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I make mods and stuff sometimes.

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About MeEdit

Well I'm a 14 15 year old guy and I like to sift through the coding for PC port of MySims and then tinker around with it. I've unlocked Townie Signs, created the ability to do 5-story buildings, modified all 110 essences to follow the laws of gravity, and recreated the second floor on the Hotel and put it in. Not to mention discovered and uncovered an assload of leftover beta content, both literally AND metaphorically.

And now for the obligatory Userbox stuff

Interests? I guess?Edit

Cute HeronX232 absolutely LOVES everything Cute and cuddly! Awww!

Hates Fun HeronX232 thinks Fun is overrated.

My favorite characters! + Least FavoriteEdit

Wolfah Yip, bark, bark! Yip!(HeronX232 is a fan of Wolfah!)

BuddyFan Many people think Buddy is so awesome. HeronX232 thinks so too, pal. Maybe you should too. HINT HINT.

BeanHate HeronX232 thinks that, even though hoodies are cool, it's mean that Bean Bradley brags about his childhood fame.

Trevor Hate HeronX232 isn't a fan of Trevor Verily and thinks he is a drama queen-eth.

Other stuffEdit

Essence Creator's Workshop HeronX232 is the Essence Creator who has saved Rogbar.

Wand HeronX232 is proud to be King Roland's Royal Wandolier.

Sir Charles In Car HeronX232 is a champion racer who had brought peace and happiness back to the citizens of Other Rogbar.

Mysims artbox HeronX232 has MySims Wii! Building furniture with Essences is so much fun!

MySimsPC HeronX232 has MySims PC! They also love to play this very first MySims game that you could play on the computer through WiFi and new exclusive sims!!

MySims Kingdom HeronX232 has MySims Kingdom Wii! They also love being the Royal Wandolier of the Kingdom!

MySimsRacing HeronX232 has and is a fan of MySims Racing Wii because they love to race their friends and become the champion of Speedville!

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