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Aloha fellow earthling known as <insert name here>, and welcome to my page of pageness. My name is Ashley, but people here call me Ash, Googley and Google. I don't mind you calling me any of the above. I come from Britain, but I've adapted my vocabulary for American audiences because I'm a great guy. If I'm honest, this world needs more people like me. *shot*

Anyhoo, welcome to my page and enjoy your time here. I suggest you look around and admire it. :P


I live in Essex, England. Yes, the place with fake tan-wearing chavs and the farmers. And no, I'm neither of them. Rawr


I was born on 28th July 1998 currently making me 16. I became an admin here a few days before my 2nd Wikiversary... and I've contributed like, nothing to the wiki! Woohoo I'm a massive fan of Waterloo Road and it's my favourite show of all time. Way better than Degrassi. Don't kill me Skull. Freaked Aha, actually, since I wrote this - things have changed. Waterloo Road got really cruddy and I stopped watching it and I'm now a super huge fan of Degrassi. I also enjoy playing The Sims 3 and I own all the expansion/stuff packs to date.

I use Photoshop and have somewhat good expertise of the program, so I can make banners etc. I don't generally do requests as I'm a lazy bum busy. And for my music taste, I enjoy most chart music, although I am quite picky about some rap and dubstep. Some of it sucks like mad.

Ah yes, I'm forgetting my Sim. He's above this lump of text looking rather happy about something. I guess, out of the interests in MySims, I'd be Tasty and Fun.

GoogleybearbulletTravis He be funky with his mobile telephone. :B
GoogleybearbulletPaul teh Yeti! He is so down to earth and such an ordinary guy... except from the fact that he's a yeti who lives in a cave, deep in the mountains. :B
GoogleybearbulletViolet Spookeh! Iloveyou Nah, she is very modest, and I like that. Yesyes
GoogleybearbulletBuddy He makes a great companion to your sim.
GoogleybearbulletLuis He just has something likeable about him, I guess.
GoogleybearbulletEvelyn I feel sorry for her. I mean, how would you feel if your dad was clinically insane and needed to be sectioned?
GoogleybearbulletRoland Cupcakes are great, and nutritional! Ilickitplz
GoogleybearbulletMarlon the Great He's such an unassuming chap.
GoogleybearbulletDr. F Eh, he's a physcopath, but I don't mind.
GoogleybearbulletJenny She's so laid-back and doesn't have a care in the world.
GoogleybearbulletGinny Pirates are cool. Greatjob
GoogleybearbulletT.O.B.O.R You gotta admire his aspirations, I mean, opening a diner on a planet with only 3 sims. There's not gonna be much business, but at least he's dedicated.
GoogleybearbulletMorcubus First off, he has a stupid name. Secondly, he's evil and could really use some counseling. Really
GoogleybearbulletBrandi Man, I'd love to give her a slap.
GoogleybearbulletEsma She is a stuck up little brat. End of.
GoogleybearbulletEdwin His eating habits are absolutely vulgar a piggish. I hope he gets a belly ache. Hmphsmiley
GoogleybearbulletRhonda Skull won't like me for this, but hey... she bores me and her "mottos" get annoying.
GoogleybearbulletDaryl I swear, he always gives me the bum cards in Party.
GoogleybearbulletOdin I just generally don't like these sort of people. He is rowdy and looks like a tramp. Hmphsmiley
GoogleybearbulletChaz Don't even get me started. He is so full of himself and his stunt business is just dumb. That's why I made him paralyzed in my fanon game. XP
Oh lordy, lordy! I've been tagged! Gwah
GoogleybearbulletTagged by Csphere (7/21/10) - When I was 3 I peed under a table at Disneyland Paris.
GoogleybearbulletTagged by Tardisgirl (7/21/10) - When I was little I stole a role of Selotape from B&Q.
GoogleybearbulletTagged by Pottah (9/19/10) - Olly Murs went to the same High School as me! Moo When it was the week of the X Factor final Olly and Simon Cowell came to our school.
GoogleybearbulletTagged by Blanky (Unknown date) - When I went to Orlando, I set the breakfast room toaster on fire with a bagel, my dad put it out with a tea towel. Sweat
GoogleybearbulletTagged by Pottah (6/23/12) - Hmmm... my two biggest hates are and Vimto. ShiftyEyes

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I apologize if I've left you off, my memory is bad, so don't get offended.
Pottah Person
Friendship Level: Best Friend
He's a cool dude who lives in the same region as me. WE SHALL FIGHT THE FARMERS AND THE CHAVS TOGETHER! Freaked No offence if you're a chav or a farmer, it's nothing personal... I just don't like you. xD

Anyway, back on track... Potter is a laugh and is a very modest, understandable person so I commend him for that. He seems to have an obsession with song quotes and always brings up Nicki Minaj. Not that Nicki is bad or nothing. I mean, who doesn't like a plastic, drugged-up rap artist? Shrug

Friendship Level: Best Friend
Zain, Zain, Zain... where do I start? He's a cool guy. He used to live in Essex, but then he ditched me for Canada. Doomed But, I'm not bothered about that. He is fun to talk to... apart from when he goes on about the Illuminati. If you don't know what that is, then get off my page and head over to Google. He strongly believes that they exist which is kind of amusing. Aside from that, Zain is a good person who I've talked to for ages. He is rather random, and keeps bugging me about sending him something. ShiftyEyes You'll never get it, bro! Freaked
Flora (Iona)
Friendship Level: Best Friend
Iona is great to tease. Lolwut? I'm such a horrible person. Trollfaic Loanathecat Iona is cool person... even with her Phantom R obsession, yes. I'd totally buy Rhythm Thief if I had a 3DS! Freaked

We talked loads in the chat and we became pretty good friends. Her Do-Whatever-You-Want-RP rocks! She lives in a bungalow by the sea, which is rather cool, too. :B However, Iona seems to have gone missing and we don't know where she is. DUN DUN DUN! But if you're reading this, Iona, come back yo!

Friendship Level: Best Friend
Gage is fun to talk about other users with. He is a terrible influence on me, really. But being mean and talking behind other peoples backs is fun! Woohoo He writes Battle of the Sim-est, which is great and he always nags me to read it whenever he writes a new episode. I kinda got inspiration from his show, to write mine. He is a fan of Degrassi, but if I'm honest... Waterloo Road is better. Also, he doesn't understand my British colloquialisms which is amusing. ^_^
Friendship Level: Friend
Ah yes, good ol' Gemma. Being a fellow Brit, she understands what I'm going on about... mainly when it comes to my taste in TV viewing. I remember when I was relatively new here, Gemma and I used to talk on facebook about soaps... Ahh soaps, you gotta love how the characters all live on one street and someone gets brutally murdered each month Fweeheehee. Getting back on track to what I'm supposed to be rambling on about... Gemma is a fun, kind person who is great to talk to and more than approachable and I'd consider us friends and we have been for quite a while now.
Friendship Level: Friend
I met Salin sometime ago near the beginning of my wiki life, but we weren't particularly good friends... I mean, we talked a bit, but I wouldn't class us as BFFLs or anything. However, we got talking more over chat and I started doing requests for him, and then huzzah! We become pretty good friends. Woohoo We don't talk as much as we used to, but we still get along. Oh jah, and he's from Thailand and idk why, but I like having friends from foreign countries. It just seems super cool. Shrug
Friendship Level: Friend
I met Icecream not long ago, but we speak on chat pretty often which is always enjoyable. One time on chat, when I was competing in Wiki Murder, I encouraged Icecream to vote for Gold and in return change my icon to Melanie Martinez from The Voice USA for a few months. I changed it for 3 days and then turned back. MUAHAHA! I lie! Muahaha But, if you're reading this, Icecream, I apologise. That was mean of me. Trollfaic Anyhoo, Icecream is a really fun user to talk to and just genuinely an awesome guy.
New Katrina
Friendship Level: Best Friend
Back when I was relatively new to the wiki, I met Katrina - a cool, funny and kind person. As her username suggests, she was apparently loaded with cash, but I dunno if that was true or not... Shrug Anyway, we became really good friends and spoke pretty much everyday. Katrina also worked heavily over at MySims Fanon where I would often do requests for her, which I thing probably aided our good friendship to start. I swear, the only way I can make friends with people on here is to do requests for them. ShiftyEyes Unfortunately, Katrina left without a trace and I haven't spoken to her since. :'O
Friendship Level: Best Friend
I first met Tardisgirl when I asked to join her fanon productions company, Tardisgirl98 Productions. Creative name, huh?Rawr She was a mega fan of Doctor Who (as her username suggests) but before it became super popular and hipster to watch. So, she's x10 cooler than all you Tumblr-Whovian Hipsters. *Clicks fingers like a ratchet* Although, she left a while ago and I haven't spoken to her in a long while, I would still say that she is a great friend of mine, simply because I can remember all the awesome times we had together on this wiki as well as other wikis. Ilikeit
Friendship Level: Best Friend
Nat was one of my very first friends on this wiki. I believe we joined around similar times, and as two noobs of the wiki, we instantly became friends by talking on a regular basis. I remember this one time where we played on Animal Crossing together and I was like "oMIGOShch zis iz sooooo C0oL!!!111!" as I was a mega noob. Rawr Unfortunately, as years have passed and Nat has moved onto other things, I haven't spoken to her for ages. I have her email, but I'm too lazy to get in contact with her (or any of the other inactive users for that matter.) Iwilleatyou
Friendship Level: Friend
Dentface was one of the first people I spoke to on the wiki and helped me out with a few things. I was completely lost and hopeless with everything on the wiki, so as an admin, Dentface helped me get my head round things, I guess. Lol, I was so dumb and cringey back then Fweeheehee. But anyways... Dentface was nice Gosh I hate using the word nice -_-. He was super awesome and a really great guy - it's a shame that he doesn't visit here anymore. Shrug
Wii maniacdefault
Wii (Chris)
Friendship Level: Friend
I always saw Wii as the really nice guy on the wiki who got along with everyone which is a good trait to have. Greatjob I always read his shows that he wrote and I guess he partially inspired me to write my own shows. We spoke a bit on blogs and kinda got to know eachother. However, I think we really became friends whilst we were both part of the whole MySimsTV fanon thing where we worked on some projects together. Anyhoo' Wii was a great addition the wiki and was a great person to know.
Friendship Level: Friend
Matt is great to hang out with in the chat and it's rather amusing when we mess with other, less experienced users. It's cruel, I know... yet very hilarious at the same time. Muahaha He also does some really great Let's Play videos on Youtube, so I would check them out if you haven't already. My personal favorites are the MySims Agents ones. Yay! Free advertising Woohoo... You're welcome Matt ;) But anyways, Matt is super cool to talk to and a really friendly guy - which are good traits to have Greatjob
Friendship Level: Friend
Limmy is incredibly friendly to everyone. I'd even go as far to say that she is the most friendliest person on the wiki. Now, I'm not sure whether she's just friendly on an insane level... or everyone else is completely unfriendly and hostile to new users ShiftyEyes idk, but anyway... she's FRIENDLY. Serious

Limmy is also crazy good at art and graphic stuff. Her comics and various other drawing are just wow... and I remember her saying that she wanted to be a graphic something or other... well idk, but with her art skills she'll definitely make it! Excited

Friendship Level: Friend
I didn't know what other image to use don't shout at me :/

But Hol and I haven't spoken much compared to other users I speak to, but I think he's an awesome guy and I admire him tbh. He also introduced me to American Horror Story a couple of years ago, and now it's one of my favourite show closely behind Degrassi :B. I had a fanatic obsession with AHS where I did like 5 marathons of it straight after eachother O.O ... and that wouldn't have happened without you Holden! Freaked Thank you for helping me waste my life! Freaked

Friendship Level: Friend
Corey is cool user. Yesyes Despite the fact that we don't speak that often and that we're not super "tight", as the homies would say :B ... I really like him. We've spoken on blog posts a few times and I think maybe once or twice on chat, but he's really easy to get along with and I commend him for that Greatjob I also heard he's a very talented singer, I mean, not quite as talented as me, but hey keep trying bud. But um, anyways, his show Out in the Woods is pretty fun to read as well. :)

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