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  • I live in the depth of time and space.
  • My occupation is somewhat complicated...... :o
  • I am your worst nightmare.......
I like pizza. Do you? I like loads of cheese. But I hate pepperoni. You know, surprisingly, Tasty is my 4th favourite interest. Back to pizza.....OOOOH!!!!!!!!! HAVE YOU EVER TRIED THE CHOCOLATE PIZZA???????? OR THE PINK MARSHMALLOW???????? Actually, I'm referring to Club Penguin. And-- STOP LOOKING AT ME AND LOOK AT THE PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!

My Sim - Happy

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Updated Friday, July 13 2012

I'm off on my Summer Holidays. I finished school at 12:30pm on Wednesday.

Oh, hey, it's Friday the 13th. Ilikeit

What I'm doing

  • Mood: Shrug
  • Currently thinking about: I forgot it was Friday the 13th. Teehee
  • Current obsessions: This wiki. (What a computer whiz I can be sometimes. Yes, that's a trait on The Sims 3)
  • Listening to: That weird noise computers make.....
  • Reading: What I just typed
  • Watching: This computer screen
  • Playing: Nothin' much.
  • Eating: Nothin' much. I'm starving.
  • Drinking: Nothin' much.
  • Hoping for: FOOD.
  • In the mood for: Relaxation. NOW. Ilost

My thing

*My thing. If you want to, look at it.

Most people would say: "About me", but this section has nothin' ta do with anything about me

Hi, I'm Iona123 but you can call me Iona, Iona Un Deux Trois (If you can be bothered to type that) or anything else you want really.

I just realized this page is totally out of date. Isee

Anyway, I'm a girl of many.....talents. Scared I don't know a lot, but I know loads about MySims. I like to use my computer a lot, and I am very active here. Huzzah.

I am one of the very few people who still play MySims, and my favourite is SkyHeroes.

Other stuff I don't think you'd care about

I also make MySims Agents icons in case you want one. (But I don't think you would)

My Top 13 Favourite Sims (Don't ask. I only got to 13.)

13. Tim - Who doesn't love blue haired guys with a dog hat? Ohjoy (How fitting that smiley is.)

12. Dragomir - Don't ask. Serious

11. Raphael - He has blue hair! He likes puppies! (Blue's my favourite colour. I like puppies) Even though he's only 11th, he still for some reason is my favourite Chaos Pirate.....

10. Olivia - She's cool. I like her hairstyle. That's cool.

9. It's kinda embarrassing that I forgot who my 9th favourite Sim is..... - Oh well, maybe I'll remember soon.

8. Selena - I think she has a funny face She's a really nice character. And, I gave her a really lousy description, and she didn't slap me because she hates violence! Excited

7. Svetlana - Again, don't ask. Although she's an evil weirdo person, she's likeable.

6. Brandi - My Sim MAY have copied her appearance slightly. Anyway, I like Spooky, she likes Spooky. Herotime *slapped by Brandi* Okay, that hurt. Darnit

5. Buddy - Who doesn't like Buddy? No, seriously, everyone I've met likes Buddy. Stare It's kinda weird. But, once when I went skiing, I fell over like Buddy 15 times because my skis slid backwards when I was upright, so it looked like I fell over. It's called a faceplant, look it up.

4. Wendalyn - I'm a wonder witch. Did you know that? I like the color of Wendalyn's hair. I seem to like all the Sims with outrageous hair colours..... Oooh

3. Ginny - She's imaginative, creative, psycho, and blah blah blah. Point is, she's cool, and I'm proud to give her 3rd place. Cheer

2. Violet - Whenever I write her name, I always almost write "Violin". It's really annoying. But, anyway, she has one of the coolest hairstyles ever, I want it! Awkward Also, everyone always seems to like Violin Violet as well. So....yah.

1. DJ CANDY!!!!! - An awesome character who loves music, like me. Like Violin, Violet, she has one of the coolest hairstyles ever. Smarty Look out for Candy, I won't let her slip below the charts. Knife

MySims stuff which you MIGHT care about



* Fun

* Spooky


* Cute

Iona123's Awesome Userboxes!
MySims Wiki Logo Iona123 is totally a user of MySims Wiki. I mean, you know, at least they took the time to look around and even find this userbox to put on their page. You gotta give some credit for that.

MySims Wiki Logo Iona123 proudly supports MySims Wiki. Like, all the way.

Fun Iona123 is totally a Fun kind of person. Rock on! WOO!

Spooky Iona123 thinks Spooky stuff is totally radical. DUDE! Er...I mean...BOO!

Hates Cute Cute things make Iona123 hurl. BLECH!!!

DJ Candy Fan Iona123 thinks DJ Candy is like, really the best DJ ever. They're also a member of the Official DJ Candy Fanclub.

Violet Iona123 is a fan of Violet Nightshade. Oh how I love the sight of dead flowers.

Ginny Yarghh landlubbers'. Iona123 be Cap'n Ginny's greatest fan. Yoho, let us sail the seven seas me'harty.

FCG Iona123 is a fan of Fire Chief Ginny. Dr. F's lab has spontaneously combusted! Lets go to the rescue!

Sheriff Ginny YEEHAW! Hey, y'all! Iona123 be Sheriff Ginny's biggest fan! Lets go rassle up some varmints, pardner!

Officer Ginny Iona123 is a fan of Officer Ginny and likes to help her catch perps!

Wendalyn Iona123 is a fan of Wendalyn. A wonder witch could be fun couldn't it? (whatever that is)

BuddyFan Many people think Buddy is so awesome. Iona123 thinks so too, pal. Maybe you should too. HINT HINT.

Brandi Template Iona123 is a fan of Brandi, despite her long history of mischief, and lies.

Svetlanaperson Iona123 likes Svetlana because her name is just so funky.

Selenawoman Iona123 agrees with Selena, violence is wrong!

Rafael Iona123 is a fan of Raphael. They also think his blue hair is pretty cool. Besides, blue is a MUCH better colour than Black.....

Conceptart Iona123 likes Dragomir because his name is just so awesome.

Agent Derek Iona123 just thinks Derek may be a bit misunderstood, and wishes that they weren't enemies with him.

Ray Iona123 kinda likes Ray. Whatever.

Tobor Transparent Iona123 is a F.A.N. of T.O.B.O.R., enjoying his love for grilled cheese sandwiches....and making fun of the human civilization.

Olivia Iona123 is a fan of Olivia. Hahaha...

Dance-Off 2 Iona123 is a lover of dance-offs! WOOT WOOT!

Seance Iona123 loves to call to the spirits with their friends at a seance and meet the ghost Cassandra!

Loves Music Iona123 loves music and hot beats! Woot woot!

Loves Juggling Discs Iona123 loves juggling discs with the DJ!

Forest Neighborhood Sometimes, Iona123 likes to go out to the quiet and tranquil area that is the Forest.

Candypalooza 4 Iona123 loves chillin' and kickin' back after a long day in Candypalooza.

Essence Creator's Workshop Iona123 is the Essence Creator who has saved some random town.

Wand Iona123 is proud to be King Roland's Royal Wandolier.

Festival Iona123 is a proud festival competitor from her totally-fun town.

Sir Charles In Car Iona123 is a champion racer who had brought peace and happiness back to the citizens of Speedville.

MySims Agents Thingy Iona123 is a special agent operative, hired by the SPA to foil the nefarious plans of Morcubus!

Taylor hater! Iona123 thinks Taylor isn't perfect and disagrees with her grandfather. They think she should stop gushing over herself.

EVIL MAYOR Even though Skip Rogers has an awesome moustache, Iona123 thinks he's corrupt, mean, and EVIL!!

Sir Vincent Hate Iona123 hates Sir Vincent and thinks he was wrong to kidnap Bobaboo and Sylvia and lock them up. They also thinks archeology is BORING.

Yuki Hate Iona123 thinks Yuki is a crazy lunatic. They don't want to be bitten in the face!!

Brendan hater! Iona123 thinks that Brendan should stop obsessing over video games and make some friends, because Iona123 is definitely NOT a friend of Brendan!

Beebee Hate Iona123 thinks Beebee's fandom over bunnies is too annoying and cute. They also think her laugh is weird.

Spencer hater! Iona123 dislikes Sir Spencer and certainly does not like PallyQuest. So what if he's a paladin?

Esma Hate Iona123 thinks Esma is full of herself and thinks she is the queen of LOSER town.

ElmiraHate Iona123 dislikes Elmira Clamp and her hate for noise and some good fun.

Chaz Hate Chaz McFreely thinks he is so extreme. Iona123 thinks he's just a loser stunt devil.

Beach Ball Iona123 loves the Beach Ball Essence! Maybe they'll want to go to the beach and play catch with someone on a hot summer's day!

Video Game Iona123 loves Video Games! They also think video games are a great way to have fun in your home and not outside in the rain getting all wet and sick!

Star Essence Thingy Iona123 loves the Star Essence! Maybe they'll find one when they go stargazing!

Musical Note Iona123 loves the Musical Note Essence! They really love to listen to music!

Black Rose Iona123 loves Black Roses! They are so dead, but so pretty!

Chocolate Cake Iona123 thinks Cakes taste alot better when they're covered in chocolate! It might be their favorite flavor!

Tiny Shark Iona123 loves the Tiny Shark Essence! Luckily, it's a toy and not the real thing, right?

Alien Iona123 loves aliens! They also think aliens are cool toys to play with!

Tiger Iona123 loves the Tiger Essence! Look at those stripes!

Rocket Iona123 loves rockets! Maybe they'll want to fly in Outer Space and travel other Galaxies!

Fish Bones Iona123 loves Fish Bones! They also like to collect them and make necklaces for their friends!

Gingerbread Men Iona123 loves Gingerbread! They also think Gingerbread is the best cookie to eat in the Holiday Season!

Rainbow Trout Iona123 loves Rainbow Trout! They are really colorful fish!

Lime Iona123 loves the Lime Essence! They really like citrus fruits!

Bacon Iona123 loves Bacon! There's nothing like a good balanced breakfast!

Elephant Iona123 loves Elephants! They also know for a fact that even though the it is a pretty big mammal, it is not the biggest!

Dark Wood Iona123 loves Dark Wood! It's very..... Dark.

Voodoo Doll Iona123 loves Voodoo Dolls! Now they can get revenge on whoever was bulling them!

Thorn Iona123 loves Thorns! They're really spiky!

Spider Iona123 loves Spiders! They make really great pets!

Skeleton Iona123 loves Skeletons! Ohh.....Spooky...

Scary Iona123 loves the Scary Essence! Umm.......BOO!

Sad Iona123 likes the Sad essence, they think it's nice.

Ghost Iona123 loves Ghosts! They also love watching them fly around everywhere!

Black Apple Iona123 loves Black Apples! Even though they don't eat them, they still make nice decorations!

Spring Iona123 loves Springs! How very.......springy.....

Snake Iona123 loves Snakes! They make really great pets! ......Except for the poisonous ones....

Iona123 is also DJ Candy's biggest fan EVER!!!!!!!!!

My word bubblez:

My Sim
☆ Iona – You will never know..... ☆
TALK – I am.....different.....
'Sup? This is my normal word bubble

SpongeBob SquarePants – I'm ready!!!!!!!!!
TALK – IT'S THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I *happen* to be a fan of SpongeBob.....Yes, I still watch it....occasionally.....

My Sim
10иД – Eh, you'll get used to it.
TALK – I am right behind you.
10иД ZДуZ T0 у0ц: "Dunno what I made this for, I just think it looks cool."

Raphael – It's been 3 years since my father disappeared without a trace......
TALK – If I get a hold of that bracelet....Maybe I can find my father......


Hello wikian. (Or whatever you are) Here are my tags:

Tagged by Gold710 (14/3/12) I don't like telling people about myself, which means I'm not going to. (That's the fact Yesyes)

My Moodz

PLEASE NOTE: The default was made by Potterfan and Googleybear, whilst actual moods were made by me on Paint.

My Sim My Sim - Angry My Sim - Embarrassed My Sim - Surprised

My Sim - Annoyed My Sim - Confused My Sim - Sad My Sim - Happy

My Sim - Scared 2

My Buddiez

Finally managed to get this done. If you're not here, then I suggest you get talkin' to meh!!!!!!! Ilikeit

If you know I'm supposed to add you here, don't be offended, I'm just lazy. I have to add the following users:

  • Zain
  • Gold
  • Jack
  • Matt
  • Sugar
Iona's WORST NIGHTMARE "Friends"
Pinky with that Darn
Friendship Level: Friend
She's hilarious. She wants to sue a pony. Yay for her. *slapped* She also helped me with some editing program.
Limmy Da Limited
Friendship Level: Friend
She's awesome. (Boy, I have gotta find new ways to start these things......) We both like anime. I like sock puppets. Huzzah.
Prince of ....Princeness?????
Friendship Level: Friend
Where do I start? Well, he welcomed meh to the wiki. He's random. Lotsa stuff in common already. He's a great friend. WHO DOESN'T LOVE A GOOD FRIEND, EH CHAP????
Sierra....Or is it Sia? I'm confused.....
Friendship Level: Friend
YOU HAVE BEEN FOOLED!!!!! I AM NOT CONFUSED!!!!!!! Wait, wut. Ok, NOW I'm confused. Uhhhhhh.....Oh wait, this has nothing to do with SierraSia, does it? Ok.....She writes good fanon. I like MySims action stories! Hurrhurr She also made me feel happier about MY fanon. 1b38f9e2
Pottah Person
The fan of Potter
Friendship Level: Friend
He's very helpful. If it weren't for Pottah, I'd be in that dog basket over there. *points at dog basket in which the dog bites her finger* OW!!!!!! BAD DOGGIE!!!!!!!!!!

Uhhh....We're currently hosting the Character Battles along with Googleybear. The Character Battles rule. Seriously. Naw, naw, I'm joking, I'm not serious.... Rawr

Friendship Level: Friend
A very nice guy. He has a googley-eyed bear, apparently. Anyway, like the fan of Potter, he is very helpful.....and erm.....nice. *slapped by Ash* I am extremely bad at writing these things.... ShiftyEyes
MC Cindy
Friendship Level: Best Friend
When Cindy joined back in March, she came to me for help. I helped her with some stuff, and now, she's the great wikian she is today. Now, we just say random stuff to each other!
Rhythm Thief Randy
Friendship Level: Friend
Well, well, well. Where do I start? We're both fans of Rhythm Thief, (it's awesome) and we both like MySims. (Quite obvious)

He's also a really nice guy.

Yeah, not very good. Maybe you should leave and come back in 20 years or so......

Well would ya look at that. You actually read to the very bottom. Cool. Have some cake. THE CHOCOLATE CAKE IS MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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