Séances appear as an activity in MySims, MySims Kingdom and MySims Agents.


They are activities started by spooky folks. Those with a secondary interest of spooky try to join in as well. Up to four people can gather up once a Séance has started. Everyone will murmur and chant, calling to the spirits around a Ouija board. If and once finished, a puff of smoke will cover the Ouija board and Cassandra the ghost will appear. Then you can interact with her. If you are nice to her enough, she'll give you three special blueprints from a "monster" furniture set.

Essences ReceivedEdit

  • Ghost, if you interact with Cassandra.

MySims KingdomEdit

You can get a séancing circle in Spookane by completing a scroll and you can put it anywhere. It works the same way, except Cassandra doesn't appear and you don't have to wait for a Spooky Sim to start one.

Essences ReceivedEdit

MySims AgentsEdit

They can also be done in Agents, as you can unlock the mat and then use it in your HQ. It appears in the Water Room in the Temple Jungle and they are paranormal objects.


  • Strangely, if a spooky Sim makes Cassandra appear, they will be shocked in horror.

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