The SkyForce is a group of rebel Sim pilots who have banded together to reclaim the skyways from the Chaos Pirates and their leader Morcubus. You are a member of the SkyForce in MySims SkyHeroes. General Justice appears to be the leader of the SkyForce. It appears that their base is located on the SFB Capital Island.


Trivia Edit

  • It is presumed with all the given evidence that the Sims that are shown to be located on Skyforce Island are the only ones taking up residence there. One clue indicating this is that at one point Violet says that she needs to discipline Gabby and Finn for putting bacon into Selena's vegetarian chili when it's her turn to cook. If each pilot takes turns cooking, it would imply that they are a typical ragtag group who do all their own chores and such.
  • Skyforce is similar to the Star Wars Rebel Alliance, in that it is also a smaller band of heroes fighting for freedom against an oppressive enemy; indeed, the term "rebel base" is used several times in the game proper.
  • There is an aircraft carrier seen offshore in the SFB Capital Island stage. It can be assumed that this is the same carrier utilized by Barney and the Air-And-Sea Patrol.