aka i know icecream18 is a cringe name

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  • I live in Ohio
  • I was born on June 25
  • My occupation is student
  • I am getting closer and close to leaving wikia each time it refers to itself as "fandom"


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What's happening to IC
Updated Thursday, 27 December, 2018

this reunion finna flop girlies

What I'm doingEdit

  • Mood: Content
  • Currently thinking about: This shit reunion
  • Current obsessions: Reality TV
  • Listening to: The fan
  • Reading: Nothing lol
  • Watching: The screen, my desk decor
  • Playing: TS2
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Saliva
  • Hoping for: A good 2019/life
  • In the mood for: Some good shit
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lol this page really needs a revamp. will do it...when i feel like it.



Geeky Icecream18 totally thinks being Geeky is awesome!!!!!

Tasty Icecream18 really loves food, and everything Tasty!


Hates Spooky Spooky stuff really gives Icecream18 the chills! EEK!


I like them all. Clara is my fav tho, and Annie Radd is cool too.
Christmas Clara

Sims I DislikeEdit

None of them, except Sir Vincent and Bean. But as characters, I appreciate them for bringing annoyances into the games.


  • Sapphire
  • Topaz
  • Plum Blossom
  • Rose
  • Thorn
  • Black Rose
  • Video Game
  • Simoleans
  • Kissing Fish
  • Beach Ball
  • Cat
  • Puppy


  • MySims DS, PC and Wii
  • MySims Kingdom Wii and DS
  • Party Wii and DS
  • Racing Wii and DS
  • Agents Wii and DS (gave the DS version to my old foster brother along with my DSi when he got adopted since he loved to play it)
  • SkyHeroes Wii, DS, Xbox (sold the Xbox version when I sold my Xbox, so I could get money for my Switch. MySims Switch, EA?)

Favorite SmiliesEdit

  • Sushi- It's totally awesome
  • Yay- It's cute
  • Rage- it's funny
  • Angry- it looks cool
  • Hmphsmiley- it was the first smilie I ever learned
  • Wut- cute
  • Wooo- rainbowzzz!!!
  • Lolsign- lol
  • Kay Kicking Miles- I dunno...
  • 111beatemup- because I do
  • Lgaga- because I do
  • Cryforever- it's funny
  • Eww- my reaction to the smilie below

Least-Favorite SmiliesEdit

  • Nosepick- ew
  • Spagheti- because i dont


Conna (MySims)
Friendship Level: Best Friend
I work with him in ConnaCream! He is very nice and he is a great writer! I got him into Animal Crossing and now he's kinda of a fan!
Friendship Level: Best Friend
Wutty is mah best friend on the wiki and she is very sweet and always helps me out! We used to be in chat 24/7 and we would always PM and stuff. Also we both like The Sims.
Friendship Level: Best Friend
We talk a lot on MySims Fanon and he always does my sim requests! He is also very nice and likes Harry Potter and The Sims just like me.
My Sim
Friendship Level: Friend
My first friend, very nice and sweet, and we also used to RP together back when she was still active even though she never put me on her buddy list
Cindy Agent Icon
Friendship Level: Friend
She was one of my first friends and helped me when I joined. Even though she still hasn't added me on Skype.
Friendship Level: Friend
Googles was in my first ever chat session on the wiki (along with Iona, Gold, and Zain) and is very cool. We didn't talk as much as I did with some other uses but he's cool regardless.
Hatter - Happy
Friendship Level: Friend
He used to mod, and now he's working on the Big Mod! He be very nice and cool and all that. Back in the start of 2013 we would talk all of the time. I used to stay up really late past when everyone went to sleep at around midnight, then at like 5am (in my time, he is from Australia) he would log in and we would talk.
Friendship Level: Friend
We used to talk lots like a year ago. He write Out in the Woods/Out in the Desert which is an awesome show. He is very nice and a very talented singer. I subscribed to his YouTube channel.
Agent Hollie
Friendship Level: Friend
A cool user that I made the agent icon for. She doesn't come on anymore but she was nice and awesome when she was active back in 2013. We both like the GameCube Animal Crossing! :D
Crash Man
Crash Man
Friendship Level: Friend
We actually never really talked when the wiki was active, but now we talk a lot more. We both love to RP and he's a very kind a polite person.
Friendship Level: Friend
An otaku/anime lover who is incredibly sweet and kind. We used to talk a lot and we still do talk from time to time.




My current word bubblesEdit

I leave messages with these

にゃー! Icecream18 ★ The Most Wondrous of the Wondrouses
TALK Archive #1 Archive #2
My moods one

Icecream18 – I won't bite!
TALK – Hopefully...
Normal Sailor Moon one


Icecream's Userboxes!
AnnieRad Icecream18 is a fan of Annie Radd, loving her passion for rocking out and all things musical. She also has a great singing voice.

Beebee(MSP) Icecream18 is a fan of Beebee and loves her passion for her bunny subjects. She also made Icecream18 an honorary bunny person.

Terry Icecream18 is a fan of Terry Toymender. His toys are SO fun to play with!

Noelle Icecream18 is a fan of Noelle. A double chocolate-chip cookie would be nice right about now.

Luke and SurfboardStanding Icecream18 loves Luke's laidback attitude and surfing skills. They want to get a surf lesson from him sometime.

Raven2 Icecream18 is a fan of Raven Wright, loving all things deep and dark, but hating the light of hope that is the Sun.

Summer(MSP) Icecream18 is a F.A.N. of Summer! Go Icecream18 Go! Rah Rah Rah!

Lyndsay Icecream18 is a fan of Lyndsay, and has an adventuresome spirit! Let's explore somewhere new!

Evelyn Icecream18 thinks Evelyn is pretty nice. They're proud to help her out on her search for her father.

Jenny2 Icecream18 is a fan of Jenny, loving her fanfics of the adventures of Captain Argon and Starcruiser X.

Clara-MSP Icecream18 is a fan of Clara, and thinks she is SOOOOOO cute!

Karine It appears that Icecream18 is a fan of Karine. Thats sweet suga', thats sweet.

Amelia Icecream18 is a fan of Amelia, and enjoys her interests and passion in great literature.

Ian Eureka! It appears that Icecream18 has become Ian's fan! That fan-attracting machine works. We must build more.

Sandra Icecream18 loves to party all night, just like Sandra. Sleep is for the weak right?

Petal Icecream18 is a fan of Petal. Let us save the balance of nature!

Shirley Icecream18 is a fan of Shirley. Hon', head on down to her's to get the hair you've always wanted.

Alexa Icecream18 is a fan of Alexa Lexington. Robots are cool!


Sapphire da Sim Omigosh! Omigosh! Icecream18 is a fan of Sapphire!! Omigosh! Omigosh! OMIGOSH!!!

Odin Revolution Icecream18 is a fan of Odin Revolution. But who needs fans when you have the power to ROCK right?

Sophie Icecream18 is a fan of Sophie because her furniture is "sleepingly" great!

Olivia Icecream18 is a fan of Olivia. Hahaha...

ChefGino-1 Icecream18 is a fan of Chef Gino! His pizza is so world-famous!!

Charlie Icecream18 is a fan of Chef Charlie Delicioso and his cakes! They wonder how Chinese Cake would really taste...

Svetlanaperson Icecream18 likes Svetlana because her name is just so funky.

BeanHate Icecream18 thinks that, even though hoodies are cool, it's mean that Bean Bradley brags about his childhood fame.

Sir Vincent Hate Icecream18 hates Sir Vincent and thinks he was wrong to kidnap Bobaboo and Sylvia and lock them up. They also thinks archeology is BORING.

Loves Guitar Icecream18 is like, a total rockstar, and lives for the rock! ROCK ON!

Roxie&#039;s Cow Icecream18 thinks that animals are SOOOO fun to be around, play with, and are VERY cute!

Template:Loves Picnics
Loves Music Icecream18 loves music and hot beats! Woot woot!

Loves Karaoke Machine Icecream18 loves using the karaoke machine, singing their heart out, and luring in huge crowds! Su veggie! Su su veggie! DAG VEGGIE PUNOO!

Loves Air Guitar Icecream18 loves the air guitar! WOOT!

Loves Dancing Icecream18 lives for the dance floor, and loves shakin' their booty!

Book Party Icecream18 likes to study outside with friends on Book Party.

Forest Neighborhood Sometimes, Icecream18 likes to go out to the quiet and tranquil area that is the Forest.

WELCOME TO RINUYAL Sometimes, Icecream18 likes to just hang out with their residents in the Town Square.

Chaz Mystery Icecream18 just loves to talk to other sims and hang out in Twinkle Hills!

Trevor Island 1 Icecream18 actually enjoys sitting back and watching plays on Trevor Island. A thousand huzzahs and stage kisses!

Renee&#039;s Nature Preserve 1 Icecream18 thinks Renée's Nature Preserve is an ideal place to visit.

Royal Academy Classroom Icecream18 likes visiting The Royal Academy once in a while.

Essence Creator&#039;s Workshop Icecream18 is the Essence Creator who has saved Cooltown.

Wand Icecream18 is proud to be King Roland's Royal Wandolier.

Festival Icecream18 is a proud festival competitor from Cooltown.

Sir Charles In Car Icecream18 is a champion racer who had brought peace and happiness back to the citizens of SpeedVille.

Template:Violet Fan (Fiction)
Annie &amp; Candy New Icecream18 is a fan of Tardisgirl98's The Next Big Sim and can't wait for the final resuts!

Typical MySims Town Icecream18 is a fan of Icecream18's (formerly Sumaes01's) Typical MySims Town and loves seeing the episodes of the strange and funny refrences to T.V. shows and other stuff. They also realized that Typical MySims Town is not a typical town at all!!!

Out in the Woods Ad Icecream18 is a fan of Corey785's Out in the Woods reality show and feels lucky to not be a contestant.

MarlonsSchoolOfWizardry Icecream18 is a fan of Marlons School of Wizardry! I just can't wait to see who gets voted off!!

SSS Icecream18 is a fan of Icecream18's The Sim Surprise. They think it is funny and they never know what's coming next.

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