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Episode 1: New Faces, Old EnemiesEdit

(Camera fades in to show Corey relaxing in a desert next to an oasis, with Petal and Leaf wafting fans over him)

Corey: Faster! I'm starting to get hot!

Petal and Leaf: Ok. Th 083 v2

Corey: Wait, we're rolling? (turns to camera) Hello viewers! Welcome to Season 2 of Out In The Woods! Except we're erm...on a desert instead. At last season's finale, Morcubus and Brandi attacked us, and took Sasha's check. Four contestants and a cameraboy managed to rescue the check. To reward those five, I offered them to compete in another season, which they accepted. As for Morcubus, I punished him by making him compete again, in his injured state. Trollfaic (sees a Jeep driving towards him) Looks like our contestants from last season are here!

(camera changes to the Jeep stopping at the oasis, Billy steps out)

Corey: That is the cameraboy, Billy! As a astronomy lover, Billy took a job as a cameraman to pay for his tuition at this fancy astronomy school. Welcome Billy!

Billy: It's so good to be here! Since we're in an isolated area, that means that the stars shine brighter than ever! 

(camera changes to Yvette stepping out of the Jeep)

Corey: We have Yvette, a girl who never talked on the show. Except when she was on Sim Celeb Covered!.

Yvette: ....! Insulted

(Roxie steps out)

Corey: We now have Roxie, a neat freak.

Roxie: The desert is so clean! Finally

(Rob steps out)

Corey: Last season's runner-up, it's Rob!

Rob: Hey Corey! So excited to be here, I made it far last season and I intend to do the same this season.

Roxie: Oooh...getting a little competitive are we?

Rob: Yeah. Sweat

(Summer steps out)

Summer: Greetings, it's nice to see you all again. Hopefully I can win.

Everyone: Wutdaflip

Corey: Ok, this is Summer. WHY IS SHE SO SMART ALL OF THE SUDDEN?!

Summer: Ever since I was punched by that mechanical arm, it felt like something blocking my brain opened.

Corey: Whoa...

(Morcubus steps out, he is holding crutches)

Morcubus: I can't belive this. Angry

Corey: Whatever, your here. Well, that's everyone. 

Rob: Wait, there are only the six of us? Okaaaay

Corey: Angry NO! I meant six mentors.

Everyone: Mentors?! D582d79f

Corey: Yeah. Trollfaic We have twelve new contestants, and in this season, they'll be teams. THREE teams. Six on each team. Two of you on each one, and the rest of a team is composed of four newbies. They'll be looking up to you! Each team must have three girls and three boys.

Billy: So we'll be partnering with another person? For a team?

Corey: Yep! I'll read the pairs. On team one, the mentors are.....Billy and Yvette!

Billy: (looks at Yvette and holds out his hand) Partners?

Yvette: (nods and shakes his hand)

Corey: The second team.....Roxie and Morcubus.

Roxie: WHAT?! NO! I would rather get slobby Rob than Morcubus!

Corey: Ok, want to get back in the Jeep? 

Roxie: Nevermind. Sweat

Rob: So that leaves Summer and I. 

Corey: Yep! Oh, and here come our newbies! (A Hummer parks next to the Jeep, and a girl with spiky hair and japanese clothing stomps out) Meet Yuki!


Everyone: Ummm...Tired

(A boy with brown hair, red eyes, and a gothic outfit steps out)

Corey: This is Ray!

Ray: Hi...I'm ShiftyEyes

(A boy with a jacket and a baseball cap stumbles out of the car)

Corey: This is Patrick!


(A girl with brown hair tied in pigtails, steps out, she is wearing glasses and has an apron with a picture of cookie on it)

Corey: This is Noelle!

Noelle: Cookie? (Holds up a huge plate of cookies to Patrick)

Patrick: MINE! 215ad82f (devours cookies}

(A boy wearing a blue sweater steps out)

Corey: Meet Matt!

Matt: Hi! I know a TON about game shows! You guys need me. Awesomejob

(A woman with long blonde hair and a grey sweater steps out, she is wearing glasses)

Corey: Say hello to Eliza!

Eliza: Why is this desert so barren? Why am I asking that? Why is he- (points at Patrick) eating so many cookies? Why-

Corey: Ok, that is enough. Orly NEXT!

Eliza: Angry (moves out of the way as a man with long blonde hair and a red tank top steps out)

Corey: Odin! How's it goin'

Odin: Good man! The rock gods told me to come here.

Noelle: The rock what?

(A girl with poofy red hair and a sleeveless shirt walks out)

Corey: Welcome Annie!

Annie: Thanks Corey! ARE YOU READY TO RAWKKKKK!!!

Odin: I am! Also, your kind of cute.

Annie: Omgsocuteplz Oh, stop it you!

(A boy with dark skin, and a red winter cap comes out he is sobbing)

Corey: Um....Clayton?


Patrick: Hey! (puts his arm around Clayton) Cheer up sport, your gonna be fine.

Clayton: (sniff) I guess so. Scared

(A girl with red hair tied in pigtails steps out, she is wearing glasses and a green coat)

Corey: Hi Gertrude!

Gertrude:'s good to be here....ummm...

Corey: Whatever. NEXT!

(A girl with dark skin with her hair tied in curly pigtails steps out)

Corey: What's up Taylor?

Taylor: Look at my cute curls! Look at my cute outfit! I'm soooooo cute! Plz

Corey: Weirdo. Anyways, NEXT!

(A boy with blonde hair with a patchwork cap walks out, he has a colorful hoodie(

Corey: Bean! How's it going?


Ray: annoying.

Corey: That's everyone. Now, mentors, time to pick your erm...apprentices. Rob and Summer, you will each take out a piece of paper from this box, it will have one person's name on it. That person will join your team. There are seperate boxes for each gender. Summer, get the girl's box, and Rob, get the boy's box.

Rob: (reaches in the box and pulls out paper) Clayton. Your on our team.

Clayton: NOOOOO!! I'm bad luck please!!! Ohflip (Petal and Leaf drag him over to Rob and Summer)

Summer: Hmmm...(pulls out paper) Annie, your on our team!

Annie: Oh yeah! I'll RAWWWKKK this team.

(Roxie and Morcubus pull out the papers)

Roxie: Yuki. Great.

Morcubus: Ray. 

Yuki: EEEEE!! (she and Ray join Roxie and Morcubus)

(Yvette and Billy walk up to the box)

Billy: Odin.

Yvette: (Holds out paper to the contestants to reveal it says 'Gertrude' on it)

Odin: That's me. (He and Gertrude join them)

Corey: Summer and Rob, your up again.

Summer: (pulls out paper) Noelle.

Rob: (pulls out paper) Patrick.

(Noelle and Patrick walk over)

Corey: That completes their team. Roxie and Morcubus?

Roxie: (pulls out paper) Eliza.

Morcubus: (pulls out paper) Oh no..Bean.

Bean: YAY! Awesomeface (He and Eliza run over to them)

Corey: So that leaves Taylor and Matt with Yvette and Billy's team. Time to decide on team names.

Taylor: Team Taylor!

Gertrude: NO! Team....Umm....Pigtails! All the girls are wearing them. 

Matt: Not a bad idea it is creative too. 

Billy: Team Pigtails it is.

Roxie: Team Hornet.

Ray: Eh...whatever.

Yuki: Yuki like it!

Morcubus: Ok, Team Hornet.

Annie: Team RAWWWKK!!

Summer: We're in the desert so.....TEAM SANDSTORM!

Everyone: Brillaint!

Corey: Ok! That wraps up this episode! Stay tuned for Team Pigtails, Team Hornet, and Team Sandstorm competing against each other on Out....In.....The....Desert!

Episode 2: Road RageEdit

(Camera fades in to show the three teams standing by the oasis with Petal, Leaf, and Corey)

Patrick: So, where will we sleep?

Corey: Here. By the oasis. Trollfaic

Eliza: Why would we sleep here? Where are all the beds? Efb50fe2

Corey: There are no beds! You'll sleep on the sand. Yesvictoryplz

Taylor: That's not healthy for my cuteness!

Corey: It could be guys have water.

Matt: Excellent! I've seen much worse on game shows.

Corey: There are fish living in the oasis, so that's where you get your food. Now, I'm just gonna leave ya'll here to get settled. I'll come back when it's challenge time. Oh and also, those video profiles from last year? You can use them here too.

(Corey, Leaf, and Petal leave)

Noelle: Wait, they're just gonna leave us here? 

Rob: Didn't you see last season? No

Patrick: May as well start fishing.

Annie: But...where are the fishing rods?

Summer: We're gonna have to build it ourselves. C'mon team. Let's build. (Team Sandstorm starts picking reeds from the oasis and weaving them)

Morcubus: (in profile) I need some allies. If my team loses the challenge, I'll be sent home for sure. 

Yuki: Yuki hungry. 

Ray: Whatever. ShiftyEyes

(Morcubus approaches them)

Morcubus: Ray, Yuki, will you be in an alliance with me?

Ray: Sure. Whatever.

Yuki: Yuki says OK!

Morcubus: Excellent. Okay, if we lose, Bean goes home. 

Yuki: No. Yuki like Bean. Onion hey

Morcubus: Okay, then how about we eliminate you, Yuki, instead. I can easily turn the team against you.

Yuki: NEVERMIND! Excitedblush

(camera changes to the contestants eating their fish at night, then going to bed and waking up in the morning to find Corey, Leaf, and Petal at their camp)

Corey: It's challenge time!

Eliza: Why now? We just woke up.

Billy: Yeah! Why?

Corey: It makes things more interesting. Today's challenge is a dune buggy race! Each team will have one dune buggy. It seats four people.

Roxie: Does that mean....?

Corey: Yes! Two team members will have to sit in very back of the dune buggy. The race will start at the oasis, and will end at the crew's camp.

Gertrude: Ummmm....where will the camp be?

Corey: You'll have to find out yourself. Trollfaic

Yvette: ....

Corey: Now, choose the two team members who will sit in the back.

(Camera changes to Team Hornet deciding)

Morcubus: I'll be the one sitting in the back! It's what a good team member would do. Lie

Eliza: Are you sure? In your injured state?

Morcubus: I'm more than sure. Insulted

Ray: Whatever. I'll do it as well.

Roxie: I'll drive.

Bean: YAY! This will be fun! Baa60776

Ray: (in profile) I can see where Morcubus is coming from when he said he wants Bean gone.

(Camera changes to Team Pigtails discussing)

Billy: I'll drive. I drove to Professor Nova's lab everyday so I know what I'm doing.

Taylor: No way I'm riding in the back, I'm toooooo cute!

Yvette: Facepalm

Gertrude: Ummm...I'll ride in the back.

Odin: Me too.

(Camera changes to Team Sandstorm)

Summer: Alright team, I'll drive. Does anyone wanna volunteer for the back?

Clayton: Okay, I'll do it. If I sit with ya'll I'll mess everything up.

Noelle: I'll go in the back as well.

Annie: Good. We'll RAAAWWWKKK this challenge!

Patrick: That's right sport!

(Camera changes to the teams sitting in their dune buggies)

Petal: On your mark, get set, GO!

(The dune buggies speed off with Team Hornet in the lead, Team Sandstorm in second, and Team Pigtails in last)

Matt: Floor it Billy! We're in last place!

Billy: I'm trying! But, we don't even know where the crew is. So....where do we go?!

(camera changes to Team Hornet's dune buggy)

Roxie: Morcubus and Ray, are you okay back there?

Morcubus: I'm fine.

Ray: I'm good.

Bean: YAY! THIS IS SO FUN! Blush

Morcubus: (turns and sees Team Pigtail's dune buggy) Hey pigs! We're gonna leave you in the mud!

Billy: Oh, he did not......Angry

Odin: Don't listen to him dude! He's trying to provoke you.

Gertrude: Umm...Odin's right.

Morcubus: Hey space nerd! Why don't you just give up now? You would've never been on this show if it wasn't for me.

Billy: THAT'S IT! NO ONE CALLS ME SPACE NERD! Rage (Billy rams Team Hornet's buggy)

Team Hornet: AHHHH!! Panic (Their dune buggy breaks apart, and and everyone in it falls to the ground)

Roxie: MORCUBUS YOU-(interrupted by Billy honking his dune buggy's horn)

Billy: That's for calling me space nerd. Greatjob (He and his team speed away)

Matt: (in profile) That....was.....epic! At first I thought we were doomed! But then, it was the Hornets that were doomed! I didn't know Billy had it in him! Umyeah

Gertrude: (in profile) Ummm...that was....ummm...Umno

Bean: (in profile) Morcubus is such a meanie! I'm glad we crashed. Yociexp108 Wait, my team won't see this right?

Billy: (in profile) I couldn't help it! When I was a kid bullies called me space nerd. Morcubus brought back those memories. Muahaha

Taylor: (in profile) Aren't I cute?

Roxie: Great Morcubus! You cost us the challenge! Angry

Eliza: I don't think he can hear you. (points to a badly injured Morcubus on the ground)

Morcubus: Urgghh.... Aac6cae1

(camera changes to Team Sandstorm's dune buggy making it to the crew's camp)

Summer: We made it!

Corey: And your in first place! You guys are safe tonight!

Clayton: (in profile) My team....we....won....? AWWW YEAHH!

Noelle: Does that mean Team Pigtails and Team Sandstorm each have to vote someone off?

Corey: Nope! The team is second place is safe too. The team in last place will be the one who will be losing a member.

Annie: Well, since we are in first, do we get a reward?

Corey: Yes.

Team Sandstorm: Yay

Corey: Bragging rights. Trollfaic

Patrick: (in profile) Orly

Noelle: (in profile) Angry

Summer: (in profile) Darnit

Clayton: (in profile) Onion imdead

Annie: (in profile) Ragefull Monkey

Odin: (in profile) Hardcore

Corey: (in profile) Muahaha

(camera changes to Team Pigtail's dune buggy arriving)

Taylor: Wait, we got second? NICE JOB BILLY! No

Billy: Sweat

Corey: Actually, you don't have to vote anyone off. The team in last place votes someone off. So that means....

Billy: (in profile) YES! Yay Morcubus, your dead.

(camera changes to show Team Hornet walking to the elimination tent)

Morcubus: Remember, Yuki and Ray, to vote off Bean.

Ray: Whatever.

Yuki: Ok!

(The team takes a seath on the logs in the elimination tent, Corey, Petal, and Leaf stand at a podium)

Corey: Welcome Team Hornet. Voting works the same as it did last year, you write the person you want voted off down on a ballet, and slip it in a jar. The person with the most votes is eliminated. And also, we have a special way to say goodbye to the eliminated contestant....(picks up harness) but I won't reveal it until the voting is over. Now, let's go vote! Eliza your up first.

Eliza: (Walks up to the booth and writes someone's name) 

Corey: Morcubus, your up next.

Morcubus: (walks up to the booth and write's 'Bean' down as he grimaces in pain)

Corey: Yuki?

Yuki: (goes and votes for Bean as well)

Corey: Bean, your up.

Bean: YAY! JFBQ00241070914B (goes and votes Morcubus)

Corey: Roxie, your up.

Roxie: (angirly writes Morcubus on her ballet)

Corey: And finally, Ray.

Ray: (goes up and votes)

Corey: Okay then, I'll go tally the votes. (picks up jar) First vote, Morcubus. Second vote, Morcubus. Third vote, Bean. Fourth vote, Bean. Fifth vote, Morcubus. The final vote is for.......Morcubus!

Morcubus: WHAT?! That's impossible! Me, Yuki, and Ray voted for Bean! Rage

Ray: Actually, I voted for you. I think what you did to Billy was wrong. You were only using Yuki and I to win, and I won't let you do that.

Everyone: GO RAY! Yociexp108

Morcubus: That-(has harness strapped on him) HEY! 

Corey: Leaf, Petal, and everyone else, come outside.

(camera changes to everyone outside, Morcubus is wearing his harness which is attached to the Jeep, whoch Leaf is driving)

Corey: I present you our new elimination send off! The eliminated contestant will be attached to this Jeep, and dragged at 40 mile per hour to a plane which will fly them home.

Team Hornet: WHOA! Panic

Morcubus: THIS IS A DISGRACE! I DEMAND-(The Jeep starts and he's dragged off) AHHHHHH!! Wah

Bean: Bye! 967339c1

Corey: Well, that was interesting. See you next time on Out...In...The...Desert!

Episode 3: Battle of the OasisEdit

(Camera fades in to show the contestants waking up at the oasis)

Summer: (awakes) Alright team, ready to fish?

Noelle: Yep!

Patrick: More than ready! Lie

(Team Sandstorm heads to the oasis and starts fishing, Billy and Yvette watch)

Billy: Wow, they're really good at working together. I wish our team was like that. 1b38f9e2 I mean look at us! (points to Taylor)

Taylor: (looks in her mirror) OH NO! I don't look cute! Tantrum

Yvette: Facepalm

Billy: Well, at least we got second place last time, let's just hope we do better in the next challenge.

(Camera pans over to Team Hornet waking up)

Eliza: Why is there team (points to Team Sandstorm) already up? Efb50fe2

Roxie: Eliza, I get that your curious, but please stop asking weird questions.

Eliza: Why are they weird?

Roxie: Nevermind. Orly

Bean: So, Roxie, what do we do if we lose again?

Roxie: (in profile) Ever since Morcubus was eliminated, people started looking up to me as leader. It stinks, I don't know how to lead a team of slobs.....Yuki's crazy, Eliza is too curious, Ray doesn't care, and Bean is just.....nevermind. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I wish Morcubus was still here, and Bean was sent home instead. I mean, come on! Morcubus being kicked off first? Even HE'S better than that. JFBQ00134070103A

(camera changes to Rob and Summer collecting water)

Rob: Wow Summer, our team is excellent huh?

Summer: Yeah! Let's hope we do well in the next challenge.

(Corey arrives in camp)

Corey: Good morning! Allow me to introduce to you your next challenge! (presses button on remote control and a platform emerges from the oasis) In this challenge one member from each team will fight each other on the platform. Your goal is to push your opponents off the platform, and into the water. Last one standing wins a point for your team. There will be six rounds, the team with the most points wins, the team with second most is safe, and the team with the least sends someone home.

Roxie: But there are only five people on my team.

Corey: Yep, so one person on your team will have to fight twice. Trollfaic

Roxie: Fine. I'll do it. Since I'm the leader.

Corey: Good, now first up, how about the mentors? Roxie, Billy, and Summer, your up.

(camera flashes to the three on the platform)

Corey: Begin!

(Summer watches as Roxie tackles Billy, and both punch at each other, Billy pushes Roxie off of him, causing her to stumble back, and she trips, and falls off the platform. Billy charges at Summer, who dives out of the way at the last second, and Billy cannot stop himself fast enough so he accidentally runs off the platform)

Corey: Summer wins! One point for Team Sandstorm! Next up the rest of the mentors, Yvette and Rob. Roxie, your up again.

(camera flashes to the three on the platforms, Rob spits onto the platform)

Roxie: GAHHH!! Rage

Rob: Ohmy Oh no.

Corey: Begin!

(Roxie punches Rob square between the eyes, and he FLIES off of the platform, Roxie, still angry, charges at Yvette, and punches her in the gut, Yvette tumbles off of the platform)

Everyone: Whoa. Ohgosh

Corey: That Anyways, next up....we have Odin, Yuki, and Clayton.

(Camera changes to the three on the platform)

Corey: And begin.

Clayton: (Yuki charges at him) AHH!! Wah (Runs away and jumps off of the platform)

Noelle: Facepalm

Yuki: Yay! Yuki made a-OOF! (Yuki is pushed off of the platform by Odin)

Corey: That means it's one all.

Team Pigtails: YES! Yociexp108

Corey: Next up, Gertrude, Ray, and Annie.

(Camera changes to the three on the platform)

Corey: Begin!

(Annie tackles Ray)

Gertrude: Ummm...what do I...(watches as they both roll off of the platform) Ummm...Ohdear

Corey: Another point for team Pigtails!

Team Pigtails: Happy

Billy: (in profile) We have a chance of winning!

Corey: Next up is Patrick, Eliza, and Matt.

(camera changes to the three on the platform)

Corey: Begin!

Eliza: Hmm....why are we-OOF(smacked off of the platform by Matt)

Team Hornet: Orly

Patrick: I can do this! (His stomach rumbles) Oh no. D582d79f

Matt: HAHA! I'm gonna take you down. (Charges at Patrick)

Patrick: Oh no....I think I'm gonna.......BLEH! (Pukes directly on Matt)

Matt: AHHH GET IT OFF! F60952e1 (starts running around and falls of off the platform)

Corey: That's another point for Team Sandstorm. The score is Team Sandstorm-2 points, Team Pigtails-2 points, and Team Hornet-One point. Team Hornet, if you win this, it will result in a tiebreaker. The final round will be...Noelle, Bean, and Taylor.

Team Hornet: We're doomed.

(Camera flashes to the three on the platform)

Corey: Begin!

Taylor: I'm too cute to fight-GAH! (Pushed off by Bean)

Bean: Sorry! 04a97f13

Noelle: Oh no....(watches as Bean charges towards her) Think of a nice oatmeal cookie....(she is tackled by Bean and Bean throws her off of the platform)

Corey: Bean...did....that...? Dizzy

Team Hornet: .......YAY BEAN! JFBQ00241070914B

Corey: Tiebreaker than. How about....we have the worst players battle it out? Eliza, Taylor, and Clayton, you guys are up again. Trollfaic

Clayton: NOOOOOOOO!! 0eeeff42

(camera flashes to the three standing on the platform)

Corey: Begin!

Roxie: C'mon Eliza! You got this!

Ray: Whatever. ShiftyEyes

Taylor: I'm not fighting. I'm too cute. Hmphsmiley

Eliza: Why does she think she's cute? Efb50fe2

Taylor: OH YOU DID NOT JUST SAY THAT! JFBQ00186070405A (she charges at Eliza, and knocks her off the platform)

Eliza: AHHHHH!! (lands in the water)

Roxie: (in profile) That's it! Eliza's going home. Angry

Taylor: AWW YEAH! I'm the best! I'm so cuteeee! Lie

Clayton: Now's my chance........AHHHHH!!! (charges at Taylor and pushes her off of the platform)

Corey: Team Sandstorm wins again!

Team Sandstorm: YAY CLAYTON! Yociexp108

Corey: Team Pigatails, once again your in not loser/not winner territory. Your safe too. As for Team Hornet....think of someone to send home.

Team Hornet: (Glare at Eliza)

Eliza: What?

(Camera changes to Team Hornet in the elimination tent)

Corey: You've all voted. I'll count the votes. First vote, Eliza, second vote Eliza, third vote.....Bean, fourth vote....Eliza! Eliza, that's 3 out of 5 votes. That's enough to send you home.

Eliza: WHAT?! Gwah

Corey: (throws harness at her)

(Camera changes to Eliza's harness strapped to the Jeep)

Corey: Any last words? 

Eliza: Wait we get last words? (Engine starts and she's dragged away) AHHHHHH!!!!

Corey: Well that was interesting. See you next time on Out...In.....The....Desert!

Episode 4: Rocky RoadEdit

(camera changes to the remaining Team Hornet members; Roxie, Ray, Bean, and Yuki)

Roxie: There are only four of us left. We NEED to win the next challenge.

Ray: Eh. Whatever. ShiftyEyes

Yuki: Yuki thinks we should win too. That means there's more blood-I MEAN PEOPLE ON YUKI'S TEAM! Sweat

Bean: C'mon guys! WE CAN DO ANYTHING IF WE TRY! Durrhurr

Ray: (in profile) I hate motivational talk. Angry

(Camera changes to Team Sandstorm relaxing by the oasis)

Summer: We're doing really good team. Let's keep up the good work. Greatjob

Rob: Umm....yeah! What she said. Umyeah

Clayton: I can't believe I'm on a team of winnners! And we keep winning! Usaully when I'm on a team, we always lose. Tired

Noelle: Well, judging by how we're doing, that's obviously not the case.

Patrick: The only thing we need is food.

Annie: We have fish, and they RAAAWWWKKK!!

(camera changes to Billy and Yvette watching them)

Billy: We always keep getting second place! This stinks. No

Yvette: (nods in agreement)

Billy: We've got to get our team together. Everyone! Gather around!

(Camera changes to Billy, Yvette and the rest of their team sitting in a circle. Gertrude is playing with her pet beetle, Odin is listening to music, Matt is reading a book, and Taylor is holding a hand-held mirror))

Billy: We need to do better in challenges. We need a plan!

Taylor: (looking into her hand-held mirrror) I don't care about challenges! I CARE ABOUT LOOKING CUTE! Wah

Billy: Okay then. (he takes Taylor's mirror out of her hands, he also take Odin's iPod, Matt's Game show history book, and Gertrude's pet beetle) 

Gertrude, Odin, Matt, and Taylor: HEY! THAT'S OUR STUFF! Panic

Billy: Exactly. You won't get these items back until we win a challenge.

Taylor: Oh, it is on! I'm getting my mirror back. Angry

Billy: (in profile) YES! It worked! Yociexp108

(Camera changes to Corey arriving in camp)

Corey: Today's challenge is a special challenge. We have a special guest from last season......LEAF! Wheel her in!

Leaf: (wheels in a cage, Brandi is in it)

Everyone: BRANDI?! Panic

Brandi: Yeah, that's right! I'll be hosting today's challenge too.

Clayton: (in profile sucking thumb) When I watched last season, and Brandi was in it, I started having nightmares of her. Pain

Brandi: Here's how today's challenge will work. You will each have to build something that looks like Travis from last season using various materials given to you. You'll have three hours to build it. After your done, you will show it to me, then DESTROY it. The team with the most awesome representation plus destruction wins. The second best is also safe. The third one will be sending someone home. GOT IT?! Angry

Everyone: YES!

Corey: Ok then. Petal, bring in the materials! 

(Petal arrives in a truck with many crates in the back, she dumps the crates out and they open, revealing various item in piles)

Corey: Now....BEGIN!

(Everyone rushes to a pile. Team Pigtails rushes to a wooden pile)

Gertrude: Umm.....this type of wood is edible for bugs....ummm...we could make a sculpture of Travis and ummmm.....make bugs devour it afterwards.

Billy: Good idea, but where will we get the bugs?

Gertrude: I...ummm....always....ummm...keep a seperate stash of bugs in my pocket. (She takes reaches into her pocket and takes out a handful of bugs)

Taylor: EWWWWW!! Panic

Yvette: Facepalm

Odin: Wow, dude! That's awesome! Lets get going!

(Camera changes to Team Hornet digging through piles of metal)

Roxie: (finds a metal sphere) We could use this as his head.

Ray: (finds a painting kit) Eh, we could paint him too. 

Yuki: Oooh....Yuki thinks when we done we should pour water on him to make him rust!

Roxie: That's an excellent idea! Now start looking for more metal.

Bean: YAY! JFBQ00241070914B Our team is so awesome, maybe my grandma can make matching hoodies for us all-

Everyone: NO!

Bean: Darn

(camera changes over to Team Sandstorm looking through a pile of food)

Noelle: Hmmm...I can make cookies out of these!

Annie: Why would cookies be good?

Noelle: Well, we could use this food coloring to make Travis's face on the cookie. I also found these cherries, we could grind them up and put the filling in, so it's like....blood. 

Rob: While a bit disturbing...I like it!

Patrick: Cookies....Plz

(camera changes to Noelle making the cookies, using a magnifying glass she found to bake them, Bean and Yuki painting Travis's metal arm as they both smile at each other, and Matt attaching the final piece of the wooden sculpture)

Corey: Okay! Times's up!

Brandi: YOU! (points to Team Hornet) I want to see you first.

Roxie: We made this metal representation of Travis. (shows her metal Travis to Brandi)

Brandi: Hmmm...not bad. You painted it well too. Now to destroy it!

Yuki: YAY! (Yuki purs a bucket of water onto the metal and it starts to rust)

Brandi: Pretty good! 7 points. NEXT! (points to Team Pigtails)

Gertrude: this....umm....wooden sculpture of Travis.

Brandi: Hmmm...I've seen better.

Gertrude: out little bugs.....(she takes the bugs out of her pocket and they DEVOUR the statue)

Brandi: OH MY MORCUCORP THAT'S EPIC! 8 points!

Billy: YES!

Yvette: Shrug

Brandi: Next! (points to Team Sandstorm)

Noelle: (holding a plate covered in a cloth) I present to you, TRAVIS COOKIES! (she takes off the cloth to reveal only crumbs) WHAT THE?!

Patrick: (burps) I'm sorry I couldn't help it....

Brandi: No Travis means no points! You guys are sending someone home!

Roxie: We aren't sending anyone home? YES!

Billy: Guys, we won the entire challenge.

Taylor: I don't care. Give me my mirror back. Onion hey

Corey: Team Sandstorm, think of someone to send home.

Noelle: (in profile) Patrick, you're gone. Angry

(camera changes to Team Sandstorm in the elimination tent)

Corey: You've all cast your votes, now it's time to read them! First vote, Patrick. Second vote, Patrick. Third vote, Patrick. Third person booted off of Out In The Desert is......Patrick!

Patrick: Oh well. At least I can eat good foods again. 1b38f9e2

(camera changes to Patrick's harness attached to the jeep)

Corey: Any last words?

Patrick: Yeah, can we get take-out on the way? (The jeep starts and he's dragged off) AHHHHHH!!! Wah

Corey: Well, that's three down. See you next time on Out....In....The....Desert!

Episode 5: The HikeEdit

(camera shows Team Sandstorm sitting silently in the sand)

Clayton: I can't belive it, our first elimination. Getawayplz.gif

Noelle: At least we eliminated the right person, Patrick messed everything up.

Annie: And we still RAWWWKK!!

Summer: (in profile) We lost. I can't believe it, now Patrick is gone. We will win this next challenge. 1b38f9e2

Rob: (in profile) Patrick wasn't really a good member, I'm sure we'll be fine in the next challenge.

(camera changes to Team Hornet celebrating)

Bean: Yay! Our losing streak has ended! Crosseyed

Roxie: And we'll keep it that way. We still have the least amount of members out of all the teams. I don't care what place we get in the next challenge as long as it isn't last.

Ray: Whatever. ShiftyEyes

Roxie: Do you even care?

Ray: No.

Roxie: Trianglemouth


Bean: Yeah! (Bean and Yuki start jumping up and down as Roxie and Ray watch awkwardly)

(camera changes to Team Pigtails)

Billy: We finally got first place!

Yvette: (nods happily)

Gertrude: Umm..I don't know what to say..Really

Taylor: I don't care, I got my mirror back, and I'm CUTE!

Matt: HA! We will win the next challenge. I know it!

Odin: Dude, we shouldn't get too confident. Just because we won once doesn't mean we'll win again, we need to keep trying.

Matt: You're right, if there's one thing I know about game shows, it's that overconfidence always leads to your elimination.

(camera changes to the morning, the contestants wake up at the bottom of a large, sandy mountain)

Corey: Good morning everyone! Welcome to your next challenge, a desert-mountain-hike!

Clayton: A hike? Oh no..

Roxie: What's the twist? It can't be a normal hike..

Matt: Exactly. I've seen this show many times, and there's always a twist.

Corey: Ugh, so much speculation and I'm not even done talking. Angry You're right, this isn't a normal hike, it has a huge twist to it. Dr. F, come on out!

(A jeep pulls up, and Dr. F climbs out, he's holding a remote control)

Dr. F:'s nice to be back. Anyways, the twist is that a giant robot will be chasing, and possibly, capturing you on the way up. If you get captured, you'll be thrown back to the bottom of the mountain. And you can't go back up. The first team to reach the top wins. However, if all members of a team are captured, that team will automatically face elimination and the other teams will be safe. Also, getting to the top first doesn't automatically assure immunity, if another team with more members remaining reaches it as well, they win.

Clayton: (in profile) Dr. F is a cool guy..but I'm scared..Petrified

Dr. F: Are you ready? Get set..GO! (Dr. F pushes the remote control and a giant robot appears, the contestants run up the mountain in their teams, the camera shows Team Hornet running up the mountain)

Roxie: We need to stick together, there are only four of us.

Ray: Roxie's right, we have the least amount of players, so we need to stick together.

Roxie: Wow..Ray..

Ray: What?

Roxie: Nevermind! Let's keep going.

(camera shows Team Pigtails running from the robot)

Billy: We need to stick together, and-(Taylor's mirror clatters to the ground)

Taylor: AHH!! My mirror! (Taylor runs back for her mirror)

Odin: Taylor, DON'T!

Taylor: (picks up mirror) YAY! (she's picked up by the robot and thrown back to the bottom of the mountain) AHHH!

Yvette: Facepalm

(Camera shows a montage of Annie, Bean, Gertrude, Odin, Yuki, Billy, Summer, and Rob being captured)

Corey: (on megaphone) Attention everyone! Every team has only two members left! You are all close to the top, so get moving!

(camera changes to Roxie and Ray, the only remaining members of Team Hornet)

Roxie: Did you hear that Ray? We're almost there!

Ray: Eh..whatever.

Roxie: Trianglemouth

(camera shows Yvette and Matt running)

Matt: ..and that's why we are on the right track.

Yvette: (nods)

(robot appears out of nowhere and attacks the two)

Matt: AHH! Don't take me, take her! (shoves Yvette in front of the robot, Yvette attempts to flee, but the robot takes her and throws her to the bottom)

Yvette: (while flying through the air) Facepalm

Matt: Oh well, no one saw that. (he rolls his eyes)

(Camera changes to Team Hornet getting attacked by the robot, Roxie trips and falls down)

Roxie: Ray! HELP!

Ray: Oh no..Roxie! (The robot is about to grab Roxie, but Ray leaps in it's path, so the robot grabs Ray instead)

Ray: I'm sorry Roxie. (Ray is flung away)

Roxie: No!! (The robot walks towards her, and she flees)

(Camera changes to Team Sandstorm, whose remaining members are Clayton and Noelle, making it to the top)

Noelle: We did it!

Clayton: I can't beloieve I didn't get captured!

(Roxie gets to the top as well) 

Roxie: Yes! Where's Team Pigtails?

(camera changes to Matt being chased by the robot, it picks him up, and throws him)

Corey: (over megapone) Matt didn't make it, so Team Pigtails will be facing elimination tonight. Everyone else is safe!

Roxie: Yes!

Noelle and Clayton: YAY!

(camera changes to Team Pigtails entering the elimination tent)

Billy: (in profile) Matt tried his best..and Taylor was captured first, so I plan on voting Taylor tonight.

Matt: (in profile) one found out about Yvette. And she doesn't talk, so no one will know. Evil

Corey: Welcome to your first elimination ceremony Team Pigtails. You guys should be proud, all the other teams had been here except for you. I'm sure you know who you're going to vote for-

Matt: Oh, we know! Umyeah

Corey: Don't interrupt Orly There was some interesting footage we saw concerning a certain team member during the challenge, and we though you should see it. (Corey grins at Matt) Trollfaic

Matt: Isawitplz.gif

(Petal brings a TV into the room, and Corey turns it on. The footage shows Matt pushing Yvette in the path of the robot, and him saying no one will ever find out about it in the confessional)

Everyone: Matt, you are so dead. Angry

Matt: Crap, I'm screwed. Petrified

Corey: lets vote.

(Camera shows everyone voting 'Matt', and Matt votes 'Taylor')

Corey: I'll read the votes. First vote, Matt. Second vote, Matt. Third vote, Taylor. Fourth vote, Matt. Fifth vote, Matt. That's enough to send you home Matt. (throws harness at Matt)

Matt: Oh well, I had fun. Shrug Take me to the jeep.

(camera changes to Matt tied to the jeep)

Corey: Any last words?

Matt: Nope. I think I'm good. (the jeep accelerates and he is pulled off) BYEEEE!!

Corey: Well, that was interesting! Stay tuned for our next episode, and be sure to vote for who you want out next in the poll at the top of the page! See ya!

Episode 6: The Return of AranEdit

(Camera shows Team Pigtails relaxing by the oasis late at night)

Billy: Well, we lost our first player, Matt.

Gertrude: Umm..he kind of deserved it. He did betray Yvette. Really

Yvette: (nods)

Odin: He had it coming. He was a jerk anyway.

Taylor: Look at my cute curls- Awesomeface

Everyone: SHUT UP! Rage

Taylor: Isawitplz.gif

Billy: Anyways, we want to win the next challenge, we don't want to end up like the Hornets.

Gertrude: Umm..if the Hornets lose, they will most likely eliminate Bean..and then Yuki, Ray, and Roxie will be left. They will pretty powerful.

Billy: OH NO! That wouldn't be good. How about we make it so that Team Sandstorm loses?

Odin: That's excellent man! How will we make it happen though?

Billy: How about I talk to Roxie?

Gertrude: Ok..umm..good luck.

(Camera changes to Roxie smiling at Ray as he sleeps, and Billy walked up to her)

Billy: Roxie..

Roxie: AHH! Wah

Billy: Sorry!

Roxie: Ugh, you scared me. What is it?

Billy: Here, lets make a deal, I'll help your team win, if you help my team win the next challenge. Deal?

Roxie: Fine. Deal. 

Billy: Good! See you! (runs away)

Billy: (in profile) HA! She trusts me. This is good, my team will last long! She's kind of cute too.

Roxie: (in profile) I don't trust him one bit. He's obviously trying to manipulate me for the good of his team.

(camera changes to team sandstorm relaxing)

Rob: Another elimination avoided! Good work team!

Annie: Yeah, we RAWWWKK!!

Noelle: Do you ever say anything else?

Annie: No. Darnit

Noelle: Okaaaay

Clayton: I'm surprised I actually made it this far! I thought I'd be voted off first.

Summer: Well team, I think it's time to go to sleep.

(camera changes to the contestants waking up in the morning, Corey, Leaf, and Petal are at the camp)

Petal: Wake up, you're next challenge is coming up, and you'll want to be prepared for it.

Annie: What is it now?

Corey: Aran, come on out.

Everyone: Oh no. Darn

(Aran appears out of nowhere)

Aran: Welcome to.. your boot camp challenge!

Clayton: (in profile) Did he just say boot camp?? I'm doomed. Scared

Annie: (in profile) This doesn't look good.. Fufu

Noelle: (in profile) This will be easy as making chocolate cookies..I hope.Misery

Taylor: (in profile) Boot camp? That mud won't be good for my cuteness. Crai

Aran: Here's how it works. The teams will have to work together to make it across the obstacle course. This one is similair to last season. Follow me.

(Everyone follows Aran on a trail for a few hours, before they reach a obstacle course)

Rob: That is..scary. Omg

Aran: Sheesh. There are only some scary ones. Last season wasn't scary. Anyways, teams will have to work together. First, you'll have to climb that rock wall, there is nothing to grab on to, so your teamates must help you. Next is that tightrope walk across that large pit of mud. Then, you'll have to take a steep jump into the water. Shrug If you wipe out, you'll have to start over. The teams that are first to make it across win.

(camera shows a montage of every contestant making it over the wall, and Team Hornet at the tightrope)

Roxie: I'll go first. (Roxie sucessfully walks across)

Ray: Eh, whatever. Me next. (Ray walks across as well).

Yuki: YAY! YUKI NEXT! (Yuki goes on)

Bean: Wait for me! (Bean runs on the tightrope, causing it to bounce, and all of them fall off and into the mud)

Everyone: BEAN! Angry

Billy: (looking at team Hornet in the mud arguing) Great, they're gonna lose. (sees Team Sandstorm crossing the tightrope) Everyone, shake the rope! (Team Pigtails start shaking the rope, and Annie, Rob, and Summer fall off, Noelle and Clayton dive into the water)

Roxie: (looks at Billy, and Billy winks at her)

Yvette: (looks at Billy in awe)

Odin: Dude, that was awesome!

Gertrude: Umm..I agree.

Taylor: Ugh, may as well get it over with. (Team Pigtails sucessfully cross the tightrope, and dive into the water)

Roxie: (in profile) I didn't know that Billy would do that..that was so..nice of him. I think I trust him now.

Billy: (in profile) I don't know, part of me wanted to do that to satisfy Roxie, but the other part wanted me to do it for my team..which one do I trust?

(Camera changes to everyone else on the tightrope, Team Hornet ahead of the remaining Sandstorm members) 

Roxie: We are almost there. Keep calm.

Yuki: Yuki agrees!

Ray: Sure. (smiles at Roxie)

Roxie: Giggle

Bean: This is fun! YAY! Akirakogamiplz.gif (he starts jumping up and down, and Team Hornet falls in the mud once again)

Roxie: (in profile) That's it. Bean's going home.

(camera shows the remaining Team Sandstorm members diving into he water as Team Hornet watches in horror)

Corey: Ooh, looks like Team Hornet will be sending someone home. 

(Ray and Roxie glare at Bean)

Bean: What? Idiotthinking

(camera changes to Roxie preparing to go to the elimination tent, and Billy approaches her)

Billy: Look, I'm-

Roxie: Don't apologize, you tried. And that's what matters.

Billy: I know,'re eliminating Bean, right?

Roxie: Yes. Ray and I managed to convince Yuki to vote for him.

Billy: Ray, huh? Well, next time, I'll be successful. I promise.

Roxie: Thank you. 

Billy: Listen Roxie, there's something I need to tell you..

Ray: (in the distance) Hey Roxie, it's time to go now!

Roxie: You can tell me after the elimination ceremony. I'll see you in about an hour. (she walks away)

Billy: (sighs) you.

(camera changes to Corey counting the votes)

Corey: And, that's three votes for Bean. That's enough to send you home.

Bean: WHAT?! But I thought everyone liked me-(is hit in the face with a harness)

(camera changes to Bean tied to the Jeep)

Corey: Any last words?

Bean: I THOUGHT I- Crai (Jeep starts and he's dragged off) AHHHH!!

Corey: Well, that wasn't a shocking elimination. Stay tuned for the next episode, and be sure to vote in the poll at the top of the page! See ya!

Episode 7: CHAOS!!Edit

(camera shows Team Hornet coming back to camp)

Roxie: We only have three members left, we NEED to win the next challenge!

Yuki: Yuki agrees!

Ray: Umm..yeah.

Roxie: Huh, you would usually say 'whatever'. Oooh

Ray: Whatever. ShiftyEyes

Roxie: Trianglemouth

(camera changes to Team Pigtails)

Billy: Ugh, the Hornets were so close to winning.

Taylor: Well, I-

Odin: BE QUIET! Angry

Taylor: Isawitplz.gif

Yvette: Facepalm

Taylor: Anyways, Billy, WHAT I WAS GOING TO SAY is that I think you went a bit too far by shaking that rope. You could have been caught cheating!

Billy: Well, uh, people did similair things last season.

Taylor: Well, Morcubus cheated in the wooden sculpture challenge, which caused his team to lose.

Billy: (in profile) For once, I wish Taylor would've just gone on saying 'I'm so cute!' instead of making me look like a jerk. No

Taylor: (in profile) Aren't I cute? Giggle

Odin: Dude, I think Taylor's right. Good thing Corey or the others didn't catch you.

Gertrude: Umm..I think I um..saw Leaf witness it, but he uh..didn't say anything.

Yvette: (nods)

Billy: Well, Leaf bent the rules so much last season, I mean, he did make Aran return, and he made it pretty far too. Final four.

Odin: Speaking of making it far..if the teams ever dissolve and its every person for themselves..why don't those of us who are left by then form an alliance?

Gertrude: Umm..what if the teams umm..don't merge?

Billy: Well, it happens on every TV show.

Roxie: (in the distance) We're back!

Billy: Roxie! (Runs to her)

Odin: I think he likes her.

Taylor: Ugh, Roxie's ugly. If there's anyone someone should like, it's me! Cause I'm so CUTE! Insane

Everyone: SHUT UP! Rage

Taylor: You guys suck. Hardcore

(camera changes to Roxie and Billy talking)

Roxie: So, what was it you wanted to tell me?

Billy: I..uh..

Roxie: Yes?


Roxie: HUH?! Yvette? You like Yvette? Wut

Billy: Um..yeah! Her silence is cute!

Roxie: Hmm..interesting. Well, if you need any tips, just ask me! I'll be happy to help. (She walks away)

Billy: (in profile) Well, that went well. Gross

(camera changes to everyone waking up to find Corey, Petal, and Leaf in their camp)

Corey: Follow me to your next challenge!

Summer: (in profile) I've noticed a pattern in the challenges, the contestants from last season choose them. Since it was Aran last time..and last season, Roxie was eliminated..then me..and then..oh no..Abigail.

(everyone follows Corey to a large building, and once they enter, it's filled with many futuristic goggles)

Corey: Please welcome Abigail!

Abigail: WOOHOO! I'm ready for a CHAOTIC challenge.

Clayton: (in profile) Abigail scares me.

Annie: (in profile) This challenge won't RAWWWKK!!

Abigail: Here's how it works. You'll each put on these goggles, and will be transported into a chaotic scenario. If you die, it'll just say 'you lose' and the goggles will fall off of you. If someone dies, you'll hear 'so-and-so has been killed' so you know what is going on. There will be a time limit, and once it's up, the team with the most surviving members wins, and the team with the second most is safe, and the last goes home. Are you all ready?

Everyone: Yes.. Omg

(Everyone puts their goggles on, and the camera changes to everyone in an old mansion)

Abigail's voice: Twenty minutes. Starting..NOW!

Clayton: So..this is it.

Noelle: Looks like something from a horror movie.

Yuki: Yuki is scared.. Imsorryplz

Rob: What if it is something from a-(sniffs) I think I smell smoke.

Roxie: Oh no, the building is on fire. 

Taylor: Oh please, it's probably-

(a huge explosion comes upstairs, and parts of the ceiling fall, everyone runs out of the way except Gertrude, who gets crushed)

Everyone: Whaaat

Abigail's voice: Gertrude has been killed. THE CHAOS HAS BEGUN! WOOHOO!

Rob: Okay, that's crazy! I'm getting out of here! (heads for the front door)

Summer: NO! ROB STOP!

(Rob opens the door, and fires bursts out, incinerating him)

Abigail's voice: Rob has been killed. The chaos keeps coming!

Roxie: Yuki, Ray, follow me! We need to head somewhere safe! 

(Roxie, Yuki, and Ray run down a hallway)

Billy: Lets go upstairs. (Team Pigatails follows Billy upstairs)

Summer: Alright team, lets stay put here. Wait, where did Annie go?

Noelle: I think I saw her go upstairs with Odin.

Clayton: I saw her go up as well.

Summer: Ugh, okay team, new plan. We need to go rescue Annie. (Team Sandstorm heads upstairs)

(camera shows Annie snatching Odin into a room, Billy notices and eavesdrops)

Annie: I found this nice room. I know it's a simulation, but still..

Odin: Whoa, look at that view! That window is huge!

Annie: I know!

Odin: Okay, I'm gonna go to the bathroom. Even if it's a simulation, I need to pee badly. (Odin leaves and doesn't notice Billy)

Annie: (stares out the window as Billy watches)

Billy: (in profile) I'd do anything for Roxie's team to win, even if that means..

(camera changes to Summer, Clayton, and Noelle searching for Annie)

Abigail: Annie has been killed. WOOHOO! CHAOS!

Summer: Oh no!

Clayton: That's strange, I didn't hear an explosion or flames.

Noelle: Maybe something fell on her.

(Odin races down the hall towards them) 

Odin: Annie! 

Summer: Did you see her 'die'?

Odin: No, she was in a room with me, and I left. Then I heard the announcement!

Clayton: Where's the room?

Odin: Right here!

(they open the door to find a human sized hole in the window)

Summer: Oh no..did she..?

(they look out and find Annie's 'body' on the ground)

Noelle: Did she fall?

Odin: No, the window was perfectly fine when I was here.

Summer: Does that mean..?

Clayton: Someone pushed her.

Abigail's voice: Just to clarify, murder IS aloud in this game.

(Summer, Noelle, and Clayton look at Odin)

Odin: Crap. Darn

Noelle: Sorry dude. (she pushes Odin out of the window and he falls to his 'death')

(camera changes to Roxie, Yuki, and Ray exploring a hallway)

Abigail's voice: Odin has been killed. 10 minutes left. CHAOS FOR THE WIN!

Roxie: Guys, this is going really well!

Ray: Whatever. ShiftyEyes

Yuki: (notices a door with a picture of a vampire on it) Hmm, what's in this room? (opens the door and flames spill out)

(Roxie and Ray watch in horror as Yuki is incinerated)

Abigail's voice: Yuki has been killed. This is getting more and more chaotic!

Roxie: I think I said we were doing well too soon.

(camera changes to Yvette and Taylor in a room filled with mirrors, Taylor is looking at herself as Yvette sits, bored)

Taylor: Oh, I'm so cute! Onion eek (picks up a magnifying glass, and accidentally aims it at a candle, and the room is in flames Yvette flees, but Taylor is too distracted to notice)

(camera changes to Billy running down the halls)


Abigail's voice: Taylor has been killed. Little brat.

Billy: I'm not surprised.

(he turns a corner and comes face to face with Yvette)

Abigail's voice: Three minutes left. BUT THE CHAOS CONTINUES!

Billy: AHH! Yvette! 

Yvette: (frantically points behind her, a fire is rapidly spreading down the hall)

Billy: Oh no! Yvette, come with me! (Billy grabs Yvette's hand and they flee)

Yvette: ..! (they turn a corner and encounter the three remaining Sandstorm members)

Billy: Did you guys 'kill' Odin?

Summer: Yes, we did. But it's just a game. You' killed' Annie right?

Billy: Yes, I did. But there's a huge fire heading towards us. We need to leave NOW.

Noelle: Let me see.

Summer: Noelle, don't!

Noelle: (peeks behind the corner of the hallway, and she's incinerated by a wall of fire)

Abigail's voice: Noelle has been killed. 50 seconds left.

(The floor starts to shake, and gives way. Yvette falls, and is 'killed')

Abigail: Yvette has been killed.

Billy: We need to move!

(Summer, Clayton, and Billy retreat as the floor falls behind them, Clayton trips and the floor gives way)

Abigail's voice: Clayton has been killed.

(camera changes to Roxie and Ray retreating as the ceiling crumbles behind them)

Roxie: I think I just saw Yvette and Clayton fall!

Ray: We need to hurry!

(camera changes back to Billy and Summer running, Billy gets tired, and the floor gives way, 'killing him')

Abigail's voice: Billy has been killed. With all of Team Pigtails 'dead', that wraps up the game.

(camera changes to Summer, Ray, and Roxie taking their goggles off)


Corey: Congrats to Team Sandstorm and Team Hornet! You all are safe tonight. As for Team Pigtails, think of someone to send home.

Billy: (in profile) The choice is obvious. Taylor.

Gertrude: (in profile) sort of on the fence for this. Billy did 'kill' Annie. Which was wrong..but Taylor's a spoiled brat. Hmmm..

Odin: (in profile) I'm going to have to go with Billy. He's not a good leader.

Yvette: (mimes Taylor looking at herself in the mirror, then shakes her head)

Taylor: (in profile) Billy is going to get us in trouble. He needs to go.

(camera changes to Team Pigtails in their tent)

Corey: You've all cast your votes, Now lets read them! First vote, Billy. Second vote, Taylor. Third vote, Taylor. Fourth vote, Billy. The final vote is for..

Billy: Fufu

Taylor: Hmphsmiley

Corey: TAYLOR!

Taylor: WHAT?! Ohmy

Corey: (throws harness at Taylor)

(camera changes to Taylor strapped to the Jeep)

Corey: Any last words?

Taylor: Yes, I'm so-(Jeep starts and she's dragged off) CUUTTTEEE!!

Corey: Well, that challenge was intense! See you next time, and remember to vote at the poll at the top of the page for who you want out next!

Episode 8: Water Slide-WHOA!Edit

(camera shows Team Pigtails arriving back at camp)

Gertrude: She's finally gone.

Odin: Yes, but I wanted someone else gone. (glares at Billy) No

Billy: Sweat

Odin: (in profile) Billy loves Roxie, no doubt about it. He'll do anything for her, I mean anything. You saw how he 'killed' Annie in the last challenge! If we lose, I'm going to convince Getrude and Yvette to vote him off. 

Gertrude: (in profile) Tensions have um, been rising between Odin and Billy. I'm worried that it uh..will keep us from winning. I need to do something about it. I could get Yvette and Billy to vote Odin out, then everything will be gone.

Yvette: (in profile) ...!

(camera shows Team Hornet celebrating)

Roxie: Yes! We avoided an elimination! Yay

Ray: Yeah, that's cool. Ilikeit

Roxie: Are you starting to care? Oooh

Ray: Umm..I mean, whatever. ShiftyEyes

Roxie: Trianglemouth

Yuki: YAY! Yuki's team won another challenge that means more blood for Yuki! Evil

Roxie and Ray: What? Fufu

Yuki: Uh, nevermind! Umno

Roxie: Okay, uh, anyways, we need to keep the winning streak up.

Yuki: (in profile) OH NO! That was close. Darn

(camera shows Team Sandstorm sitting by the oasis)

Summer: Well team, we won another challenge.

Rob: Yes, we have the most members out of all-

Noelle: COOKIES! Moo (passes out)

Rob: What..the..Omg

Annie: What just happened? That didn't RAWWWKK!!

Clayton: I think she may be suffering from a food withdrawl. All these fish are getting really bad. 

Annie: The same thing that happened with Patrick..

Summer: And you know what else happened to Patrick.

Clayton: Don't go there, she'll be fine. Noelle isn't as crazy as Patrick was anyway.

Summer: Hopefully.

(camera shows the contestants waking up and find three large waterslides that land in the oasis)

Corey: Welcome everyone! We noticed that you were aware of the pattern in which last season's contestants decided challenges, so we decided to throw something different at you. Here's how it works, you normally slide down waterslides right? Well, in this challenge, you have to CLIMB waterslides! Staring from the oasis, eachteam must work together to get up this slippery slope, each team has their own waterslide to avoid clutter. The team that reaches the top wins. Are we ready?

Annie: Won't we get swimsuits?

Corey: No. Trollfaic

Annie: Orly

Corey: Challenge!

(everyone dives in the oasis and swims towards the slides, they all mangage to get onto it's base and start climbing)

Noelle: COOKIES! *she slips and all of Team Sandstorm falls down the slide and into the oasis)

Rob: (emerges from water) Great! Now we have to start over! Angry

(camera changes to Team Hornet reaching a turn left Roxie slips and starts sliding down and takes out Ray, but Yuki continues)

Roxie: AHH!! WE'RE GOING SO FAST! (Roxie and Ray tumble into the oasis)

Roxie: (emerges from water) AHH!! That was so scary! Wah

Ray: Roxie, it's okay. (Roxie continues screaming and Ray kisses her, which stops the screaming, Billy notices, and distracted, he loses his footing and slides into the oasis)

Roxie: Ray..

Ray: See? It's going to be okay. (they both climb up and join Yuki)

Yuki: (in profile) Ugh! This is gonna be so awkward for Yuki with Roxie and Ray kissing each other all the time.

Billy: (in profile) I can't believe it..Umno

Odin: (in profile) Billy is so gone. 

(camera changes to Yuki, Roxie, and Ray making it to the top of the water slide)

Corey: Team Hornet is safe!

Roxie: YES! (she and Ray kiss again)

(camera shows Team Sandstorm carrying a crazy Noelle up the slide)

Noelle: Cookies..Dizzy

Summer: Clayton, this is exactly like Patrick. Who says we forfeit this challenge just to get rid of her?

Rob: Are you insane? Never give up on challenges! We can get rid of her later.

Clayton: No, I agree with Summer. It has to happen.

Annie: Whoa, that won't RA-

Everyone: SHUT UP! Rage

Annie: Isawitplz.gif

Rob: (in profile) Annie is becoming the new Taylor.

Clayton: We must forfeit this challenge!

Annie: I'm telling you, we can't- (Noelle falls, and it takes out everyone) Nevermind.

(Camera shows Team Pigatils making it to the top)

Corey: Looks like Team Pigtails is safe! Team Sandstorm, you face elimination tonight.

(camera changes to the elimination tent)

Corey: You've all cast your votes. Now, let's read them. First one, Noelle. Second one, Noelle. Third one..cookies..?

Noelle: Cookies...Fweeheehee

Corey: Okay...fourth vote..Noelle. That's enough to send you home.

(camera changes to Noelle strapped to the Jeep)

Corey: Any last words?

Noelle: COOKIES!! (jeep starts and she's dragged off)

Corey: Well, that wasn't shocking. Stay tuned for the next epsiode, and be sure to vote at the poll on the top of the page.

Episode 9: Surfing MadnessEdit

(camera shows Team Sandstorm walking back to camp)

Clayton: Noelle's gone.. Crai

Summer: Don't be so sad. She was getting in our way.

Clayton: (in profile) Noelle and I went through a lot together, we were often the last ones standing in challenges.

Annie: Her elimination didn't RA-


Annie: ... Wut

Summer: (in profile) Rob's been really sensitive lately. I guess the competition is getting to him. But to be fair, Annie is pretty annoying.

(camera changes to Roxie and Ray talking to each other, Yuki sits away from them, drawing a stick in the sand)

Ray: Ugh, this competition is so boring. We keep winning. ShiftyEyes

Roxie: Ugh, you'll never get a girlfriend with that negativity.

Ray: Good thing I'm not seraching for one then. Lie

Roxie: (in profile) Okay, I'll admit that was smooth. Love

(camera changes to Yuki watching Roxie and Ray kiss)

Yuki: (in profile) If Yuki's team loses, then Yuki will be gone because of lovebirds back there. Yuki needs to win, for sure. Awkwardsilence

(camera changes to Team Pigatils sitting by the oasis, Billy is crying)

Billy: I can't believe this happened! Why would she be with Ray? He's so boring. 0eeeff42

Yvette: (touches Billy's shoulder's and smiles)

Billy: Do you think it'll work out?

Yvette: (nods)

Billy: Oh well. I guess I'll talk to Roxie now. (he goes over to Roxie)

Odin: (in profile) Billy has GOT to go.

Gertrude: (in profile) Odin has GOT to go.

Billy: (in profile) Ray has GOT to go.

Yuki: (in profile) The lovebirds have GOT to go.

Rob: (in profile) Annie has GOT to go.

Corey: (in profile) Okay, that's enough.

Billy: Roxie, can I speak to you for a second? Alone?

Roxie: Oh, erm..sure. I'll be right back Ray. (walks off with Billy)

Billy: Are you and Ray erm..?

Roxie: A couple? Yes, we are. How are things working out between you and Yvette? Have you told her yet?

Billy:'s just..I uh..think that..ITS AWKWARD FOR YUKI!

Roxie: You're right! Ray and I should act appropriate in front of her. I'll go tell Ray, thanks Billy! (Roxie runs off)

Billy: (in profile) Well, that went well. Gross

(camera changes to the morning and Corey, Petal, and Leaf stand in the camp, all wearing scuba gear, a truck sits in the camp filled with crates)

Corey: Time for your next challenge! We're going surfing, so grab your wetsuits and surfboards! They are in these crates!

Annie: Are we going to surf in the Oasis?

Corey: No, there's a beach a couple miles east of here. We'll be walking there.

(camera changes to the contestants getting their wetsuits on and garbbing surfboards)

Roxie: (to Ray) Here, I got you this surfboard. It's black your favorite color. (hands it to Ray)

Ray: Thanks.

(Billy witnesses this and grabs a yellow surfboard)

Billy: Here Roxie, I got you this yellow one, it's your favorite color right?

Roxie: Oh, thank you Billy! BEES! Now Ray and I feel more connected! Thanks Billy! Plz

Ray: Yeah, thanks. Trollfaic

Billy: (in profile) @#$%! JFBQ00186070405A

(camera changes to the contestants, along with Corey, Petal, and Leaf walking to the beach, and finally getting there)

Leaf: I'll be judging you on how good your surfing skills are. The team with the best win.

Clayton: Don't we get a lesson or something?

Leaf: No. OWNED

Clayton: Okay. Darn

Leaf: Now, let's go!

(camera shows a montage of contestants performing various moves. Team Hornet was first up. Ray just sat on his surfboard and did nothing as he rode his wave, Roxie spun on her surfboard, and Yuki did a flip. Team Pigatails was next, Billy attempted to spin, but got distracted by Roxie and Ray kissing, so he wiped out. Odin did a flip, Gertrude wiped out the second she stood up on the surfboard, and Yvette attempted to do a handstand, but failed and fell into the water. Team Sandstorm was next. Clayton wiped out instantly, Annie didn't do any moves, but she didn't wipe out either. Summer did many flips, handstands, and tricks, and Rob did the same as Annie)

Leaf: Listen up everyone! I have determined the winner. Team Sandstorm wins first place thanks to Summer.

Summer: YAY! Ranranru

Leaf: And second place goes to..

Team Hornet: Scared

Team Pigtails: Fufu

Leaf: Team Hornet!

Roxie: Yes!

Odin: (in profile) Billy's gone.

(camera shows Odin trying to convince Gertrude and Yvette to vote for Billy)

Odin: I'm telling you, it's the right thing!

Gertrude: Fine. Only because his affection for Roxie will get in the way.

Yvette: ... Angry

Odin: Yvette?

Yvette: No. 

Odin and Gertrude: Omg

Yvette: Yes, I'm talking. Billy is our friend, I'm not voting him off. 

Odin: What's more important? Friends, or winning this thing? For me, it's winning hands down. 

Gertrude: (in profile) I..uh..will probably look like a jerk, but I'm not gonna lie. Odin's right, we all claim that we're here for friends, but we're really here for the money. All of us. Just like last season.

Yvette: So you're here for the money.

Odin: Who isn't?

Yvette: Me, I came in here to discover who I was, and I discovered that just now. I'm the type of person who doesn't give up friendships for some game. I'm not the silent girl anymore. If you want to vote for Billy, go ahead. Both of you, but I'm gonna vote for you Odin. And you, along with Gertrude, will leave. (she walks away)

Odin: Whoa.. D582d79f

Gertrude: Umm..that was...Umno

(camera changes to the elimination tent)

Corey: You've all cast your votes, I'll read them. First vote, Billy. Second vote, Odin. Third vote, Billy. The final vote is for...

Yvette: No

Odin: Thinking

Billy: Scared

Gertrude: 1b38f9e2

Corey: ...Billy.


Billy: I voted for myself. Umright

Corey: Omg Billy, you can't that..I'm gonna have to ask you to-

Billy: I quit.

Everyone: Cannotevenplz

Billy: I can't take this anymore. Everything is falling apart. I'm just going to have to quit. I think thats what's best for me.

Corey: Umm..very well then. Leaf, take him to the jeep.

(camera shows Yvette saying goodbye to Billy, she kisses him on the cheek)

Yvette: I'll miss you.

Billy: Me too. 

Corey: Any last words?

Billy: Goodbye. (the jeep starts and he's pulled off)

Corey: That was crazy! Stay tuned for the next episode, and remember to vote at the poll on the top of the page!

Yvette: (in profile) This is a new game now. Odin, Gertrude, you two better watch out. I'm going to get both of you out as soon as I can, I can assure you that.

Episode 10: Dancing DramaEdit

(camera shows Team Pigtails arriving back at camp)

Gertrude: Yvette...come on, talk to us. 

Odin: It was for the good of the team. 

Yvette: Billy was a good leader. Did you know how much effort he put into helping us?

Odin: Well, that effort vanished as soon as he saw Roxie.

Gertrude: This isn't middle school, we need to focus on whats best for our team, rather than someone else.

Yvette: Whatever.

Odin: (in profile) Yvette is the new Ray.

(camera changes to Team Sandstorm snacking on fish)

Annie: I just noticed..this is the top 10!

Clayton: Wow! I never thought I'd make it this far! I thought I would be gone first. Then second. Then third-

Summer: We get it. Orly

Clayton: (in profile) My confidence haas soared sky high since I entered this! Best idea ever! Love

Rob: (in profile) I've been pretty silent this season, and I think that's paid off. Last season I was kind of loud, looks like switching my strategy was a smart move. Let's just hope I win this time, since last season I was so close!

Summer: (in profile) I'm doing very well this season. Hopefully I can win. Evil Thanks Morcubus, your punch knocked some 'sense' into me. I am getting fed up with my team though. Rob is not a good leader, Clayton is annoying. So is Annie.

(camera changes to Team Sandstorm talking)

Roxie: I can't believe how fast this has gone by. Already Top 10.

Ray: Whatever. ShiftyEyes

Roxie: Trianglemouth

Yuki: (in profile) Yuki doesn't like how far she's making..there's not many faces to bite-I MEAN LOOK AT!

(camera changes to the contestants waking up on a dance floor, A DJ booth sits on its border, and Corey, Petal, and Leaf stand near it)

Petal: Time for your next challenge.

Corey: Please welcome your challenge host, she placed 3rd last season, DJ Candy!

(DJ Candy enters along with a girl and a boy)

DJ Candy: Hi all! It's so nice to be back here, these are my two assistants, Sapphire and Zack!


Zack: Hi. Rawr

DJ Candy: Here's how the challenge works. Each team has to make their own dance number to one of the songs I've  produced. You have two hours to make one, you'll then present it, and Sapphire, Zack, and I will judge it. Team with the best wins, second is safe, and third sends someone home. Got it?

Everyone: Yes!

DJ Candy: Then lets get started!

(camera shows Summer and Annie teaching Rob and Clayton how to do a certain dance)

Summer: Then you step here..

Clayton: WHOA! (falls down) Omg

Summer: Are you okay?

Clayton: Yes, just a little shaken.

Rob: Wow, umm..on with the dance! Umwut

Annie: That didn't RAWWKK!!

Summer: You guys will do this Hip Hop dance in the center, while I do tricks around ya'll. Our track is 'Party in the Stadium'. 

Annie: Oh! I remember that one, I thought it was good! But it got mixed reviews.

Summer: Well team, lets start working!

(camera changes to Ray and Roxie slow dancing as Yuki awkwardly dances around them)

Ray: I think this might work.

Roxie: Are you starting to care? Giggle

Ray: Maybe. Umyeah

Yuki: *AHEM*

Roxie: Oh, yeah, um, sorry Yuki.

Yuki: (in profile) Yuki thinks this be awkward.

(camera shows Yvette and Gertrude arguing while Odin awkwardly watches)



Yvette: MIME DANCE!!

Gertrude: BUG DANCE!

Yvette: MIME DANCE!!

Gertrude: BUG DANCE!!

Odin: Girls, can we just-

Sapphire: TIMES UP! YAY! Moo

Odin: (in profile) Crap. Both need to go.

(camera changes to the dance floor with everyone gathered)

Zack: First up is Team Sandstorm!

Annie: Thank you. Our track is 'Party in the Stadium'.

DJ Candy: Oooh, I remember making that back in 2009! (puts track in and the music starts, Annie, Clayton, and Rob start hip hop dancing while Summer does backflips and somersaults around them, it soon ends)

Zack: That was pretty good! Could use improvement though.

DJ Candy: I agree, it wasn't that bad.

Sapphire: I THOUGHT IT WAS THE BEST!! Exitedsmiley

Zack: 6 out of 10.

DJ Candy: 7 out of 10.

Sapphire: 10 OUT OF 10!! WOO!! JFBQ00241070914B

Zack: Next up, is Team Pigtails.

Odin: We uhh..

Yvette: Didn't come up with one...

DJ Cnady: Are you kidding me? Yociexp104

Zack: Really? No

Sapphire: YAY!! 0 OUT OF 10! Skip

Corey: I guess that means that Team Pigtails will face elimination tonight. Again. Let's see Team Hornet's dance though.

(camera changes to Team Hornet dancing, and it recieves a standing ovation)

Zack: 10 out of 10.

Sapphire: YAY!! 10000 out of 10!

DJ Candy. 10!

Corey: Congrats Hornets! Team Pigtails, I'll see you at elimination.

Yvette: (in profile) I'm going home. Scared

(camera changes to the elimination tent)

Corey: You've all cast your votes. I'll read them. First vote, Yvette, second vote, Gertrude, final vote..Yvette. That's enough to send you home. (throws harness at Yvette). 

Gertrude: Enjoy your ride. Yay

Corey: Actually, there's a twist. This was actually a DOUBLE elimination. So Gertrude..(throws harness at her)

Gertrude: WHAT?! You have got to be kidding me! Rage

Odin: C'mon man! I'm by myself now? Not cool.

Corey: Oh, it's fine. The merge is coming up-OH CRAP! I JUST SAID A SPOILER!

Leaf: Uhh, can I go start the Jeep now?

Corey: Um..yeah!

(camera shows Yvette and Gertrude strapped to the Jeep)

Corey: Any last words?

Both: I HATE YOU! (Jeep starts and their both pulles off) AHHH!!

Corey: Well, that was shocking. Stay tuned for next episode! And remember to vote!

Episode 11: Plane BalancingEdit

(camera shows Odin arriving back at the camp)

Annie: Hey, isn't Yvette or Gertrude supposed to be with you?

Odin: It was a double elimination. 

Annie: Omg

Yuki: That means..eight left.

Clayton: WOW! I didn't know I'd make it this far-

Rob: We get it. Angry

(Corey arrives at the camp)

Corey: Hi guys!

Roxie: We just had a challenge. No

Corey: Am I that predictable? Orly

Everyone: Yes.

Corey: Sweat Anyways, congrats on final eight. The teams are now merged. No more teams. It's every sim for him or herself. 

Summer: (in profile) Time to form some allies.

Corey: Your challenge will be in a few hours. It's the same as one from last season..I'll leave ya'll to speculate. (he leaves)

Yuki: (in profile) Ooh, what if it's the water maze? Yuki like when the piranhas attacked Aran!

Rob: (in profile) I was in all the challenges last season. No matter what, I am prepared.

(camera changes to Summer, Rob, and Roxie talking)

Summer: We are the only mentors left. We shoud form an alliance, the final three will be all veterans!

Rob: I'm in! 

Summer: Roxie?

Roxie: Err..I'll join on one condition, you get Ray to join as well.

Summer: (in profile) Crap, I forgot that Roxie is in a relationship with Ray. Petrified

Roxie: Well, can he join?

Summer: Umm..sure! Umyeah

Roxie: Cool! I'll got tell him!

(camera shows Roxie leaving, it then zooms out to Odin, who had been hiding and listening the whole time)

Odin: (in profile) They're going down. I'm going to get Annie, Yuki, and Clayton on my side.

(camera shows Roxie and Ray talking)

Roxie: So, you'll join? Ohdear

Ray: Sure, whatever. ShiftyEyes

Roxie: Great! Yay

(camera changes to Odin approaching Clayton, Annie, and Yuki)

Odin: Guys, I just eavesdropped on Summer, Rob, and Roxie, and their forming a mentor alliance. Ray is in it as well. We need to stick together, because if we don't, one of us will go home. Who says the four of us form an alliance to combat theirs?

Clayton: I'll join, Summer was mean anyway. 

Annie: I'm in as well. Rob was rude to me and he didn't RAWWWKK!!

Yuki: Yuki will join to get rid of lovebirds! Oooh

Odin: (in profile) Let the battle begin.

(camera shows Corey arriving back at the camp)

Corey: Follow me for your challenge, we have to get on a plane. Trollfaic

Clayton: (in profile) Oh no, it's not the plane balancing one right? Scared

(camera shows the contestants boarding the plane, it takes off, and Corey makes an announcement)

Corey: Attention everyone, the challenge will be the plane balancing one!

Clayton: (in profile) @#$%! Rage

Corey: You'll have to balance on top of the plane, the last one standing wins immunity, as well as a special power that I'll reveal after the elimination ceremony. Now, go on top of the plane for your challenge. (points to ladder that leads to hatch on the plane's roof)

(all the contestants nervously climb the ladder and out the hatch)

Annie: I'm scared.

Odin: Are we over water?

Corey: Yep! Good luck! (closes hatch)

Clayton: I can't feel my legs. I'm so afraid of heights.

Summer: Oh please, you'll- (the plane tilts to the left, Yuki, Odin, and Rob land on the wing of the plane)

Yuki: Whoa! That was- (plane tilts the right, Clayton barely hangs on, and Annie falls off, the camera shows her falling from the sky)

Annie: Help me!! AHHHHHH!!! (lands in water and emerges) Whoa..that was...AWESOME! Yay

(camera changes back to the plane)

Clayton: Did..s-she..die...? Fufu

Roxie: Hard to tell, we are so high up-WHOA! (Plane tilts to the right, Rob and Yuki fall off, but Odin hangs on, Roxie stumbles and falls off, but Ray grabs her hand and she dangles over the ledge of the plane)

Ray: Don't worry, I got you!

Roxie: You'll have to let go, if the plane tilts this way again, we'll both fall off. Just let go, I'll be fine.

Ray: Roxie..I'm sorry. (he lets go of her hand, and she falls down into the water)

(camera shows Odin trying to climb back onto the plane, but he slips and falls off the plane)

Odin: NOOOOOO!! (lands in water)

Clayton: AHHHH!! Wah

Summer: Be quiet, Rob was right about you, you're such a coward. 

Clayton: Rob said that??

Summer: Of course he did, he always complains about you.

Clayton: (in profile) I thought Rob was a nice guy. Crai

(camera shows the plane tilting to the left, Summer falls off, and only Ray and Clayton remain)

Ray: This isn't that bad. ShiftyEyes

Clayton: ...

(the plane tilts, and Clayton falls off)

Clayton: WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Wah (lans in water and emerges) That..was..amazing! Awesomeface

(camera changes to Corey gathering the shivering contestants from the water, and driving them back to camp, they soon arrive and get out)

Corey: Congrats to Ray on his immunity! I'll leave ya'll to decide who to vote for.

(camera shows The Veteran alliance discussing who to vote out)

Rob: Clayton, he's a jerk.

Ray: Whatever.

Summer: Okay, I'll vote for him.

Roxie: Me too.

(camera shows Roxie and Ray leaving when Ray whispers to her)

Ray: Vote for Rob, he's the jerk. I heard he called Clayton a coward, he's very arrogant because of being 2nd last season.

Roxie: Really? I will.

(camera shows the Newbies alliance discussing who to vote for)

Odin: I think Summer, she's pretty stuck-up.

Clayton: Well, Rob called me a coward..

Annie: That's mean. I'm voting for Rob. 

Clayton: I am as well.


Odin: Okay, I guess I will too.

(camera shows the contestants entering the elimination tent)

Corey: You all know the drill, Ray has immunity and cannot be voted for tonight. Now go vote.

(camera shows everyone voting)

Corey: You've all cast your votes. First vote, Rob. Second vote, Rob.

Rob: WHAT?!

Corey: Don't interupt me. Orly Third vote, Clayton. Fourth vote, Rob. Fifth vote, Rob, Sixth vote, Clayton. And the final vote is for...Rob. That's enough. 


Ray: I did, so did Roxie. We don't want to be part of a bullying alliance. That goes for you too, Summer.

Rob: This is madness.

Corey: No, this IS SPARTA! (throws harness at Rob)

(camera changes to Rob attached to the Jeep)

Corey: Any last words?

Rob: Yes, first of all- (Jeep starts and he's pulled away) AHHHHHH!! Wah

Corey: Well, that was eventful. See you next time, and remember to vote!

Episode 12: Seven UpEdit

(camera shows the contestants arriving back at camp)

Summer: (in profile) I'm on my own now.

Ray: (in profile) I can't believe we pulled that off.

(camera shows them sitting at the campfire)

Annie: Final seven guys!

Yuki: YAY! Yuki made it! Yay

Odin: Yeah. Umyeah

Roxie: I can't believe this is happening!

Clayton: I know! Plz

Summer: ..Orly

Roxie: (in profile) Summer's on her own now, she won't be a threat. But then, there's that newbie alliance. Ray still hasn't told what the power Corey given to him was. Must be very important.

Ray: (in profile) I need to use this power wisely.

Odin: (in profile) One of them down, three to go.

(camera shows the contestants waking up in a cargo hold of a plane, they are each in a large glass cubes)

Roxie: What the?! Omg

Corey's Voice: (on a loudspeaker) Welcome to your next challenge. I call this one, Seven Up. You know, cause there are seven of you..and you're up in the sky.

Clayton: Haha. No

Corey's Voice: Shut up Clayton. Here's how this challenge works. You are each in seperate glass cubes. At the bottom of the cube and the floor beneath it are trap doors. 

Ray: Whateve-WAIT WHAT?! Wut

Corey's Voice: I'll be asking you questions about this and last season. If you get them wrong, both trap doors will open and the next thing you'll see is the ground 3,000 feet below you. Trollfaic


Annie: This just got real.

Corey's Voice: We'll keep going until there's only one person left. That person wins immunity. The challenge begins...NOW! Annie, we'll start with you. Who was the first contestant to get voted off in Out in the Woods?

Annie: Umm..Brandi.

Corey's Voice: Correct! Next, Clayton. Who won the first immunity challenge in Out in The Woods?

Clayton: I know this..RAY!

Everyone: Facepalm

Corey's Voice: INCORRECT! Enjoy your flight! Trollfaic

Clayton: OH NO-(the trap door opens and he falls) AHHHHHHHH!!! (screams fade out)\

Everyone: Ohmy

Odin: That is messed up. Umno

Corey's Voice: Well Odin, you're next. I'll ask you what I asked Clayton. Who won immunity first?

Odin: Rhonda.

Corey's Voice: CORRECT! 

(camera shows Roxie, Ray, and Summer answering correctly)

Corey's Voice: Yuki, which two contestants were both eliminated last season due to injuries?

Yuki: Yuki doesn't know. Shrug (trap door opens) WEEEEE!! Yay

Corey's Voice: Round two! Annie, who were the victims of a double elimination this season?

Annie: That's easy, Gertrude and Yvonne.

Corey's Voice: Actually, it's 'Yvette' not Yvonne. Enjoy your ride! Trollfaic

Annie: Crap. Orly (trap door opens) AHHHHHH!!

Odin: It's all up to me for the alliance now..

Corey's Voice: Odin, what was the first challenge this season?

Odin: The dune buggy race.

Corey's Voice: Correct! Roxie, what was the second challenge?

Roxie: The oasis fight.

Corey's Voice: Correct! Ray, who was eliminated last season due to cheating?

Ray: Umm...Dr. F? 

Corey's Voice: NOPE! Evil

Ray: (trap door opens) Whaaaatttevvvveeerrrr... ShiftyEyes

Roxie: I'll win this for you Ray!

Corey's Voice: Only three people left, Odin, Roxie, and Summer. Summer, who was kicked you in the head last season?

Summer: I don't remember..Aran?

Corey's Voice: Correct! Odin, who placed fifth last season?

Odin: Umm..Edwin? 

Corey's voice: NOPE! Lie

Odin: (trap door opens) NOOOOO!!

Corey's Voice: Roxie, which contestant this season was a former child actor?

Roxie: I don't know...Matt?

Corey's voice: INCORRECT!

Roxie: Oh well. (trap door opens) AHHHHH!!!

Corey's Voice: Congratulations Summer!

Summer: I won!

(camera shows the plane landing, an ambulance and sirens surround the camp)

Corey: What the heck? I rented this land! No trespassers. (approaches a paramedic) What is going on here?

Paramedic: Someeone is hurt sir.

Corey: Who? 

(everyone clears to see a badly injured Yuki on a strecther)

Corey: YUKI?!

Paramedic: Yeah, she broke a few bones on the way down.

Corey: Well, I made all the contestants sign that medical long will she be in the hospital?

Paramedic: About...eight weeks sir.

Corey: That can't be! She has to be in the game!

Paramedic: I'm sorry sir, but she needs treatment.

Corey: Okay. (gathers contestants) There will be no elimination ceremony tonight. Yuki is hurt, and she will be in the hospital. This results in her elimination.

Roxie: (in profile) Poor Yuki!

Summer: What about my immunity?! Angry

Corey: We'll give you an advantage in the next challenge. Stay tuned for the next episode of Out in the Desert!

Episode 13: Fight Water RaftingEdit

(camera shows te Oasis, it's morning, the contestants are getting dressed)

Ray: (fastening his belt) For once, Corey and the others gave us a peaceful morning.

Summer: (tying her hair in a ponytail) Yep. The desert is suprising tranquil at this time of day.

Clayton: (putting on his cap) I can't believe Yuki got hurt..what if she dies? Scared

Odin: (brushing his long hair) She won't die, Yuki's strong.

Annie: (in profile) It's a shame that Yuki had to leave, especially by injury. At least we still outnumer the others. Summer's alone, and Roxie and Ray are together.

Odin: (in profile) Roxie and Ray are the biggest threats right now. They need to go. Then, we'll get rid of Summer. If she happens to win immunity in the final 4..We'll sacrafice Clayton. Da4c2d5e

Roxie: (in profile) Ray and I don't stand a chance, we need to get Summer on our side.

Ray: (in profile) I'm actually am starting to want to win this thing.. 

(camera shows Roxie and Ray approaching Summer, whom is collecting water)

Summer: What do you want? No

Roxie: Look, if we don't team up, the newbie alliance will get all of us out. Will you join us in getting rid of them? 

Summer: Fine, only because I have no choice.

Ray: Good. (they both walk away)

(camera shows the contestants eating lunch, when Corey walks in)

Annie: Oh come on, we were just enjoying our day!

Corey: Shut up! Orly Our team has been working on our challenge for takes a long time to build kayaks you know?

Everyone: KAYAKS?! D582d79f

Corey: Yeah. Trollfaic Everyone follow me, the challenge is this way. (They walk for a few miles and reach a river with a lot of rapids) Here's the challenge, each of you will get in a kayak and travel down the river. First person to reach-

Odin: Finally, a non-air challenge. I was getting sick of falling from the sky. 

Corey: Be quiet! Angry As I was saying, the first person to reach the finish line earns a reward. The last person to reach eliminated from the game. Trollfaic

Roxie: Oh no, not one of those challenges..

Corey: Yep! Summer, since you got first, you get a one minute head start. 

Summer: Okay. (she gets into her kayak and flies down the river)

(a minute later all the other contestants get in their kayaks and fly down the river)

Roxie: (struggling to steer) This thing is fast!

Ray: Whatev- (accidetally rams a rock) Orly

Odin: (in profile) I don't care about the alliance at this point. I need to win.

(camera shows Odin navigating his kayak down the river sucessfully he's ahead of them, Annie struggling to steer she's behind Odin, Roxie gaining balance she's behind Annie, Clayton dodging branches, and Ray struggling to catch up. Camera changes to Summer)

Summer: Ugh, this is so boring. (notices a short waterfall ahead) Omg (her kayak falls down the waterfall, but she stays on) That was crazy.

(camera shows Ray catching up to Clayton)

Clayton: No, I can't lose this, I can't! (paddles vigorously and gets caught in branches, Ray passes him) NOOOOOOOO!!! Wah

(camera shows Annie, Roxie, and Odin approaching the small waterfall)

Roxie: He wouldn't.. Fufu

Odin: This is gonna suck. 

Annie: (slides down waterfall and falls out of her kayak) AHHHHHH!!

Odin: Annie! (slides down waterfall, and stays on, Roxie soon follows)

Annie: (emerges from water and grabs a branch on the side) My kayak is gone!

Odin: Annie grab on! (extends his hand but the current carries his kayak away) NOOO!!

(camera shows Summer crossing the finish line)

Summer: Yes! I won! Awesomeface

Corey: Congratulation Summer, you earn a stay at the Simville Spa!

Summer: Yes!

(camera shows Ray going down the waterfall and passing Annie, who is on land trying to find a replacement for her boat, camera then switches to Clayton, he finally brakes free of the branches and continues. Camera then shows Odin and Roxie crossing the finish line)

Roxie: I'm safe! But..where's Ray?

Odin: I hope Annie's okay...

(camera shows Annie using a log as a raft, Clayton goes down the waterfall and they are neck-in-neck)

Annie: I'm sorry Clayton, but you're going home.

Clayton: Don't say that just yet. Umyeah

(camera shows Ray crossing the finish line)

Roxie: Ray! (kisses him)

Odin: So that leaves...Clayton and Annie. Come one can do this..

Summer: (points at them) Here they come!

(camera shows Annie and Clayton neck-in-neck at the finish line, Clayton hits a rock, and Annie crosses the finish line)

Annie: YES! Yay

Clayton: NOOOO!! 0eeeff42

(camera changes to Clayton strapped to the Jeep)

Corey: Any last words?

Clayton: WAHHHH!! Crai (Jeep starts and he's pulled off)

Corey: Well, that wasn't shocking. Stay tuned for our next episode, and remember to vote!

Episode 14: The Forgotten OnesEdit

(camera shows Corey in front of a large Hotel)

Corey: Welcome to Out in the Desert! This epidoe will be a bit different from the last ones, we'll be taking a look on the eliminated contestants, and what they think about the game. They've seen all the episodes so they know everything. What they don't know, is that they'll be deciding whose going home next! After being dragged by the Jeep, they arrived here, at this beautiful desert hotel. It has everything to accomadate their needs; a library, a spa, a pool and waterslides, and a all-you-can eat buffet! Let's check on them now!

(camera shows Rob, Gertrude, Eliza, and Matt in the library, Eliza is reading a book, Matt is relaxing on a plush sofa, and Gertrude and Rob on the computers)

Eliza: Why is this book so good?

Matt: Why do you always ask questions? Umwut

Eliza: Why? Is it a problem? No

Matt: Umm..Sweat

Rob: Shame, this computer doesn't have any games on it.

Gertrude: I got 4000 new followers on my bug blog ever since I joined the show.

Matt: Ah, yes. I saw that blog, very well done. 

Gertrude: You know, you don't have to act all nice to us because of betraying Yvette. What you did was what any desperate contestant would do.

Matt: I guess..I mean..I still feel guilty.

Eliza: Has Yvette talked..I mean..tolerated you ever since you betrayed her?

Matt: Well, she glares at me all the time.

Gertrude: She glares at me too.

Rob: Well, I guess you two will just have to deal with it.

Both: Yeah.

(the librarian, Elmira, enters)


Everyone: Ohdear

(camera shows Morcubus and Yuki in the lobby, both are on wheelchairs)


Morcubus: I shouldn't be here. I, the dreadful Morcubus, should be in the final five. Angry

Yuki: To be honest, no one really cares about you..

Morcubus: What?! I, the great Morcubus, am utterly important!

Yuki: The viewers did get you out first for a reason.

Morcubus: Blahblahblah

Yuki: Orly

(camera shows Yvette and Taylor sitting by the pool, and Clayton and Bean are about to go down the waterslides)

Bean: (grabbing an inner tube) Race you to the bottom!

Clayton: (grabs inner tube) You're on!

(they both slide down the slide, Clayton hits a sharp turn and falls off his tube, Bean makes it to the botttom first)

Bean: HA! I beat you! Wait, Clayton? (sees Clayton's empty inner tube come down the slide) Omg

Clayton: AHHHHH!! (slides off the slide and into the water)

Bean: Clayton?! Ohmy

Clayton: (emerges from water) THAT WAS AWESOME! AGAIN! Moo

Yvette: (watching) Those two looks so different without their caps on.

Taylor: So do you. On teatime

Yvette: Whattheheck

Taylor: I've already been offered to model for the cover of the next issue of Nicole Vogue's magazine! Onion eek

Yvette: Why?

Taylor: Cause' I'm soooooo cute! 4e5dd44a

Yvette: Facepalm

(Billy arrives)

Billy: Hey Yvette!

Yvette: Hey hon', how's it going?

Billy: Oh good. (kisses her) Just thought I'd hang around for awhile.

Yvette: I'm fine with that. Ilikeit

Billy: Good.

(camera shows Noelle and Patrick in the buffet, Patrick is eating a drumstick, and Noelle is eating noodles in creamy sauce)

Noelle: These noodles are better then cookies.

Patrick: This is better then bacon.

Noelle: We both went through food withdrawls huh?

Patrick: Yep, sport. I wonder how far we would make it if we didn't.

(camera shows everyone relaxing in the lounge when Corey enters)

Corey: You guys get to decide who goes home next!

Eliza: Really? D582d79f

Corey: Yep, you guys will vote in th private booths! Morcubus, let's start with you. We'll be going in order of elimination,

Morcubus: (in voting booth) Roxie got me out..she needs to go.

Eliza: (in voting booth) Why is Summer still there? She needs to go.

Patrick: (in voting booth) Odin. Enough said.

Matt: (in voting booth) Roxie, she cause so much drama.

Bean: (in voting booth) Ray is mean! I want him gone.

Taylor: (in voting booth) Summer thinks she's so cute, but she's not. I vote for her.

Noelle: (in voting booth) Summer got me out. Sorry Summer..

Billy: (in voting booth) Ray. Period.

Yvette: (in voting booth) I vote Roxie for causing Billy so much pain.

Gertrude: (in voting booth) Roxie.

Rob: (in voting booth) Ray betrayed me. He needs to go.

Yuki: (in voting booth) YUKI VOTE FOR ROXIE!

Clayton: (in profile) Annie got me out, I vote for her.

Corey: Well, It looks like Roxie is gone. (Jeep pulls up and Roxie unbuckles her harness)

Roxie: That was actually kind of fun. Oh well, at least I made it far.

Corey: See you next time, and remember to vote!

Episode 15: The ShelterEdit

(camera shows Odin fishing and Summer collecting water)

Odin: Ray is still upset..

Summer: He'll get over it, trust me.

Ray: (in distance) WAHHHHHH!!

Odin: (in profile) Ray's moping is getting annoying. Angry

Summer: (in profile) I just want him gone. I don't care about the agreeing with him and Roxie, the deal's off.

(camera shows Annie arriving)

Annie: It's no use guys. I tried to cheer him up, but he won't listen.

Odin: Oh well. Let the goth kid figure ut out himself-WHOA I GOT A BITE! (he jerks his arm to the left to reel the fish in but accidentally knocks summer into the water)

Summer: (soaked) YOU IDIOT! THIS WAS MY UNIFORM! Rage

Odin: (reels fish in) I'm sorry! Ohmy Yes, I got it!

Annie: Doesn't that fish look a bit..odd? Whaaat

Odin: It's eyes Ohmy

Fish: (computerized voice) LOL. YOU GUYS DO NOT SEE WHAT'S COMING LOL. (the fish explodes and a green gas is released, knocking out Summer, Annie, and Odin. The gas reaches Ray, knocking him out as well) AWKWARD. Moo

(camera changes to the four waking up in an underground nuclear fallout shelter. Corey's face appears on the shelter TV)

Corey: Hello there contestants. I'd like to play a game. As you can see, this shelter is large. You have to find a way out of it. There are three keys here. Each one can will open the hatch. The first three contestants who find keys and escape via the hatch will be safe. The other will be eliminated. If it gets to much, you could hit the self destruct button. Good luck! Oh, and be careful. There are several booby traps. Trollfaic

Annie: I'm gonna check the closet. 

Summer: Does this place have a towel? I'm soaking wet.

Odin: I'll check the kitchen. 

Ray: I'm checking the storage space.

(camera shows a montage. Summer finds a towel and drys off, and doesn't notice a key drop out of the towel. Annie searches the closet, and a rack collaspes on her, and she barely breaks free. Odin looks in the kitchen sink, and it sprays him. He stumbles back and falls over a table, the table falls over, revealing a key. the camera then shows Ray checking the storage space. He sorts through food, and finds a key. He hurriedly goes to the hatch)

Ray: Yes, for you Roxie! (he puts the key in the hatch but it won't open) What the-?! 

Corey (on TV) Oh, some are fake keys. Trollfaic

Ray: Angry (leaves the hatch and looks some more)

Odin: (noticing key) Jackpot! (he grabs it and races to the hatch, the key works, and he leaves the shelter)

Corey: (on loudspeaker) Odin has escaped and is safe. Two more spots for the final three. Who will it be?

Ray: Ugh! (watches as Summer leaves the bathroom) Hmm.. (enters the bathrrom and find the key) YES! Awesomeface

Summer: (sees Ray run by with the key) GIVE ME THAT! (Summer tackles Ray, and the key flies from his hand)

Annie: (emerges from closet) Hmm..I wonder where the-(hit in the face with Ray's key) YES! Awesomeface

(camera shows Annie escaping)

Corey: (on TV) Annie is safe. One spot left.

Summer: NO!

(camera shows a montage of Summer and Ray ransacking the place looking for the key)

Ray: (sees key on top of the ceiling fan) AHA! (he turns it on and the key flies off and hits Summer in the face)

Summer: (stumbling back) What was that?! (sees the key on the floor) MINE! (Summer and Ray both lunge at the key and start wrestling, Ray overpowers Summer and grabs the key) 

Ray: Yes! (approaches the hatch) FINAL THREE! (he is about to put it in when Summer grabs him and throws him out of the way, she grabs the key)

Summer: Yes! Mine-OW! (Ray jerks on her ponytail, she drops the key and Ray grabs it)

Ray: Ha! OOF! (Summer grabs his shoes and tugs him down and throws him out of the way, she picks up the key, and opens the hatch and climbs out. Ray sadly follows)

Corey: (watches as they both emerge) Sorry Ray. (throws harness at him)

Ray: Oh well, I did really good in the competition, and I'm proud of that. It was nice getting to know you all.

(camera changes to Ray attached to the Jeep)

Corey: Any last words Ray?

Ray: Yes, I wish you all well in the finale. (the Jeep starts and he's pulled off) BYEE!!!

Corey: You three-(points at Summer, Annie, and Odin) You'll be leaving this camp tonight and heading over to the hotel where all the other contestants are staying. After the final two is selected, they will decide the winners. Petal and Leaf are already there preparing it for you.

Odin: OH YEAH!

Annie Final three!

Summer: Here we go!

Corey: The game's end is near! Seee you next time, and remember to vote!

The Finale: Part I Edit

(camera shows the three finalists relaxing in the plane)

Annie: I tell you, I am really feeling the heat now!

Summer: Me too! I kind of miss the desert..

Odin: I don't. It's nice and cool in here. Plus, the flight attendant gave us sweets! Finally, after living on fish and berries, I'm happy being away from that place.

Annie: Agreed.

Odin: Plus, the attendant is kind of cute. What's her name...Mira?

Annie: >:(

Summer: (in profile) With Roxie gone, I'm the last mentor left. I will triumph over the others!

Annie: (in profile) Odin is supposed to like me!

Odin: (in profile) My plan is in action, manipulate Annie into thinking I don't like her, and then her anger will take over.

Corey: (walking in) It's my pleasure to announce that we are landing near the hotel. The bus ride will be another thirty minutes, so you will all have to hang in there.

Summer: Ugh, the anticipation is killing me.

Odin: My heart is beating harder then Nothin' But Drum's new single; Eardrum Explosion.

Annie: Ooh, I love that band!

(camera shows the plane landing and then cuts to the three on the bus to the hotel)

Annie: Hey, driver! Can you slow down?

Driver: We're only going twenty miles per hour.

Annie: Sorry, I guess the nerves are making me hallucinate.

Odin: Hey, is that the hotel?

Summer: Wow, it's beautiful!

Annie: Eh, not as nice as the one Luke and I stayed at in Bridgeport while touring with The Scrapbooks.

Summer: That band stinks.

Odin: Agreed, their drummer is awful.

Annie: Grr..

Odin: (in profile) Oh, it's working!

(camera shows the three exiting the bus and arriving at the hotel, they open the door and are greeted by balloons, party tables, confetti, and their ex-competitors)

Everyone: SURPRISE!

Odin: Wow, this is amazing!

Summer: I'm nervous for the challenge.

Eliza: Where is the challenge anyway?

Matt: It's out in the back, it's in the pool. A simple hang-on-the-longest challenge. Hmph. I expected better from this show!

???: Don't spoil it!

(a woman steps out of the crowd, it's last season's winner, Sasha!)

The three: SASHA?!

Sasha: Yeah, it's me. Corey has a photo shoot with Sim Celeb Covered so I'm taking his place for this part.

Roxie: (holding hands with Ray) Gosh Matt, way to spoil the challenge.

Ray: Not cool dude.

Morcubus: I don't care, I should be competing in that challenge!

Yuki: Yuki wants Morcubus to be quiet or she will slash his throat.

Morcubus: ...

Bean: YAY! Let's show them the challenge!

(camera shows everyone gathered by the pool three bars hang over it, and a crate of bananas sit beside the pool)

Sasha: For the challenge, the three of you will be holding on to these bars, the first person to fall is out, and the other two are the final two. Simple right? Anyways, your former competitors will throw these bananas at you to try to knock you off.

Clayton: This should be fun.. (glares at Annie)

Annie: Oh no..

(camera shifts to the three hanging over the pool)

Sasha: Get ready, GO!

Summer: Ha! This is easy, being a cheerleader has it's perks-OW! (hit in the leg with a banana)

Noelle: I GOT HER!

Odin: My hands are starting to burn..

Annie: I can do this!

Clayton: (picks up three bananas) THIS IS FOR MAKING ME LOSE! (throws all three at Annie and one of them hits her forearm)

Annie: OW! (lets go on one hand and is now dangling on the other) OH NO!

Odin: ANNIE!

Summer: (dodging bananas whilst doing gymnastic tricks) HAHA SUCKERS!

Patrick: (grabs banana and is about to hit Odin but decides to eat it instead)

Taylor: Hmph, I'm too cute to throw bananas!

Morcubus: DIE SUMMER! (throws banana and loses balance and falls into pool) UGH!

Bean: Take this! (throws a banana at Odin and it hits his groin)

Odin: I' pitched voice) CUP. (stays on)

Patrick: He won't have kids.

Eliza: Why is this so satisfying? (throws banana at Annie and it hits her chest)

Annie: OW! That freaking hurt!

Summer: Ha! You are no match for me! (she does a flip in the air, in slo-motion, Clayton throws a banana at her, it hits her temple, she clutches her face, misses the pole, and falls into the water)

Sasha: Summer's out! Good shot Clayton! Odin and Annie, you are our-

Summer: (emerges from water) O-U-C-H WHAT DOES THAT SPELL?! FROGS!

Everyone: GASP

Summer: What's wrong?! LOL I AM A TURTLE! (starts making dolphin noises)

Sasha: Looks like she's back to her normal self.

Annie: (hugs Odin) We did it!

Odin: Yeah! (in profile) @#$%!

Corey: (in studio) Will Odin win, or will Annie emerge victorious? I am setting up a voting booth, on the talk page! Be sure to vote!

The Finale Part II Edit

(camera shows Annie and Odin by the pool)

Sasha: Congrats guys! You two are our finalists! Corey is going to be here in a few minutes.

Odin: I'm so nervous..

Annie: Same.

(camera shows Corey pulling up)

Corey: You will each vote for the winner in these booths. We will start in elimination order. Morcubus, you're up first.

Morcubus: (in booth) I vote for Odin. He is somewhat evil.

Eliza: (in booth) Why would I vote Odin? I vote Annie.

Patrick: (in booth) Uh..Annie?

Matt: (in booth with a notepad) Based on my findings..Odin deserves to win!

Bean: (in booth) Annie! She's really cool!

Taylor: (in booth) Psst. I should be in the finals. I mean look, I'm SO CUTE! Anyways, Odin's cuter than Annie, so I vote him.

Noelle: (in booth) Odin was a fair player, I vote for him.

Billy: (in booth) Odin is a jerk. He got me out. Annie, enjoy the million.

Yvette: (in booth) I cannot honestly describe how much I loathe Odin, so let's just say Annie is better. I vote for her.

Gertrude: (in booth) Odin was a great companion. I vote for him.

Rob: (in booth) Odin played a fair game. I vote for him.


Clayton: (in booth) Odin, you're gonna win!

Roxie: (in booth) Annie!

Ray: (in booth) I have to say Annie.


(camera shows Corey reviewing the tapes)

Corey: It's my pleasure to announce that the winner is..Annie!

Annie: YES! YES YES! *confetti falls and Leaf and Petal present her the check*

Odin: I had a good ruin. Congrats Annie!

Corey: We hope you enjoyed this season. I worked hard on it. See you next time, when we have twelve BRAND NEW contestants competeting on a frigid mountain. See you next time on Out..In..The..Mountains!

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