Likes Spooky, Tasty and Geeky hates Studious

is a writer that loves to play video games, read manga and cook. Im mysims he always played as a girl named Amber. Who in Agents is a Dark Skinned Blond. He thinks Nature Should have been in the first My Sims. Will get around to making OCs for that but he will also use some cannon Sims. Besides this He thinks that the interest system was best in My Sims, so when he mentioned the interests he means the My Sims version plus Nature. He hopes one Day they make a more direct sequel to the original he loved customizing his items in MY sims.

His faverouit Sims of each interest

Spooky Violet Nightshade

Tasty Roxie Road

Geeky Jenny

Cute Poppy

Fun DJ Candy

Studious Makoto

Nature Sylvia

Agent Violet
Werewolf – Let me tell you SOMTHING!
I love candy
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