Renée is a Cute girl who loves pigs and other animals and owns a nature preserve called Renée's Nature Preserve. According to her biography, ever since she saw a baby pig at a petting zoo, she vowed never to eat meat again. However, when you talk with her at night when she's on her nature preserve island, she murmurs sleepily about a secret craving for bacon. She also visits your town and the town that host festivals. She is also a recruit for the SPA in MySims Agents.

Roles in gamesEdit


  • Renée is sometimes spelled without the accent mark over the "e" in her name in MySims and MySims Party, and some of the dialogues in MySims Kingdom. "Renée" is the correct form of "Renee". It is a French name pronounced as "ruh-nay".
  • In MySims and MySims Party, she has blonde-orange hair nad brown eyes, whereas in MySims Kingdom and MySims Agents, she has brighter blonde hair and green eyes, plus different outfit. The difference between hair colors is most likely due to graphical features varying in the games. Also, she has freckles in MySims, MySims Agents and MySims Kingdom, but doesn't have freckles in MySims Party.
  • In MySims, Renée shares her interests with Billy.
  • In MySims, she says "If I could raise my own pig, I would ONLY feed her organically grown..." meaning she might have wanted a girl pig, but Sir Percival J. Worthington IV, the pig she owns in MySims Kingdom, is a boy.
  • Renée is the only Sim in MySims Kingdom to have an island all to herself.
  • She is one of two Sims who own pigs in MySims Kingdom, the other is Elmira Clamp. Elmira's pigs being Porkz and Pigglez.
  • Strangely, in MySims Kingdom, Renée laughs in a manner similar to several villains and Dr. F's evil laughs. This could be due to an error in the game's programming, but could be put in to show she is a bit crazy. In this same vein, she also, for most of MySims Kingdom, does not realize she has a pig on her island, showing she may be a little mad and cynical. However, this also could be for comic relief.
  • During the last conversation with Renée at her nature preserve, Lyndsay asks about the pig in the back, Sir Percival J. Worthington IV. Her response is "What pig?" meaning she was unaware that he was on the island or he managed to sneak off to the island. However, she could have been raising the pig for slaughter because of her secret love for bacon, but this seems unlikely as her worst fear is people cooking pigs. This could explain her evil laughing animation that plays at random sometimes.
  • Since Renée's pig's name is Sir Percival J. Worthington IV, it means that she has either had three pigs before Percy or that Percy is named after someone she knows.
  • If Renée will be sent on Jenny's dispatch mission, Episode X, it'll be revealed she still has Ms. Prissykins. She also states that Percy loves watching Starcruiser X, but Ms. Prissykins prefers home design shows.
  • If Renée will be sent on Chef Hisao Watanabe's second dispatch mission, Train Jimmy, she'll make a reference to MySims Kingdom about Ms. Prissykins loving sushi, but Renée refers to it as "cat food".
  • If Renée will be sent on Makoto's second dispatch mission, Prom Date, she'll mention that she has not gone to high school yet, meaning she is likely to be 14 or younger.
  • If Renée will be sent on Walker's dispatch mission, One More Time, she'll state she sees pigs all over but, they are being raised as food. The people raising the pigs also want to cook Percy. Therefore saying that people raising and cooking pigs are her fears.
  • In Chancellor Ikara's first dispatch mission, Trouble with Truffles, he mentions finding Renée in the woods where he's looking for truffles and she's with Percy. However, If she'll be sent on this mission, he'll still say that he has found her despite the fact she had been helping him the whole time. The same can also be said if she is preoccupied with another dispatch mission.
  • Renée appeared in the Wii version of SimCity Creator where she acted as your city's utilities advisor.

Foreign namesEdit

  • English: Renée
  • French: Tiphany
  • Japanese: レニー (in MySims Kingdom, she is called ルネ)
  • Polish: Renia
  • Spanish: René


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