Petal is a wise and worldly elf whom resides at Forest of the Elves. She is naturally concerned at keeping the Balance of Nature at peace, whether at the Forest of the Elves or the SPA Headquarters. She often scolds Leaf and can't stand his laziness and his tendency to break something.

Roles in gamesEdit


  • Her task title name for Elf Needs Food, Badly! is a reference to the video game Gauntlet (when the player's Elf character is low on health and needs food to recover it).
  • Petal and Leaf (the two elves) are both named after parts of a flower.
  • A dispatch mission given by Gonk in MySims Agents, Gonk Needs Food, Badly! may either be a reference to Petal's own mission or just a coincidence.
  • Petal's worst nightmare is that all trees are replaced with trash cans.
  • Petal could be the uber for Nature in MySims Agents, because she has five Nature points.
  • Despite Petal appearing on the MySims tab on the official MySims website, there were however no strings found in the coding of MySims, indicating that this was simply a mistake.[1]
  • Petal's MySims Agents icon has 2 ponytails even though Petal has only 1.
  • Petal is only featured in the two games where the nature interest is present.
  • She is oblivious to the existence of outer space. She will reveal this if sent on Jenny's dispatch mission.

Foreign namesEdit

  • English: Petal
  • French: Pétale
  • Japanese: Hanabira
  • Spanish: Pétalo


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