The Boardwalk

The Boardwalk is a very popular area in the City. The usuals include; Taylor and Clara Belle, two swimmers, and Luke, a surfer, who also owns a surf shop. There are several businesses throughout the boardwalk, such as a sushi bar, a tattoo parlour, and various shops. One of your first tasks is finding who broke Luke's surfboards, it is figured that Yuki, a devious MorcuCorp employee, and her mini-sub within secret submarine docs hidden away in a cave, had much to do with the mysterious going-ons. You discover much involving the Crown of Nightmares, along with a sunken ship and an underwater cave offshore holding a map to the location of the mysterious crown.

Residents and VisitorsEdit


A closer view at the Boardwalk.


You talking to Clara Belle and Taylor.



  • The Boardwalk
  • Surf Shop
  • Tattoo Parlour
  • Secret Sub Dock
  • Sunken Ship


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