Welcome! I'm Potterfan1997 and this is my userpage :3 I am an active admin on here, so please don't hesitate to contact any of us admins, or in fact, pretty much any other user on the wiki as we have a nice community on here. Oh, and this wiki is not the place for yo' rage ;)

About Me

I'm 17 years old and I like lots of things including Sims, The Elder Scrolls series, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter and lots more things, even though I haven't played some of them for yonks :/ My birthday's on the 21st of December. I have a few bits of fanon on various wikis and I write the show called Sim Showdown on here, though I've kinda put that on hold atm.


  • Tagged by Strawberry Sherbert (???); Um ... I'm far to tall for my age. I'm 12 and am 5ft 10inchs.
  • Tagged by Wii Maniac (12th December, 2010); My favourite type of chocolate has caramel in it. Woohoo.gif
  • Tagged by Salinlovecake (1st January, 2011); I've never walked into a glass door until yesterday (New Year's Eve).
  • Tagged by Crazysim82 (1st February, 2011); I use aquafresh for my teeth. It's good for you Awesomejob.gif
  • Tagged by Pizwat (4th February, 2011); I only eat cheddar and plain cheese. All the other sorts I don't really like.
  • Tagged by Googleybear (19th February, 2012); We just won a free garlic bread at Pizza Hut Ohjoy.png
  • Tagged by Iona123 (18th April, 2012); I used to have really blonde hair, however, as I've got older, it turned brown Ohdear.png
  • Tagged by Bandicootfan63 (2nd January, 2013); I rarely ever take my watch off, I usually sleep in it ... but only because originally I kept forgetting to take it off so I was like "oh well" Speechless.png
  • Tagged by Cmv2003 (14th April, 2014); My iTunes is on shuffle atm, and Otto Knows - Million Voices is currently playing.


  • None really but if i had to choose, probaly Cute.

Games I Own

In the order that I got them:

Dem Buddies

Pretty much everyone else who's on here cause they are pretty nice on here. I may add my Buddy List sometime in the future, just depends when I stop being lazy :P

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