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  • I live in my head
  • I was born on November 15
  • My occupation is NERD
  • I am lazy yet ambitious
36 Pirahna Plant 39 s Lullaby - Piano

(see the previous profile page at User:Limited2gal/pre-2016 )

Butterfly-MS ayyo Butterfly-MS

Welcome Rainbow2

Hi! I'm Limited2gal, a long-time user on this community! Most people just call me Limmy (or if you want, my actual nickname is Ash), and boy do I love MySims! I have every Wii game available, including Collection; almost every DS game (except for Party and Racing)......and MySims PC!!


I'm also a pretty huge Sailor Moon, Luigi Mario Bros, and SpongeBob freak, so expect me to blab about those when i get the chance. I draw and stuff too. I'm also getting pretty into pixel art! Yee-

Kao-ani-luigi Have a nice dayyyyy Kao-ani-mario



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