Barney Cull giving Lyndsay a Scroll.

Scrolls are like recipes to add new powers to your Wand. They tell you how many essences to put into the magical bag that Lyndsay holds to gain a certain new power. A new power will allow you to build new things. Once collecting the required amount of essences for a Scroll you are currently holding, the game will make a sound notifying you of it. Then, Lyndsay will have a picture of a Scroll above her head. Then, you can go talk to her and you can select the Scroll to activate it's powers onto your Wand. For example, the Temple Scroll that Petal gives you will require to fish for 5 Gold Arowana, get 60 Organic essences, and mine for 20 Silver essences. Once receiving all of these essences, you can go talk to Lyndsay to get your new powers. Once you've completed the Temple Scroll, you can build an Italian Corner Column, Italian Wall Column, Arbor, Clover, Purple Mushroom, Pink Mushroom, Red Mushroom, Hedge Corner, Hedge, and a Unicorn Statue. Some tasks require a Scroll to be completed in order to progress, but there are also optional Scrolls obtained by rewards, fishing, prospecting, and other ways that you don't need to fulfill, but you'll receive extra new powers if you do.

List of Scrolls[edit | edit source]

Scroll Source Land
Axle Folly Ol' Gabby Cowboy Junction
Bev, Bath & Beyond Fishing Cutopia
Blue Ribbon Scroll Treasure finding The Royal Academy
Bone finder Scroll Treasure finding The Uncharted Isle
Building Blocks Scroll King Points bonus N/A
Camping Out Rusty Cowboy Junction
Chopping for Stairs Marlon Capital Island
Clam Shell Scroll Clam 1 Renée's Nature Preserve
Comp-U-Scroll Alexa Lexington Rocket Reef
Cooking with Tobor T.O.B.O.R. Rocket Reef
Dealt in Belts Renée Renée's Nature Preserve
Dorm Décor Scroll Travis The Royal Academy
Eat at Tobor's T.O.B.O.R. Rocket Reef
Electricity Scroll Alexa Lexington Rocket Reef
Elegant Interiors Chest 1 Trevor Island
Fenced-In Roxie Road Cowboy Junction
Fishing In Stereo Rusty Cowboy Junction
Fit for a King King Points Bonus N/A
Flower House Treasure finding Cutopia
Frames...for ART! Treasure finding Trevor Island
Furniture Scroll Barney Cull Capital Island
Garden Scroll Chest 3 Capital Island
Gonk Scroll Gonk The Uncharted Isle
Halloween Scroll Treasure finding Spookane
Hi-Tech Design Scroll Chest 1 Rocket Reef
Mad Science Scroll Chest 5 Rocket Reef
Motorin' Treasure finding Candypalooza
Natural Furniture Sapphire Candypalooza
Old West Scroll Rusty Cowboy Junction
Piano Reward Scroll Chest 3 Cowboy Junction
Pineapple Picnic Rusty Cowboy Junction
Precious Pieces Lord Daniel Cutopia
Pretty Furniture Chest 1 Cutopia
Prissykins' Scroll Renée Renée's Nature Preserve
Rock Garden Scroll Chest 1 Forest of the Elves
Roxie's Domestic Stuff Chest 1 Cowboy Junction
Roxie's Secret Scroll Treasure finding Cowboy Junction
Ruthie's Happy House Fishing Spookane
Ruthie's Haunted House Goth Boy Spookane
S.C.R.O.L.L. T.O.B.O.R. Rocket Reef
Sapphire's Scroll Sapphire Candypalooza
Scroll in the House! Barney Capital Island
Seafarer Scroll Fishing Trevor Island
Séance Scroll Chest 3 Spookane
Solar Scroll Petal Forest of the Elves
Solid Gears of Metal Chest 1 Capital Island
Spooky Scroll Goth Boy Spookane
Temple Scroll Petal Forest of the Elves
The Gearbox Scroll Vic Vector Rocket Reef
The Lab Scroll Alexa Lexington Rocket Reef
The Rocket Scroll Alexa Lexington Rocket Reef
The Tub Scroll Leaf Forest of the Elves
The TV Scroll T.O.B.O.R. Rocket Reef
The Visitor Scroll Renée Renée's Nature Preserve
The Water Scroll Ol' Gabby Cowboy Junction
Throne Room Scroll King Points bonus N/A
Tudor Tutor Scroll Chest 3 The Royal Academy
Vincent's Scroll Chest 1 The Uncharted Isle
Warning: Contains Spikes Chest 2 Spookane
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