Kingdom Resident Rusty Rusty the Robber

Character Info Edit

Role Robber/Ex-Robber (after you finish Cowboy Junction)
Home Island Cowboy Junction
Interest Fun

Rusty (formerly Rusty the Robber) is a lonely young man living atop the mountain in Cowboy Junction. He took up the life as a robber after being so lonely all the time and having no friends. His criminal lifestyle has troubled some of the town residents, particularly Chef Gino. When you arrive to the island with Buddy and Lyndsay, you will meet Sheriff Ginny, who is planning on tracking down the criminal who has been stealing from various islanders. Once they figure out that it is Rusty, he unmasks his bandanna, and promises to give up as a robber. He then becomes best friends with Ginny and the town is happy again. He lives in the outdoors at "Rusty's Hideout" on top of the large hill overlooking the island. Due to the windmill blowing his shed away, he lives outside, depending on you to spruce up his home. The goods Rusty stole include Gino's flour mill's parts, Gino's water pipes, Roxie's gate, Gabby's horseshoe, and possibly Grandma Ruthie's flour before she moved to Spookane.

Profile Edit

Rusty lives at the top of a desolate hill because he thrives on loneliness, and is sustained by solitude. But maybe all the seclusion is getting to him. Lately he's been acting a little...strange. He also seems to have found a never-ending supply of bandannas.

Foreign NameEdit

  • Spanish: Rusti el Ladrón
  • French: Loïc le Voleur
  • German: Rostigen der Räuber
  • Japanese : どろぼうラスティ

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