Professor Nova is an astronomer, astrologist and former professor who runs several observatories, including one in your town and in Speedville. She also owns and operates a ski lodge in the Mountains.

Trivia Edit

  • Although every Commercial Sim in MySims Party has their own building, Professor Nova is the only Commercial Sim who doesn't. Her building was probably replaced by Violet's House.
  • Professor Nova is the only Commercial Sim who does not appear in MySims Party DS.
  • According to the dispatch mission One More Time in MySims Agents, Professor Nova's biggest fear is that when she meets aliens, they will ignore her and talk to everyone else as though she doesn't exist.
  • Coincidentally, she resides in Snowy Mountain in MySims Racing, and in MySims Agents, she is in The Mountains.
  • In Professor Nova's recruit message, she capitilizes the word Kraken. And later, on the Boardwalk, when you help Clara Belle set up a tea party, you meet a Kraken named Mr. Suckers.
  • Professor Nova likely got her name from a nova, which is a nuclear explosion caused by increase of hydrogen on a white dwarf star or the word innovative which means think outside the box which she regularly does.
  • In MySims, Professor Nova mentions the 'Z-Documents' while giving you her third task, which is a reference to the 'X-Files'.
  • If you look closely, Nova wears her dress (except with a green necktie) from MySims, MySims Party, and MySims Racing under her apron from MySims Agents.
  • Nova appears in SimCity Creator as the Transportation Advisor for the city.

Foreign NameEdit

  • English: Professor Nova
  • Spanish: Profesora Nova
  • German: Professorin Nova
  • Japanese: ノバきょうじゅ