Tina Doll
Tina Doll

Essence Info Edit

Interest Cute
Initial Location Desert
Specific Location Cute Prospecting Cave
Essence Type Prospecting Essence
ID "dollcutegirl"

Tina Dolls are Cute essences in MySims. You can find them by prospecting in the Cute Prospecting Cave. You can also obtain them by joining a Tea Party. Another way Tina Dolls can be collected is by being nice to the Cute Uber-Sim, Hopper. It can also be obtained from Ms. Nicole or in rare occasions, from being nice to other cute Sims.

Sims Using This Essence In Tasks Edit

Location InformationEdit

  • Location: Prospecting in the Cute Prospecting Cave

Trivia Edit

  • Almost all of the Cute Sims seem to own a Tina Doll (as an object and not an essence). They can occasionally be seen playing with their Tina Dolls while they are sitting on a chair doing nothing else.
  • In The Sims 2: Teen Style Stuff, a picture of a Tina Doll can be seen with the highest graphics on top of the Fine Finish Desk by It Creations.