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  • I live in the Solar System.
  • I was born on August 31
  • My occupation is full-time procrastinator.
  • I am a Homo Sapien.

Unfortunately, I can no longer say that I'm active here. I've moved on to other things, so to speak.

Should you wish to contact me for whatever reason, you can still try leaving a message on my talk page here. I'll probably see the notification for it eventually, since I still visit Fandom pretty frequently for other wikis (usually to read articles on games I'm playing). Alternatively, you can contact me either through PSN or Discord. My PSN ID is Sighawke, and my Discord username is Sighawke#5576.

Ever since the 2018 Wiki Reunion, I've been maintaining regular contact with other former wiki users through Discord (e.g., Luke, Salin, Zordon, Holden, etc). If you're a former wiki regular from 2009-2013 who missed the reunion, please feel free to get in touch with me through Discord and I'll send you an invite to our group chat.

I've enjoyed the two and a half years I've spent on this Wiki. I'll probably still visit from time to time, but for now, this is farewell. Namaste.


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Hello, and welcome. This is my user page, as you have no doubt surmised. Feel free to look around to your heart's content. Yeah. It's pretty funky, isn't it?

A lot of the information on this page hasn't been updated since like, uh...2010 or something, so I may sound different and/or a little coocoo in the head in some sections of the page.

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Blankeh's Status

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Stuff You Don't Care About
Updated Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Well, I just finished Assassin's Creed a few days ago, and the end just left me dangling on an extremely unsatisfying cliffhanger. Gosh, I hate when they do that. Overall, although I enjoyed the game's atmosphere, I honestly have to say I barely followed the plot and the majority of the time, I didn't really know what the assassinations were for and whatnot. Maybe it's 'cause the scenes didn't have subtitles, but I dunno (for some reason, dialogue is unclear to me without subtitles). Not to mention, the game's pretty repetitive. Climb viewpoints, do some investigations, track down your assassination target, rinse and repeat. You'll know what I'm talking about if you played the game. I still kinda liked it, though. The combat was pretty fun, and at times, easy, though I died several times, mostly from the templar fights near the end of the game which can be a pain in the buttocks. The last boss, however (who I won't spoil for you in case you plan to play the game), was extremely disappointing. Overall, I'd give the game an 8.4.

I just started Uncharted yesterday. So far, I'm on Chapter 5, in the Fortress level thingy. I have to say, the combat's pretty challenging, but I'm getting through it. Rawr I think I like it a little better than Assassin's Creed.

Oh yes, and it's my birthday today as well. Aforementioned games were my birthday presents (which I received early). I also got Uncharted 2 (which I'm still waiting for in the mail), as well as a black and blue North Face Recon backpack. My brother was also nice enough to buy me Resident Evil 5. Yay. I am now one year older than I was exactly a year ago.

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Featured Article Mood: Onion monk Bored

Featured ArticleCurrently thinking about: Eating lunch.

Featured ArticleCurrent obsessions: Potatoes. Onion angle

Featured ArticleListening to: So Long, So Long - Dashboard Confessional

Featured ArticleReading: Throne of Fire by Rick Riordan.

Featured ArticleWatching: Yo' mama.

Featured ArticlePlaying: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

Featured ArticleEating: Nothing.

Featured ArticleDrinking: Ice water.

Featured ArticleHoping for: A bunch of Uncharted and Assassin's Creed games, the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection coming in November, etc.

Featured ArticleIn the mood for: Eating lunch. Wut

Sim Requestz

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UPDATE (1/6/12): Sorry, but I'm officially no longer doing Sim requests. I've long since stopped playing MySims, and I've frankly little motivation to do anymore requests. You can try asking somebody else on the Wiki that has MySims PC.

Sim Pic Requests Thingy

If you want a pic of your Sim on your User page, I can help with that as well. Although, don't ask me for pics of stuff I can only make in games other than the original MySims. Unfortunately, I can only make pics with MySims PC. If you wish to ask me for a Sim, please include the following information in your request:

  • Eyes. Give the exact shape and color, and if applicable, list examples of Sims that may have that as well.
  • Hair style and color. Like the eyes, give any examples of Sims that you know that have it, if applicable.
  • Skin color. White, tan, or black.
  • Mouth. Again, list examples if applicable.
  • Outfit description. It'd also be very, very cool of you included the location of the outfit too. And again, include examples if applicable.
  • Face tattoos your Sim may have. Like, you know, freckles. The star on mah Sim's face. The pretty little rainbow on Bean's precious little face. You don't have to mention this if you don't have any, needless to say.
  • Accessories. A nerd? Got glasses? Tryin' to be gangsta and look like a JD with Chaz's glasses? You tell me.
  • Background. Like, where do you want your Sim to be in the pic? Don't matter? I'll take a pic directly from Create-A-Sim then. Want your Sim to be next to another Sim in particular if you want them somewhere? Outfits obtained by cheat codes in the Wii version of MySims cannot be used in PC, sadly, so don't ask for Sims with them.
If you don't want to type all of that, then go take a pic of your Sim and show me how he/she looks so I can remake it into a pic with better quality. It doesn't really matter if it's awful quality, only matters if it's seeable, for the most part. So I can copy it. Just make sure it's not gonna kill my eyes or sumthin'. So indeed. Use your mommy's cellphone, your cellphone, your daddy's digital camera, I don't really give a flip. Enter description or bad quality pic. The choice is in your hands, young grasshopper.

About Ze Blanky

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Blankyperson Transparent

General Info

Hello, I'm Blanky. I like potatoes. My favorite pastimes include playing video games, staring into space, sleeping, eating potatoes, and other such wondrous things. I am also pretty awful at writing biographies.

The Excessively Long Story About How I Got into MySims and Joined the Wiki

I first got interested in MySims back when they first announced it years ago. People said that the game was similar to Animal Crossing and that it had chibi graphics, which apparently got me interested. About a week after the release, I bought the first MySims (both the Wii and DS versions, since I couldn't decide). I did not like the DS version, but I grew obsessed with the Wii version for about a few months. Eventually, I grew bored of it.

When MySims Kingdom came out, I bought it a day after it came out (I was interested to see what new stuff we would see in the game). Upon meeting the character Leaf, I grew some sort of huge obsession with him. I bought all the other games as well the day they came out.

Shortly before the release of MySims Party (around the end of April 2009, but if you want the exact date, April 28, 2009), I found this Wiki. Back then, it was very desolate. Few people visited, and it was practically empty. So I decided to help it out a bit and added info to pages about the original MySims' characters, locations, essences, and such. I earned a promotion to admin a month after joining for my hard work. YAY. :O

I'm not an active admin here anymore, but I still visit the Wiki from time to time if I'm feelin' like it. Back when I was active around you know, in the Stone Age, I was mostly in charge of the Wiki's design apartment and made layouts/skins for the Wiki, as well as banners and stuff. I also helped out any little new people that had questions about stuff.

And...that is all. You can check out my website here (which, by the way, I never update), if you're bored.


For the people who tagged me.

  • Tagged by *Kinz* (07/15/10) - My favorite brand of toothpaste is Colgate. Greatjob
  • Tagged by RandomDude101 (07/17/10) - When I was 8 years old, I owned a black and green monkey doll named...GREENY!!!
  • Tagged by Joey 066 (07/17/10) - Um...I use a book bag with wheels. It's super funky and convenient!
  • Tagged by Dentface (07/19/10) - I raise my right foot first when climbing a set of stairs.
  • Tagged by Corey785 (07/19/10) - (HOW MANY TIMES AM I GONNA BE FLIPPIN' TAGGED?! Angrymonkey) My Gamecube is teh indigo colored model.
  • Tagged by PeaceOut12 (07/20/10) - (Tagged again...) The door to my house is green.
  • Tagged by Emirilee (09/19/10) - I use a purple and white electric toothbrush.
  • Tagged by Gold710 (11/26/10) - I get nightmares from the Cuppy Cake Song.
  • Tagged by Wii maniac (12/11/10) - I dislike Aquafina water. IT TASTES UGLY! Freaked
  • Tagged by Gold710 (12/11/10) - I internally wretch at the sight of Ugg boots. :B
  • Tagged by Potterfan1997 (12/25/10) - I voluntarily did not get anything this Christmas from teh goodness of my heart! Fweeheehee (Though, I've still been tempted...)

Blankeh's Favorite Sims

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Gino Assassinates Ray

The true, flaming power of the world-famous pizzaman that works in my Italian restaurant...

Alexa Wants To Eat Somebody


Skullfinder Studying Ray

Skullfinder studies Ray behind a bench. STALKERLICIOUS!

Vincent Clone Studies Ray More


  • THE LEAF: This Elf be so awesome that I don't even has a reason to put here.
  • Marlon: His furry beard brings joy to all. Ohjoy
  • Ray: Although overrated to the point of being ludicrous, he is rather cool. Disturbing fanart of him by irritating fangirls has somewhat deterred my opinion of him, unfortunately. It's a shame. SHAMEFUL INDEED! *crai*
  • King Roland: Again, another very furry beard! And I like cupcakes, they are very. very delicious indeed.
  • Annie Radd: Uh...her poofy red hair is fluffy looking...and she likes to rock. Yes. No. OVER THERE! *crashes into wall*
  • Jeremy: Almost all of his dreams are déjà vu. AND I LIKE THAT!!! ...I think.
  • Morcubus: His evil laugh sends some wicked shivers down mah back. Whoa, dude...
  • Roger: Who doesn't like people who randomly do push-ups and jumping jacks at inappropriate times? BECAUSE I LIKE THEM!
  • Natalia: She be watchin' our every movement... Omigod
  • Vic Vector Because we both like playing video games. ...what, did you expect a more complicated reason?
  • Proto-Makoto, BECAUSE...UH...BOOM! I like gummies. (I do consider Makoto and Proto-Makoto as two different characters, but dat be just me.)
  • Luis: I must admire his incredible dedication to COLLEGE!!!
  • Iggy: His laid-back attitude be awesomefulrific™.
  • Petal: BECAUSE SHE IS VERY NICE! Ohhh flip, oh dear!
  • Linda: What a congenial womanlady.
  • Gonk: HE'S SO CUTE!!! ...not really.
  • Sapphire: Because, like, omigosh, like, I don't like, omigosh, know!!!
  • Paul: His coat is so furry. I like furry things, in case you haven't figured it out. Oh, yes...
  • Jenny: Looks sorta like me in real life. ARGENTINA!!!
  • Goth Boyman: His emo-ness is so stereotypical to teh point of bein' funneh. *shifty eyes*
  • Mike: His coconuts are very nice people!!! Although, Eloise is much more feisty than Reynaldo...

Blankeh's MySims Games

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Blankeh's Good Mates

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NOTE: Please do not be hurt or offended if you are not listed here. There are far too many friends I have made around here, and I can't list 'em all. These are just the people I've been close to or known for a while.

Also, these people are not in any particular order (not alphabetical, or in the order of how I like 'em). So don't annihilate me just because I put you all the way on the bottom.

Friendship Level: Best Friend
My very fantastic anteater friend. We used to talk a lot often (if you check mah early talk page archives, his word bubble be all over Ohdear). Didn't like him as much in teh beginning when we first met (I actually thought of him as a n00b back then *shifty eyes*), but now, we be very good friends indeed. Fun to roleplay and talk with, and he be pretty funny. A bit of a smart aleck at times. Well, actually, no...all the time. But that's besides the point.

NOW, IF ONLY HE GOT WI-FI. Serious hint hint, anteater

Friendship Level: Best Friend
A rather good friend as well. We talk a lot about...random stuff, through our talk pages. Is a bit perverted. Ugly. HI! We also both share a liking for The World Ends With You, Sho Minamimoto, etc. OH MY GOODNESS! Whattheheck

We also used to brawl a lot, and still do, occasionally. Usually like 2.0 damage ratio matches with only Smart Bombs turned on. Yes, we are very bored. We've tried like 10 times completing a regular 99-stock team match, but they always end up bein' disconnected at around 20 stock left or so. But finally, on November 1, 2010...WE ACCOMPLISHED A FULL 99 STOCK MATCH! Freaked HUZZAH! HOORAY! WOOLAH!

...okay, what now? ShiftyEyes

He's also a smart aleck...perhaps it's a recurring trait in the people I get along with. Speechless

Friendship Level: Best Friend
We used to talk a lot. :O He does not go on as much anymore...but um...yesno. We used to like to have weird random question chat sessions, where we would ask each other and share stuff like our favorite colors, food, etc., as well as visit each other on MySims PC and gossip about other users on there...TEEHEE! Giggle
Friendship Level: Best Friend
Actually, we seldom talk directly to each other, mostly, and just see each other on blogs. But we are similar ideologically at times. We often agree on some decisions based on the Wiki's welfare. We also sorta like the same kinda books (HAIRY POTTY AND PERCY JACKSON!!! Yah) Likes to randomly scream quotes at people. I bet under all that be a rather intelligent and mature person. Yes, yes... Smarty

But yes, he still scares me. He abuses caps...a lot, which in itself might be an understatement.

Friendship Level: Best Friend
Renowned as "the most serious person" on this Wiki full of rather strange people. Though, that still isn't saying much, considering she still has her...moments, more often than you might think. Especially nowadays.

(I sometimes suspect that she may be bipolar... ShiftyEyes)

In any case, we like to have really strange conversations on blogs that are yet very fun, in a strange way. STRANGE, ISN'T IT? You'll probably catch us in one of our conversations during any random day. And her RP, teh Warrior RP, BE TEH PWNAGE! Freaked

Friendship Level: Best Friend
Ah, good old Holwoman. When I first met her, half of the time, I got no flippin' no idea what this nutty little lady was goin' on about. And know what? Unfortunately, I still don't think I do. Sorta random and er...friendly.

What else to put...she has an irrational fear of cabbages and likes to abuse caps at the mention of it. EEP! Freaked

Friendship Level: Best Friend
This is here is the fairly...eccentric Ms. Hikariwoman, who frankly won't hesitate to resort to cannibalism if you call her by her proper username...*Kinz*. DON'T EAT ME, HIKARIWOMAN! Freaked Why the heck did she use that username if she don't like bein' called it? Sorry, I'm not the best person to ask about Hikariwoman's...eccentricities. ShiftyEyes

Though, she apparently claims that when she first created her account, she was obsessed with Webkinz, hence the name.

We've played together in quite the variety of wi-fi games: Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Animal Crossing: City Folk, MySims PC, and Pokemon Battle Revolution... Dancingcat

Mistah Troubleman
Mistah Troubleman
Friendship Level: Friend
Sorta helped me out when I was just starting out on this Wiki. Although we haven't ever really talked to each other about anythin' other than pure Wiki business, HE STILL BE COOL!!! Yesyes It be weird that he be the same age and has the same name as my bro...
Friendship Level: Friend
Rather friendly and outgoing. Rather eccentric at times and shares random things about herself at inappropriate times. She also talks about her "MySims crushes" a lot. o.o

Although she doesn't do it as much as she used to, she acts normal and always is like "Okay?" and "So random!" when somebody does stuff. Here, I'll kindly demonstrate a page of her contributions (click to enlarge picture):

Secretivewoman 1 - SO RANDOM 1Secretivewoman - SO RANDOM 2

Nonetheless, she is...a good person.

A go-go Simverycute
Friendship Level: Friend
Speaks a little strange, but she claims to be doing it on purpose. Ohmy

Friendly and talkative.

Friendship Level: Friend
A rather big fan of my catchphrases and stuff like dat. Ohdear A little bit...uptight/picky at times, but he be friendly and stuff. We both like Pogeymanz and stuff.

(Man, how much times have I used teh word "friendly"...? I should slap myself every time after this box whenever I reuse dat word.)


Friendship Level: Friend
A huge otaku person who often talks about weird anime that I have never heard of and likes to call people a derp (whatever dat meanz). Yeah, but seriously, I got no idea what she be talkin' about half the time either. Ohdear
Friendship Level: Friend
Pretty friendly (*slaps self*). Like Riotman (but to a bit of a lesser extent), we seldom talk to each other directly, but we see each other on blogs often. But yes, friendly (*slaps self*). Friendly indeed (*slaps self*).
Friendship Level: Friend
Likes to obsess about pie and talk about a guy named Ned who always wants pie. (No one knows for certain who Ned actually is, but most people say it is Riotman.) Also a bit nutty in the head, but friendly! (*slaps self*)
Friendship Level: Friend
Some wacky little dude who be obsessed with Jeremy. He likes to make symbol thingies that he claims are "upside down Jeremies". Also has a mad weird (and ridiculously long and confusing) username. I had to go and flippin' copy and paste this guy's username to link him here. BAAAAAA!!!
Friendship Level: Friend
A rather friendly (*slaps self*), outgoing, cheerful girlpersonthingy that is a very huge otaku, apparently. :O Very bubbly and gets along with pretty much everyone on ze Wiki. She loves to make blogs with quizzes and stuff. Doesn't log on very much, unfortunately.
Friendship Level: Friend
My cousin who don't log on very often. I has to force him personally to go on. Rawr He lives with me family due to some...strange circumstances. I guess you could call us good friends. We has a brother-sister relationship and talk a lot, and also have known each other for our whole lives. Used to like to do teh shifty eyes a lot on another website, which admittedly, I actually stole from him in teh first place. *shifty eyes*
Enhanced Leaf
Friendship Level: Friend
TEH AWESOMEST ELF ROCKSTAR EVAR!!! Fweeheehee Like I said, people ain't in order on this buddy list. So it's just because I'm actually the one who's controlling this account ugliness that got him here on the bottom. I used to be very obsessed with him, though, it has sorta waned. BUT HE BE STILL SO AWESOME!!! Excited
Friendship Level: Friend
Um...a personguy. *shifty eyes* Come on, come on...come up with sumthin' to write...oi...

Um, he is very friendly (*slaps self*). He's also quite a forgiving person. Even with Kogasawoman and Riotman sorta yelling at him all the time, he doesn't hold any grudges against them, and I uh...find that quite admirable, because not many people are like that. Likes to RP all ze time and talk with other users. We don't talk all the time, but we've known each other for a long time, I guess. Dancingcat Apparently, one of my RPS, the Blankyjet Crew, was how he got so interested in the Wiki. He creates a little too much RPs, admittedly. *shifty eyes*

Friendship Level: Friend is apparently a half-dog wolfy bark bark person. With teh fangs. EEP! Apparently, she is a fan of me. She always sorta acts humble and apologizes for "bein' annoying", even though I don't quite particularly feel she is really annoying. It feels sorta funky to actually have "fans". *snorkle snorkle*

What a mucho friendly person (*slaps self*) and she...she...HAS PINK AND BLACK ALL OVER HER USER PAGE! DOUBLE EEP! Omigod EEEEEP! Eep. Eep. Okay, yeah, I'm just tryin to fill up this blank space...

Friendship Level: Friend
I sometimes suspect that she's...a little wrong in the head at times. BOOM! *slapped by Hippywoman* But oi, oi, she's friendly, mate (*slaps self*). Uhhh...that's all I gotta say about this...person. :O
Katrina the Rich Girl
Friendship Level: Friend
Um...she's a rich girl with them snazzy rich girl bling bling glasses. EEP! NUCLEAR BOOM! Back to the subject at hand...people misunderstand her often or get a bad first impression from her username, since it does sound rather snobby. But she's not such a bad person. She's pretty, like, uh, um...CONGENIAL, in fact (yayz, I found teh synonym for teh f-r-i-e-n-d-l-y word in teh thesaurus)!
Friendship Level: Friend
Some...guy. We actually don't talk too much. But like...yes. Okay, I don't got much to say. BUT HE DRAWS GOOD PICTURES! YAAAAY!!! CuteJoy And he helped me and some others out when we was coming up for the Book of Ages RP plot (which totally died, but that's besides the point).
Friendship Level: Friend is a friend. A person. A friend person. He wears yellow sweatshirts. And um...he claims to have auditioned for America's Got Talent. OMIGOSH! And um...he can sometimes be a bit pushy...but...but CONGENIAL! Fweeheehee EEP!
Friendship Level: Friend
A MAD TIGHT guy who I also suspect has sumthin' goin' on with his head. Okay, that was pretty messed up of me to say. But he seriously does confuse me as does most of the questionably strange people on this Wiki. EEP! He is obsessed with Greek mythology, Percy Jackson, and Kingdom Hearts. To put it bluntly, he has horrifically bad spelling and punctuation. Why does that matter? WHY DOES THAT MATTER, YOU ASK?! PUNCTUATION SAVES LIVES!!! "Let's eat grandma!" or "Let's eat, grandma!" <--- Proof.
Friendship Level: Friend
Some really wack AU guy that just came in recently (as of the time I wrote this). He has a somewhat similar story to Riotman. Came in as an AU, randomly commented on random blogs, became well-known as teh "talkative AU", then he eventually makes an account (well, Goldman got Ibbywoman to make one for him, anyway). He even came in around the same time as Riotman as well. Riotman came in September '09, and Goldman came in September '10. COINCIDENCE MUCH? Wut

Similarly to Riotman, he is very random, and uh...stuff. Well, actually, a different kinda random. The guy's (thankfully) a little more mellow than old Riotman, and heh know...less murderous. ShiftyEyes Which...y' always a plus...

Roger Are Ugly Doesn&#039;t Smell Good! Roger Shall Throw Up
*sniff sniff* That did not smell very pleasant. Roger feels very nauseous.
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