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Chat moderator
  • I live in Mauville City, Hoenn
  • I was born on February 11
  • My occupation is YouTube Let's Player/Pokémon Master/Buizel
  • I am Forty Percent Metal

About MeEdit

My first MySims game was for the DS. I then got MySims Kingdom for Wii, and I've been a fan of the series ever since.

I'm a YouTube Let's Player, probably most known for doing MySims games, but I do other stuff, too. I originally joined this wiki for the purpose of doing an LP of MySims Kingdom as an affiliate, but I've come to be a regular member. I've also began writing the show "The Way of the Samurai". If you have time, check it out.

I also write the web series "Pokémon Dimensions," here's the link to it (Rated T):

To sign up to be a part of Pokémon Dimensions, go here

Pokemon Y Team to the right:

Friendship Level: Friend
The first person I met on this wiki, I came to an agreement with him to be an affiliate for Let's Playing. He's pretty cool, and has really helped me start out here
Friendship Level: Best Friend
A pretty cool guy who writes the show "Battle of the Simmest", and has also been a supporter of my own show. He's a great admin and I'm glad I've gotten to know him on the wiki.
Friendship Level: Best Friend
Joey and I have had some interesting chat conversations but whenever I try to Spagheti she gets mad
Friendship Level: Best Friend
Gold's a fellow band geek, supporter of both my channel and Pokemon Dimensions. He also introduced me to Minecraft, which I'm still debating whether or not I should thank him for ShiftyEyes
Friendship Level: Best Friend
Calls me "mATGT" in order to politely inform me that I was spelling my name wrong my entire life.
Friendship Level: Friend
Always pesters me to get a tumblr and no i do not like to play with balls
Friendship Level: Friend
Started calling me "Gobuscus" and even though s/he changed genders, he's a pretty cool guy.
Friendship Level: Friend
He made my agents icon and is always fun to talk to.
Friendship Level: Friend
why is your mii lol brock i dont even limmy
Friendship Level: Friend
Friendship Level: Friend
Kogasa's from the other side of the planet but she never sleeps
Friendship Level: Friend
Randy is a guy who has random outbursts on chat that are sometimes uncalled for but he's still pretty cool.

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  • Studious
  • Fun
  • Geeky


  • Tasty


  • Cute
  • Spooky

MySims Kingdom:

  • Tech

MySims Agents:

  • Smarts
  • Smarts
  • Smarts
  • Paranormal
  • Charisma

Favorite SimsEdit

  • Vic Vector
  • Buddy
  • Dr. F
  • Justice
  • Travis
  • Evelyn
  • Jimmy Watanabe

Sims I DislikeEdit

  • Skullfinder
  • Chaz McFreely
  • Butter
  • Elmira

Games I OwnEdit

MySims (DS)

MySims Kingdom (Wii)

MySims Agents (Wii)

MySims Sky-Heroes (Wii)

MySims (Wii)

MySims Collection (Wii)

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