Royal Academy Classroom

The classroom in the Royal Academy.

Royal Academy Classroom 2

More of the classroom.

School Dance

The school dance, with Liberty and Travis.

Royal Academy Gyro

Chaz's Gyro Dance Sphere.

The Royal Academy is a very studious, academic island with a school on it. It contains several notable areas, such as the school building where the students go for their daily learning, the student's dorm where they will stay, the dance floor where Travis will choose to dance with either Liberty or Summer, a pen for Filbert, the school's mascot, and Chaz's Gyro Dance Sphere near it.

Island residentsEdit



Pulling weedsEdit






Ol' Gabby Figurine Weed #3 of a Weeding Chain
DJ Candy: Ace Attorney Figurine Give a speech at the podium. Small chance.
Siamese Amy & Emily Figurine Prospecting
Beach Party Morcubus Figurine Weed #4 of a Weeding Chain
Black Tulip Behind a flower bed near the school's fountain


  • If you stay in the dorm all day, the students will stay inside, and they won't go to school that day.
  • If Liberty is the prom queen, then Chaz will just dance with her. However, if Summer is the prom queen, Chaz will say he has always liked her cheers. This may be because Chaz has a crush on Summer.
  • The Royal Academy Dance Music was later reused in The Sims 3: Generations when your Sim goes to a prom, and the player looks at the front of the school.
    • The Dance Music was also used in The Sims 2: Nightlife, if you go to a certain nightclub and DJ.

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