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Star is a jonin ninja from the "Crescent Moon Village", who often goes under disguise as Julie. She seems very stealthy and traditional. Star is the uber geeky Sim who comes to your hotel only if your town has reached a 100% geeky interest percentage. In festivals in another town, Star hosts a minigame called Ninja Star, where you help Star repel a ninja invasion. Star also enjoys to race and she tests a car that her village had made while working for MorcuCorp in Speedville. During the MorcuCorp crisis, Star hired several SPA agents to help her recover her village's ancient sword.


  • Star's character and history seem to be based on the anime and manga franchise Naruto.
  • Her worst fear is no longer having speed and stealth.
  • She is the only female uber sim.
  • She appears in more games than any other uber sims.
  • Her name is a possible pun off of shuriken which are commonly called "ninja stars" in the west.
  • She has Poppy's voice type in MySims, while in MySims Party and all games afterward she has Violet's voice type.
  • In MySims SkyHeroes, she mispronounces Kage's name calling him "Cage".
  • She could have a rivalry with Ginny because she says, "Which is better, Ninjas or Pirates?"
    • This could, however, be referring the downloadable game "Pirates vs. Ninja Dodgeball".
  • MySims Racing is the only game Star is in that she is affiliated with MorcuCorp. In the other games, or at least in MySims Agents and MySims SkyHeroes, she is against it.
  • Star is the only uber Sim to appear in MySims SkyHeroes.
  • Star, Rose, Raven, and Sapphire are the only characters to share their names with an essence. Coincidentally, all are female.

Foreign NameEdit

  • English: Star
  • Spanish: Estrella
  • German: Star
  • French : Étoile or Star
  • Japanese: スター

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