Minigame Info Edit

Hosted by Dr. F

Robo-Assault! is a minigame featured in MySims Party. The minigame is run by Dr. F, who has created a large robot and has selected some volunteers to test it out in order to observe their [your] reaction. (In other words, he wants to see you flee!)

Rules Edit

Run from a rampaging robot! The player who reaches the end wins.


Dr. F: Welcome test subjects. This is a simple exercise to test your reaction to THE GIANT RAMPAGING ROBOT! Run to the end... if you can! Mwahahaha!!!


If one plays the whole minigame without jumping, they will earn more points, since it is hard to avoid the robot without jumping.

After Finishing Edit

Dr F: My robot is diabolical, don't you think?! Yes, diabolical... and crazy! Crazy I tell you! Here are your scores for a job well done. Crazy

Recommended Stat(s)Edit

Controls Edit

D-pad: Run

2 Button: Jump

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