Sir Vincent Skullfinder is a world famous explorer and archaeologist. He has discovered numerous fossils and bones and has a large collection of artifacts of which he puts on display at his museum. He has been to many places in his search, including, castles, tombs, and even off our planet! In addition to monitoring his museum in your town, he has been on several expeditions, such as on The Uncharted Isle and in the Jungle Temple, along with mining for gold in a town that hosts festivals and working for a mercenary group to make some profit.


  • He is most likely inspired by and named after real-life horror actor Vincent Price.
  • His use of the name "Thief V" may be a reference to a reference to "V" from V for Vendetta; but it is probably because his first name starts with a V.
  • Sometimes in MySims if you talk to him, he will say that he has a crush on Violet but once he realizes what he said, he quickly takes it back and states that it's fiction.
  • Vincent Skullfinder appears in The Sims 3, but he is deceased. He died as an elder from old age. He only shares minimal looks with the Skullfinder in MySims.
  • In a trailer for MSA, Vincent is seen throwing TNT, but in the game he does not throw any dynamite or use any weapon at all.
  • Vincent's worst fear is that there is nothing left to discover in the world.
  • Vincent could be related to Victoria Skullfinder from The Sims 3.
  • He may have a major case of insomnia, or restlessness, judging from the blue color around his eyes. However, it may just be eye shadow.
  • He is probably over 50 years old because according to his profile in the first MySims game, he was the driving force behind every major archaeological find of the last fifty years.
  • Shown in concept artwork for the first MySims game, he was originally going to have lighter skin, not black.
  • Vincent cameos in MySims Racing (Wii) at the MorcuCorp meeting.
  • Vincent's appearance in MySims Sky Heroes may be based upon Big Boss from the Metal Gear franchise, he wears a uniform similar and also has the signature eye patch.
  • Vincent's French name, Oscar Tefact, is a pun on the word "artifact".
  • Vincent appears in SimCity Creator as the Public Safety Advisor for the city.

Foreign NameEdit

  • English: Vincent Skullfinder
  • Dutch: Vincent Schedelvinder
  • French: Oscar Tefact
  • Spanish: Vincent Hallacráneo
  • Japanese: ヴィンセント・スカルファインダー (Binsento Sukarufaindā)
  • Korean: 빈센트 스컬파인더

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