Rack the Stack
Rack the Stack

Rack the Stack Edit

Host Elmira Clamp

Rack the Stack is a minigame run by Elmira Clamp and she needs help cleaning up books and putting them back on the shelves. Quietly of course. There will be books all over the front desk and you have to put them back on the correct bookshelves. Patrons will continuously drop off books on the counter and be sure not to bump into anyone else behind the counter!


Return books to matching color shelves. The player who returns the most books wins.


Elmira: "Oh my. There are so many books to return on the shelf... Can you put them back on the same color bookstands? Just be sure to do it quietly."

After FinishingEdit

Elmira: "Thank you. You really helped out. I'm extremely grateful, but let's not get too excited. Here are your scores."


D-Pad: Run

2 Button: Pick up/Return book

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