Kingdom Resident Roxie Roxie Road
Roxie (MySims Kingdom)

Character Info Edit

Role Milk Maid
Home Island Cowboy Junction
Interest Food

Roxie Road has moved to Cowboy Junction by the start of MySims Kingdom. Roxie was told that the fresh air was good for her and she should move there, but unfortunately, Roxie finds the countryside too dusty for her liking. Roxie is now a milk maid instead of taking care of an ice cream shop like she did in MySims, caring for her cows on her pasture with a fence surrounding them to prevent escape (they are stolen by Rusty in the duration of the story in Cowboy Junction, so the Royal Wandolier will be required to help her build it back and get her escaped cows back onto the farm). Roxie provides Chef Gino with the milk he needs for his pizza. She is her same jolly self, but she is unhappy with all the dust and dirt on the island and tries hard to make everything as clean as possible. She gets so upset about the dust that she considers leaving the island, until you convince her to stay.


When life in the city got hectic and dirty, Roxie moved to rural Cowboy Junction to pursue pure dairy perfection. Now if only she could get the countryside a little... tidier.


Roxie's cows.


Roxie's house.