Tim is a blue-haired, green-eyed boy dressed in blue overalls along with a dog hat. He loves animals and is even a zookeeper on an island. He is a talented racquetball player and loves to have matches with others. He's also a big fan of Chaz McFreely.


  • Tim is Helen's grandson and Rosalyn's first cousin once removed.
  • Supposedly, Tim wears the dog hat to attract tourists to the Resort Island.
  • Tim wants to attract sims to the Resort Island by telling you to be a good racquetball player.
  • MySims Agents is the first game for Tim to appear on the Wii. Normally, he only appears in the DS games. Also, Tim is the first character to be introduced in a DS game to be a character in a Wii game.
  • In the mobile version of MySims, he is called Timmy instead of Tim.
  • Tim has dark blue hair in all the games except MySims Agents where he has light blue hair (although his character icon and concept art having dark blue hair).
  • Tim makes a cameo appearance in the "MySims Kingdom DS" minigame Dream Card.
  • Tim wears his MySims Kingdom outfit in the credits for MySims Agents DS.
  • Tim is a collectable figurine in MySims Kingdom (Wii). He is mentioned in the game by Vic Vector once you collect the Tim figurine and says that Tim is on a remote island.
  • MySims Racing (DS) and MySims SkyHeroes (DS) are the only DS games in which Tim does not appear in.
  • Tim is one of the six Sims to not have a house in MySims Party DS.
  • In all the games he has appeared in he has had green eyes while in MySims Agents he has pale blue eyes similar to the shape of Poppy's eyes.
  • Tim's voice has always been silenced in DS games but in MySims Agents his voice is similar to Goth Boy's, just a little higher pitched.
  • As seen in an early MySims Agents screenshot, Tim was originally a recruitable agent.

Foreign NamesEdit

  • English: Tim
  • Spanish: Tomás
  • Korean: 톰(Tom)
  • French: Thomas