Ray is a spooky guy who doesn't really seem to care about anything. He has brown hair with a fringe and has interesting red eyes. He wears a long coat, over a dress shirt, and boots.


  • It may be possible that Ray is based off of Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy. Ray's outfit and hair is similar to Squall's outfit as he appears in Kingdom Hearts. Also, when Ray talks about ranged/melee weapon, he seems to be referencing to Squall's gunblade, and when he mentions about liking to "play video games with characters that are emo yet kind of cool", he may be also indirectly referencing to Squall.
  • A Sim by the name of Bartholomew was offered on The Sims 2 Exchange. "Bartholomew" was made by MaxoidMonkey and bears a strinking similarity to Ray. However since The Sims 2 Exchange was shut down in 2012 he can no longer be downloaded from but he can be downloaded from here.
  • On the cover of MySims and in various concept artwork, Ray has black hair but in the game, he has brown hair. The picture on the cover might be his beta appearance.
  • Even though Ray comes to your town at Star Level 2, he cannot become your best friend until Star Level 3. This is because his blueprint requires blocks which cannot be used until Star Level 3.
  • Ray's surname may be Spaz as there is an unused string for an early version of his profile backstory hidden in the game's code. [1]
  • Ray appears in SimCity Creator as the Health & Education Advisor for the city.

Foreign NameEdit

  • English: Ray
  • Spanish: Ramón
  • French: Jérôme
  • Japanese: レイ (Rei)
  • German: Florian
  • Russian: Рэй


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