aka Anna!

  • I was born on October 9
  • I am enby~

I'm Sheepy!Edit

Hi, I'm Sheepy!

MySims 2015-03-19 08-22-26-33

Flower Power!

I've been a simmer for a long while, but kinda got into MySims a bit late I admit! I love cute things so quite naturally I also happen to love these games.
MySims 2015-03-19 08-36-52-59

Pizza time with Poppy!

MySims 2015-03-19 09-27-01-50

Night at the Museum!

I love Spooky and Cute, Fun too!

I have a lot of favorite Sims, too many to really try and list them all, but I really love Poppy and Violet. I also like DJ Candy, Yuki, Lyndsay, Summer, Jenny, Roxie Road, Beebee, Cassanda, I could probably go on!

I currently own MySims (PC) and MySims SkyHeroes (Wii)
MySims 2015-03-19 08-50-15-39
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