Neutral SmiliesEdit

Disliked SmiliesEdit

Failcatplz : Just plain creepy.

Durrhurr : Don't know why...

Goofygrin : Again, don't ask.

Isay : Don't know...

AAAH : ???

Dancingcat : Again, ???

Seriouschu : What the heck? 0_0

Shockedcat : Like above.

Yay : I don't feel like using that if I'm happy... ever.

Roar : Really?!

Plz: NOT cute at all.

Ghngcdn : TOO cute in my opinion.

CuteJoy : *shivers*

Iwilleatyou : Just nasty-looking. (No offense).

Wooo : I hate this one... almost.

MutantMango : What the heck?! I eat mangoes and now I'm afraid to eat them! (I still eat mangoes but still)...

Skip : TOO CUTE!!! *almost goes blind*

Sparta smiley : Don't use this smilie around me... please or I'll lose my temper on you.

Teehee : That... is... *word that's not a bad word really*.

Cheer : BURN TO HECK!!!! *burns smiley and all cheerleaders into ash*

More coming soon!

New Katrina

Buddy List (The Gals)Edit

True Friends and Best Friends (The Gals)
A go-go Simverycute
Friendship Level: Best Friend
She first introduced me on this here Wiki, and we've been talking since!
Friendship Level: Friend
Very random yet nice. Also a very BIG fan of Leaf.
Friendship Level: Friend
She's pretty cool, nice, and awesome to talk to.
Friendship Level: Friend
A funny yet random girl.
Friendship Level: Best Friend
Things about Holden... very random and a bit annoying since he first came here. (No offense Holden if you're reading this...) But somehow, I put up with him and his randomness. He may anger me sometimes, but hey I stay cool about it. (Was I talking slang? o.o)
New Katrina
Friendship Level: Friend
To Be Added Soon.

Favorite Songs And (Some) Reasons Why I Like ThemEdit

Songs by Ke$ha

  • Backstabber: Summer and Beebee are like that.
  • Your Love Is My Drug: Nice beat.
  • Tik Tok: First song that I liked, but I like Backstabber more! (Sorry Skyler!)

Songs by V V Brown

  • Shark In The Water: OMG awesome!!!

Songs By Rihanna

  • Cry: I feel like...
  • Rude Boy: Just a cool song.
  • Hard: This song seriously fits to be the theme song for MySims SkyHeroes!
  • More soon!

MySims Wiki Logo Secretive13 is totally a user of MySims Wiki. I mean, you know, at least they took the time to look around and even find this userbox to put on their page. You gotta give some credit for that.

Geeky Secretive13 totally thinks being Geeky is awesome!!!!!

Tasty Secretive13 really loves food, and everything Tasty!

Hates Studious Secretive13 absolutely HATES reading, writing, and everything Studious. I mean, dude. Come on, right? LAME.

Violet Secretive13 is a fan of Violet Nightshade. Oh how I love the sight of dead flowers.

Gertrude Secretive13 loves insects as well as arachnids almost as much as they love Gertrude Spackle.

Sasha Secretive13 is a fan of Sasha. Lets enjoy some bananas for the celebration.

Yvette2 Secretive13 is a fan of Yvette. .......! ...? ...!?.

Ian Eureka! It appears that Secretive13 has become Ian's fan! That fan-attracting machine works. We must build more.

Chaz Fan Secretive13 is a fan of Chaz McFreely! EXTREEEME!

Agent Derek Secretive13 just thinks Derek may be a bit misunderstood, and wishes that they weren't enemies with him.

Preston Secretive13 thinks Preston and his water bottle company is pretty cool.

Evelyn Secretive13 thinks Evelyn is pretty nice. They're proud to help her out on her search for her father.

Nova(MSP) Secretive13 is a fan of Professor Nova. Aliens DO exist!

BuddyFan Many people think Buddy is so awesome. Secretive13 thinks so too, pal. Maybe you should too. HINT HINT.

LeafTemplate Secretive13 is like, one of Leaf's many rockin' fans. Way to be a rockstar.

Rocket Launch Secretive13 loves constructing and working on Rocket Launches and loves seeing the rockets fly through the sky.

Picnic2 Secretive13 likes to sit down and set up a picnic to chat and enjoy a sandwich or two with their friends.

Plane vs. Eye Template Secretive13 thinks playing Plane vs. Eye is

Loves Dancing Secretive13 lives for the dance floor, and loves shakin' their booty!

WELCOME TO RINUYAL Sometimes, Secretive13 likes to just hang out with their residents in the Town Square.

Forest Neighborhood Sometimes, Secretive13 likes to go out to the quiet and tranquil area that is the Forest.

Royal Academy Classroom Secretive13 likes visiting The Royal Academy once in a while.

Temple of the Woods Secretive13 loves the serene atmosphere, and the rock 'n' roll theme of the Forest of the Elves.

Candypalooza 4 Secretive13 loves chillin' and kickin' back after a long day in Candypalooza.

Wand Secretive13 is proud to be King Roland's Royal Wandolier.

Summer Hate Secretive13 thinks Summer is A.N.N.O.Y.I.N.G!!!!

Beebee Hate Secretive13 thinks Beebee's fandom over bunnies is too annoying and cute. They also think her laugh is weird.

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