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Welcome! Userboxes are boxes that display certain info about you, such as favorite Sim, interest, essence, etc..

If you have a request for a certain userbox, please leave a request on the talk page.

Userboxes are placed on your personal user page. But first, it is important to include the Template:Userboxes Cabinet and the Template:EndOfUserboxes in order to create a column (placed either left of right on your page) to contain your userboxes so they are not all over the place. Please visit Template:Userboxes Cabinet for more infomation on how to create this column/cabinet for your userboxes.

If you don't like any of these userboxes and don't want to request, you may also make your own with the template here. The Admins are currently working and adding more userboxes, so keep checking in to see for more userboxes to add onto your userpage.


Here is an example of a userbox cabinet on Mistertrouble189's page:

Mistertrouble189's Userboxes
MySims Wiki Logo Userboxes is totally a user of MySims Wiki. I mean, you know, at least they took the time to look around and even find this userbox to put on their page. You gotta give some credit for that.

MySims Wiki Logo Userboxes proudly supports MySims Wiki. Like, all the way.

He has the cabinet and endofuserboxes templates in order to create a column to hold his userboxes. He chose to have the background in black and the text color to be blue and he arranged it to be on the right hand side of the page. He also changed the toptext. You can customize your cabinet by changing the settings when you edit your user page.

Userboxes You Can Use!

NOTE: Don't mind where it says "Userboxes" as a name on each of the userboxes! It'll show your username instead once you put it on your User page.

MySims Wiki Related

Code Result
{{MySims Wiki User}}
MySims Wiki Logo Userboxes is totally a user of MySims Wiki. I mean, you know, at least they took the time to look around and even find this userbox to put on their page. You gotta give some credit for that.

{{MySims Wiki Proud Supporter}}
MySims Wiki Logo Userboxes proudly supports MySims Wiki. Like, all the way.

Love Interests

Code Result
{{Loves Interest Cute}}
Cute Userboxes absolutely LOVES everything Cute and cuddly! Awww!

{{Loves Interest Spooky}}
Spooky Userboxes thinks Spooky stuff is totally radical. DUDE! Er...I mean...BOO!

{{Loves Interest Geeky}}
Geeky Userboxes totally thinks being Geeky is awesome!!!!!

{{Loves Interest Studious}}
Studious Userboxes believes in being knowledgable and totally Studious.

{{Loves Interest Tasty}}
Tasty Userboxes really loves food, and everything Tasty!

{{Loves Interest Fun}}
Fun Userboxes is totally a Fun kind of person. Rock on! WOO!

Hates Interests

Code Result
{{Hates Interest Cute}}
Hates Cute Cute things make Userboxes hurl. BLECH!!!

{{Hates Interest Spooky}}
Hates Spooky Spooky stuff really gives Userboxes the chills! EEK!

{{Hates Interest Geeky}}
Hates Geeky Userboxes thinks being Geeky is like, TOTALLY lame.

{{Hates Interest Studious}}
Hates Studious Userboxes absolutely HATES reading, writing, and everything Studious. I mean, dude. Come on, right? LAME.

{{Hates Interest Tasty}}
Hates Tasty Userboxes hates Tasty and thinks eating is like, a MAJOR waste of time.

{{Hates Interest Fun}}
Hates Fun Userboxes thinks Fun is overrated.

MySims (Wii) Character Fans

Code Result
{{Abigail Fan}}
Abigail Userboxes does not tolerate chaos and believes in organization just like Abigail.

{{Amelia Fan}}
Amelia Userboxes is a fan of Amelia, and enjoys her interests and passion in great literature.

{{Annie Radd Fan}}
AnnieRad Userboxes is a fan of Annie Radd, loving her passion for rocking out and all things musical. She also has a great singing voice.

{{Bean Bradley Fan}}
Bean Userboxes is a fan of Bean Bradley, understanding his tough life after his childhood fame.

{{Beebee Fan}}
Beebee(MSP) Userboxes is a fan of Beebee and loves her passion for her bunny subjects. She also made Userboxes an honorary bunny person.

{{Billy Fan}}
Billy Userboxes loves watching the starry night sky, almost as much as Billy.

{[Blaine Fan}}
Blaine Userboxes is a fan of Blaine. How cool would it be to be a vampire?! Neat!

{{Brandi Fan}}
Brandi Template Userboxes is a fan of Brandi, despite her long history of mischief, and lies.

{{Brendan Fan}}
Brendan Userboxes is a fan of Brendan, and admires his ability to beat videogames in an extremely short amount of time.

{{Buddy Fan}}
BuddyFan Many people think Buddy is so awesome. Userboxes thinks so too, pal. Maybe you should too. HINT HINT.

{{Cassandra Fan}}
Cassandra Userboxes is a fan of Cassandra and... erm...admires her ability to frequently scare people.

{{Chancellor Ikara Fan}}
Chancellor Ikara Userboxes is a fan of Chancellor Ikara and his delicious cooking experties. Yum!

{{Chaz Fan}}
Chaz Fan Userboxes is a fan of Chaz McFreely! EXTREEEME!

{{Gino Fan}}
ChefGino-1 Userboxes is a fan of Chef Gino! His pizza is so world-famous!!

{{Chef Watanabe Fan}}
Chef Wantabe-Party Userboxes is a fan of Chef Watanabe! Sugoi!

{{Clara Fan}}
Clara-MSP Userboxes is a fan of Clara, and thinks she is SOOOOOO cute!

{{Clayton Fan}}
Clayton Userboxes is a fan of what's-his-face...uh...Clayton or something.

{{Crystal Fan}}
Crystal Userboxes loves chains and bats just like Crystal. No cheerleaders! That means you Summer.

{{DJ Candy Fan}}
DJ Candy Fan Userboxes thinks DJ Candy is like, really the best DJ ever. They're also a member of the Official DJ Candy Fanclub.

{{Daryl Fan}}
The Amazing Daryl Userboxes is a fan of The Amazing Daryl, enjoying many of his magic tricks and illusions. Most popular is The Exploding Bellhop Trick.

{{Dolly Fan}}
Dolly Dearheart (MSP) Userboxes is a fan of Dolly Dearheart and her success at a young age. Her costumes are teriffic!

{{Dr. F Fan}}
DRF Userboxes is a fan of Dr. F and his wild experiments. Lets celebrate with exploding smoothies!

{{Edwin Fan}}
Edwin Userboxes loves Edwin almost as much as the tasty zing of mayonaise. Almost...

{{Eliza Fan}}
Eliza Why is Userboxes a fan of Eliza? How do they feel about that? How do they feel about how they feel about that?

{{Elmira Fan}}
Elmira Clamp Userboxes is a fan of and understands Elmira Clamp. Who really needs noise? And you know, maybe the grass is kind of noisy...

{{Esma Fan}}
Esma(MSR) Userboxes is a loyal servant to Esma.

{{Gertrude Fan}}
Gertrude Userboxes loves insects as well as arachnids almost as much as they love Gertrude Spackle.

{{Ginny Fan}}
Ginny Yarghh landlubbers'. Userboxes be Cap'n Ginny's greatest fan. Yoho, let us sail the seven seas me'harty.

{{Gordon Fan}}
Gordon2 Userboxes is Gordon's biggest fan! Why don't we pull up a chair and read more about it, friend.

{{Goth Boy Fan}}
Goth Boy Oh this excitement saddens me so, but Userboxes is Goth Boy's biggest fan. This news brings tears to my eyes.

{{Ruthie Fan}}
Grandma Ruthie MySims Kingdom Original Outfit It seems as though the sweet Userboxes has become Grandma Ruthie's biggest fan. There must be a cookie made resembling themselves at once!

{{Hopper Fan}}
Hopper3 Userboxes is a fan of Hopper! SPROING!

{{Ian Fan}}
Ian Eureka! It appears that Userboxes has become Ian's fan! That fan-attracting machine works. We must build more.

{{Iggy Fan}}
Iggy2 Userboxes is a fan of Iggy! Why don't we celebrate with a party at Candy's and a sandwich platter?!

{{Jenny Fan}}
Jenny2 Userboxes is a fan of Jenny, loving her fanfics of the adventures of Captain Argon and Starcruiser X.

{{Jeremy Fan}}
Jeremy Userboxes is a fan of Jeremy Snoars and has learned a lot such as...Zzzz.

{{Jimmy Fan}}
Jimmy Userboxes is a fan of Jimmy Watanabe. Oh so hard it is to be allergic to fish.

{{Karine Fan}}
Karine It appears that Userboxes is a fan of Karine. Thats sweet suga', thats sweet.

{{Liberty Fan}}
Liberty Userboxes loves nature, snakes, and the sweet little Liberty.

{{Linda Fan}}
Linda Userboxes doesnt want to presume, but is a fan of Linda. Oh, that didnt come out as bold did it?

{{Luis Fan}}
Luis If Userboxes is Luis's fan, will it help him with his college application?

{{Zoe Fan}}
Madame Zoe Madame Zoe can read into Userboxes's mind. It appears as though they're a fan. Fascinating mon chère.

{{Makoto Fan}}

{{Maria Fan}}
Maria Userboxes is a fan of Maria, and loves her mom's cooking. Don't knock it til' you've tried it!

{{Aran Fan}}
Master Aran-Party Userboxes is a fan of Master Aran. Sim Fu 100-Tiger Strike! Hyah!!!

{{Matt Fan}}
Matt Being Ugly Who is Matt's biggest fan? Ding ding ding! You've got it! Userboxes is his biggest fan!

{{Mel Fan}}
Mel Userboxes is a fan of Mel the Mummy. Wouldn't it be neat to be a pharoah? Even though that time is long gone.

{{Morcubus Fan}}
Morcubus Fan Userboxes is a minion of Morcubus, master of all that is really EVIL! -insert cliché evil laugh here-

{{Nicole Fan}}
Ms. Nicole Userboxes has a fashion sense almost as good as Ms. Nicole Vogue. Almost...

{{Noelle Fan}}
Noelle Userboxes is a fan of Noelle. A double chocolate-chip cookie would be nice right about now.

{{Odin Fan}}
Odin Revolution Userboxes is a fan of Odin Revolution. But who needs fans when you have the power to ROCK right?

{{Pablo Fan}}
Pablo Userboxes is a fan of Pablo. Join us on an adventure with him and Ginny, Yarghh!

{{Patrick Fan}}
Patrick Userboxes is a fan of Patrick Rhino. Why dont we celebrate with fried bacon, bud?

{{Penelope Fan}}
Penelope2 Userboxes is a fan of Penelope! Lets tell all of our friends!

{{Pinky Fan}}
Pinky Userboxes admires Pinky and her love for all things blue.

{{Poppy Fan}}
Poppy-Party Userboxes is a fan of Poppy and her flower shop. Flowers are SO cute!.

{{Nova Fan}}
Nova(MSP) Userboxes is a fan of Professor Nova. Aliens DO exist!

{{Raven Fan}}
Raven2 Userboxes is a fan of Raven Wright, loving all things deep and dark, but hating the light of hope that is the Sun.

{{Ray Fan}}
Ray Userboxes kinda likes Ray. Whatever.

{{Renée Fan}}
Renee Userboxes loves pigs and is an animal wildlife protector, just like Renée!

{{Rhonda Fan}}
Rhonda Userboxes is a fan of Rhonda, and is a big follower of her daily mottos.

{{Rob Fan}}
Rob(MSP) Userboxes is a fan of Rob Jarrett, and loves playing World of Plane vs. Eye.

{{Roger Fan}}
Roger Userboxes is a fan of Roger. Now, let's celebrate with a 40 kilometer run around town! Through the desert! The forest! The town square! THE FOUNTAIN!

{{Rosalyn Fan}}
Rosalyn Template Userboxes thinks Rosalyn is a great leader, and admires her obsession dedication with paperwork.

{{Roxie Fan}}
Roxie-MSP Userboxes is a fan of Roxie Road and admires her cleaning habits. Ice cream is good too.

{{Bob Fan}}
Bob(MSP) Userboxes is a fan of Samurai Bob. Lets practice our respect, honor, BUSHIDO!

{{Sandra Fan}}
Sandra Userboxes loves to party all night, just like Sandra. Sleep is for the weak right?

{{Sasha Fan}}
Sasha Userboxes is a fan of Sasha. Lets enjoy some bananas for the celebration.

{{Shirley Fan}}
Shirley Userboxes is a fan of Shirley. Hon', head on down to her's to get the hair you've always wanted.

{{Spencer Fan}}
Spencer Userboxes is a fan of Sir Spencer. Paladins are AWESOME!!!

{{Sir Vincent Fan}}
SirVincentS Userboxes is a fan of Sir Vincent loving his many architectural and exotic finds.

{{Star Fan}}
Star(MSP) Userboxes is a fan of Julie. Haha! You have been decieved. They're actually a fan of Star.

{{Stephen Fan}}
Stephen Userboxes is a fan of Stephen Albright! We must build the Userboxes Bridge!

{{Summer Fan}}
Summer(MSP) Userboxes is a F.A.N. of Summer! Go Userboxes Go! Rah Rah Rah!

{{Taylor Fan}}
Taylor2 Userboxes thinks that Taylor has the most beautiful curls, also the prettiest brown eyes, and oh that smile...

{{Travis Fan}}
Traviss Userboxes needs to have the latest hi-tech device right next to them, just like Travis.

{{Trevor Fan}}
Trevor(MSP) Userboxes is a fan of Trevor Verily, thou shalt noth disliketh him.

{{Vic Vector Fan}}
Vic Vector Userboxes is a fan of Vic Vector, loving to play Plane v.s. Eye in his AWESOME Arcade.

{{Violet Fan}}
Violet Userboxes is a fan of Violet Nightshade. Oh how I love the sight of dead flowers.

{{Yuki Fan}}
Yuki Userboxes thinks Yuki is sooo cute! ...I'M GOING TO BITE YOUR FACE!!! Kidding, kidding. But seriously. Yuki might.

{{Yvette Fan}}
Yvette2 Userboxes is a fan of Yvette. .......! ...? ...!?.

MySims (DS) Character Fans

Code Result
{{Ashley Fan}}
Ashley Userboxes is a fan of Ashley and loves flowers as much as she does! Userboxes also admires her ability to see your emotions through your eyes.

{{Charlie Fan}}
Charlie Userboxes is a fan of Chef Charlie Delicioso and his cakes! They wonder how Chinese Cake would really taste...

{{Elizabeth Fan}}
Elizabeth Userboxes is a fan of Elizabeth, and admire her fashion sense!

{{Emma Fan}}
Emma Userboxes is a fan of Emma and wouldn't blame her for hating to lose! Oh, and they also like her casino game.

{{Ewan Fan}}
Ewan Userboxes is a fan of Ewan. They feel safe when he's around!

{{Foster Fan}}
Foster Userboxes is a fan of Foster and his love of animals! They also think he is a good forest ranger.

{{Hawk Fan}}
Hawk Userboxes is a fan of Hawk! They love playing Catch the Theif!

{{Helen Fan}}
Helen Userboxes is a fan of Helen. They wish they could be as good of a mayor as she is.

{{Joseph Fan}}
Joseph Userboxes is a fan of Joseph! They love fishing with him and looking at his fish book!

{{Marie Fan}}
Marie Userboxes is a fan of Marie and admires her dedication to the Highlands!

{{Martin Fan}}
Martin G'day, mates! Userboxes is a fan of Martin and loves flying and skydiving with him!

{{Nicki Fan}}
Nicki Userboxes is a fan of Nicki for taking them back and forth on her boat even though she is always rushing them!

{{Olivia Fan}}
Olivia Userboxes is a fan of Olivia. Hahaha...

{{Sophie Fan}}
Sophie Userboxes is a fan of Sophie because her furniture is "sleepingly" great!

{{Tracy Fan}}
Tracy Userboxes is a fan of Tracy and thinks her jewels are oh so beautiful. (If you like this sim, you should hate Elizabeth as Tracy does hate her.)

{{Tyler Fan}}
Tyler Userboxes is a fan of Tyler and adores his clothing. He has mad stitching skills. Userboxes will now wear his clothing more.

MySims (PC) Character Fans

Code Result
{{Alexa Fan}}
Alexa Userboxes is a fan of Alexa Lexington. Robots are cool!

{{Cedella Fan}}
Cedella Userboxes is a fan of Cedella. Hmm, coffee is kinda good though...

{{Flipper Fan}}
Flipper Userboxes is a fan of Flipper! Lets celebrate by seeing who can cause the biggest splash with a cannonball. Walk though!

{{Natalia Fan}}
Natalia Userboxes is a fan of Natalia Roshmanov...but you probabbly already knew that.

{{Terry Fan}}
Terry Userboxes is a fan of Terry Toymender. His toys are SO fun to play with!

{{Wendalyn Fan}}
Wendalyn Userboxes is a fan of Wendalyn. A wonder witch could be fun couldn't it? (whatever that is)

MySims Kingdom (Wii) Character Fans

Code Result
{{Barney Fan}}
Barney(MSK) Userboxes is a fan of Barney Cull. Thanks for the boat!

{{Beverly Fan}}
Duchess Beverly Userboxes is a fan of Duchess Beverly and admires her dedication to the Cutopia traditions!

{{Gonk Fan}}
Gonk OOOH! Gonk have FANS? Yes, you do, Gonk. Userboxes is one of them.

{{Roland Fan}}
King Roland2 Userboxes is a fan of King Roland and is his Royal Wandolier. Cupcakes are also delicious.

{{Leaf Fan}}
LeafTemplate Userboxes is like, one of Leaf's many rockin' fans. Way to be a rockstar.

{{Daniel Fan}}
Lord Daniel Userboxes is a fan of Lord Daniel! Hooray for him and Violet!

{{Lyndsay Fan}}
Lyndsay Userboxes is a fan of Lyndsay, and has an adventuresome spirit! Let's explore somewhere new!

{{Marlon Fan}}
Marlon Template Userboxes admires Marlon's wizardlyness-ness and his Kingdom Pals Collection.

{{Gabby Fan}}
Ol' Gabby Yarg, doggies flibber gnats!(Userboxes is a fan of Ol' Gabby)

{{Petal Fan}}
Petal Userboxes is a fan of Petal. Let us save the balance of nature!

{{Butter Fan}}
Princess Butter Userboxes is a fan of Princess Butter. I want a UNICORN!

{{Proto-Makoto Fan}}

{{Rusty Fan}}
Rusty Userboxes is one of Rusty's best friends.

{{Sapphire Fan}}
Sapphire da Sim Omigosh! Omigosh! Userboxes is a fan of Sapphire!! Omigosh! Omigosh! OMIGOSH!!!

{{Ginny2 Fan}}
Sheriff Ginny YEEHAW! Hey, y'all! Userboxes be Sheriff Ginny's biggest fan! Lets go rassle up some varmints, pardner!

{{Sylvia Fan}}
Sylvia Userboxes understands Sylvia's importantness and neglect from Gonk.

{{T.O.B.O.R. F.A.N.}}
Tobor Transparent Userboxes is a F.A.N. of T.O.B.O.R., enjoying his love for grilled cheese sandwiches....and making fun of the human civilization.

{{Zack Fan}}
Zack Zack is sooo cool. He's been at every hip and happening party, right? No, you didn't know? Well, at least Userboxes knows. GAWSH.

{{Zombie Carl Fan}}
Zombie Carl Userboxes thinks Zombie Carl rules! HAHAHA! But seriously. He is cool, right? And Chesby is just so cute.

MySims Kingdom (DS) Character Fans

Code Result
{{Amy Fan}}
Amy Userboxes loves to gaze up at the night sky just like Amy!

{{Dean Fan}}
Dean Both Dean and Userboxes love skiing, that's why they're friends!

{{Dr. Nefario Fan}}
Nefario Userboxes is a fan of Dr. Nefario and thinks his UFO is cool!

{{Ellen Fan}}
Ellen Userboxes is a fan of Mayor Ellen. Although she may be new to the job, her vegetables are delicous!

{{Emily Fan}}
Emily Transparent Userboxes believes in the Star Prince just like Emily.

{{Hank Fan}}
Hank Userboxes is a fan of Hank even though he is a copy cat of Joesph...

{{Hugh Fan}}
Hugh Userboxes is a fan of Hugh. It's okay, the ghosts won't hurt you!

{{Johnny Fan}}
Johnny Userboxes is a fan of Johnny, even though he's hot headed. They love his minigame too!

{{Lily Fan}}
Lily Userboxes is a fan of Lily. It's OK, electronic don't hurt you.

{{Margaret Fan}}
Margaret Userboxes is a fan of Margaret and can be stubborn. Be careful!

{{Mary Fan}}
Mary Userboxes loves Mary and kayaking. Both are fun and awesome!

{{Richard Fan}}
Richard Userboxes is a fan of the treasure hunting Richard and the Shooting Star! His minigame, "Dream Card", is also very fun!

{{Roy Fan}}
Roy Userboxes thinks Roy is awesome for letting them borrow his Bunny Suit. It's adorable!! They also congratulate him for supplying furniture for the King.

{{Sharon Fan}}
Sharon Userboxes is a fan of Sharon and loves her tailoring. And like, who cares about Roy?

{{Torajiro Fan}}
Torajiro Userboxes thinks Torajiro is the AWESOME-EST carpenter in MySims ever (he's the only one, too)! They thank him for re-building the bridge.

{{Victoria Fan}}
Victoria Userboxes is a fan of Victoria. I mean, her tennis skills are rad and her trophies are awesome...

MySims Party Character Fans

Code Result
{{MC Emi Fan}}
MC Emi Userboxes is a fan of MC Emi. Oh what fun it would be to coordinate festivals.

{{Mitch Fan}}
Mitch Userboxes is a fan of Mitch and loves how he takes part in festivals with MC Emi.

MySims Racing Character Fans

Code Result
{{Ginny3 Fan}}
FCG Userboxes is a fan of Fire Chief Ginny. Dr. F's lab has spontaneously combusted! Lets go to the rescue!

{{Sachiko Fan}}
Sachiko Userboxes is a fan of Sachiko Watanabe. Stop fooling around! There are starving customers!

{{Charles Fan}}
Sir Charles Userboxes is Sir Charles biggest fan! What a hot-shot.

MySims Agents (Wii) Character Fans

Code Result
{{Derek Fan}}
Agent Derek Userboxes just thinks Derek may be a bit misunderstood, and wishes that they weren't enemies with him.

{{Evelyn Fan}}
Evelyn Userboxes thinks Evelyn is pretty nice. They're proud to help her out on her search for her father.

{{Justice Fan}}
Justice Userboxes loves Justice's tattoos, and thinks he's pretty awesome.

{{Mike Fan}}
Mike Userboxes hails King Mike and his coconuts!

{{Luke Fan}}
Luke and SurfboardStanding Userboxes loves Luke's laidback attitude and surfing skills. They want to get a surf lesson from him sometime.

{{Paul Fan}}
Paul Userboxes loves Paul the Yeti. They never doubted him for one second.

{{Preston Fan}}
Preston Userboxes thinks Preston and his water bottle company is pretty cool.

{{Skip Fan}}
Skip Rogers Despite how corrupt Skip Rogers is, Userboxes still thinks there's a good person in there.

{{Tim Fan}}
Timpic Userboxes is a fan of Tim, who, in turn, is a fan of Chaz McFreely! WOO! GO TIM! (And Chaz!)

{{Walker Fan}}
Walker Userboxes respects Walker and is proud to work under him.

{{Wolfah Fan}}
Wolfah Yip, bark, bark! Yip!(Userboxes is a fan of Wolfah!)

{{Magellan Fan}}                                                                       

Magellan Userboxes is a fan of Magellan and thinks it's so cute when he chitters!

MySims Agents (DS) Character Fans

Code Result
{{Abel Fan}}
Abel The best place to buy furniture, according to Userboxes, is at Abel's furniture store.

{{Hopkins Fan}}
Hopkins Userboxes is a fan of Hopkins even though he is really old and forgets stuff.

{{Joshua Fan}}
Joshua Userboxes is a fan of their assistant, Joshua (or whatever the player names him). Thanks for helping me with my cases!

{{Katie Fan}}
Katie Userboxes is a fan of Katie and thinks kimono dresses are so cute!

{{Michelle Fan}}
Michelle Userboxes is a fan of Michelle, and thinks her T.V. shows are great!

{{Ginny4 Fan}}
Officer Ginny Userboxes is a fan of Officer Ginny and likes to help her catch perps!

MySims SkyHeroes Character Fans

Code Result
{{Shepard Fan}}
Shepard-MSSH Userboxes is a fan of Commander Shepard

{{Dragomir Fan}}
Conceptart Userboxes likes Dragomir because his name is just so awesome.

{{Dusty Fan}}
Dusty-Userbox Userboxes is a fan of Dusty

{{Elliot Fan}}
Elliot-MSSH Userboxes is a fan of Elliot Salem

{{Finn Fann}}
Finn Fann Userboxes is a fan of Finn, and thinks its cute when he calls them "Crash".

{{Isaac Fan}}
Isaac-MSSH Userboxes is a fan of Isaac Clarke

{{Kage Fan}}
Kage Userboxes is a fan of Kage. Besides, the silent ninjas are the best ninjas!

{{Mira Fan}}
Mira Mira Cull may have a helium voice, but she's still flipping awesome! Userboxes likes Mira, but constantly wonders who's her mother?

{{MorcuBots Fan}}
Morcubot Portal Userboxes is a fan of MorcuBots. They are pretty cool for evil robots.

{{Morrigan Fan}}
Morrigan-MSSH Userboxes is a fan of Morrigan

{{Raphael Fan}}
Rafael Userboxes is a fan of Raphael. They also think his blue hair is pretty cool. Besides, blue is a MUCH better colour than Black.....

{{Rose Fan}}
Rose Portal Userboxes want to help Rose escape from the beginning!

{{Selena Fan}}
Selenawoman Userboxes agrees with Selena, violence is wrong!

{{Svetlana Fan}}
Svetlanaperson Userboxes likes Svetlana because her name is just so funky.

{{Tyson Fan}}
Rios Userboxes is a fan of Tyson Rios

Cut Character Fans

Code Result
{{Faith Fan}}
Faith-MSSH Userboxes belives Faith Connors should not have been cut, and should appear in a future MySims game!

{{Madison Fan}}
Madison Userboxes belives Madison Gray should not have been cut, and should appear in a future MySims game!

{{Natasha Fan}}
NatashaMSSH Userboxes believes Natasha Volkova should not have been cut, and should appear in a future MySims game!


Code Result
{{Loves Guitar}}
Loves Guitar Userboxes is like, a total rockstar, and lives for the rock! ROCK ON!

{{Loves Animals}}
Roxie's Cow Userboxes thinks that animals are SOOOO fun to be around, play with, and are VERY cute!

{{Loves Rocket Launch}}
Rocket Launch Userboxes loves constructing and working on Rocket Launches and loves seeing the rockets fly through the sky.

{{Loves Picnic}}
Picnic2 Userboxes likes to sit down and set up a picnic to chat and enjoy a sandwich or two with their friends.

{{Loves Music}}
Loves Music Userboxes loves music and hot beats! Woot woot!

{{Loves Plane vs. Eye}}
Plane vs. Eye Template Userboxes thinks playing Plane vs. Eye is

{{Loves Karaoke Machine}}
Loves Karaoke Machine Userboxes loves using the karaoke machine, singing their heart out, and luring in huge crowds! Su veggie! Su su veggie! DAG VEGGIE PUNOO!

{{Loves Air Guitar}}
Loves Air Guitar Userboxes loves the air guitar! WOOT!

{{Loves Juggling Discs}}
Loves Juggling Discs Userboxes loves juggling discs with the DJ!

{{Loves Dancing}}
Loves Dancing Userboxes lives for the dance floor, and loves shakin' their booty!

{{Loves Dance-Offs}}
Dance-Off 2 Userboxes is a lover of dance-offs! WOOT WOOT!

{{Loves Seance}}
Seance Userboxes loves to call to the spirits with their friends at a seance and meet the ghost Cassandra!

{{Loves Tea Party}}
Teh Blankanator's Tea Party Userboxes loves to join Tea Party, discuss their interests, and "sip" tea!

{{Loves Book Party}}
Book Party Userboxes likes to study outside with friends on Book Party.

Favorite Town Locations

Code Result
Desert Stairway On a hot day, Userboxes feels the need to go out into the Desert to tan or play at the beach.

Forest Neighborhood Sometimes, Userboxes likes to go out to the quiet and tranquil area that is the Forest.

Train Station Sometimes, Userboxes likes to take the train and visit friends in the Gardens.

{{Town Square}}
WELCOME TO RINUYAL Sometimes, Userboxes likes to just hang out with their residents in the Town Square.

{{Twinkle Hills}}
Chaz Mystery Userboxes just loves to talk to other sims and hang out in Twinkle Hills!

Favorite Island

Code Result
{{Forest of the Elves}}
Temple of the Woods Userboxes loves the serene atmosphere, and the rock 'n' roll theme of the Forest of the Elves.

Candypalooza 4 Userboxes loves chillin' and kickin' back after a long day in Candypalooza.

{{Trevor Island}}
Trevor Island 1 Userboxes actually enjoys sitting back and watching plays on Trevor Island. A thousand huzzahs and stage kisses!

Spookane 7 Userboxes is in love with the eeriness of Spookane.

{{Renee's Nature Preserve}}
Renee's Nature Preserve 1 Userboxes thinks Renée's Nature Preserve is an ideal place to visit.

{{The Capital}}
CapitalIsland Userboxes loves The Capital! After all, nothing's better than home, right?

{{Rocket Reef}}
RocketReef Userboxes loves helping out Dr. F and Alexa with their experiments on Rocket Reef.

Cutopia 1 Userboxes just adores the cuteness and fuzzyness all around Cutopia!

{{The Royal Academy}}
Royal Academy Classroom Userboxes likes visiting The Royal Academy once in a while.

{{Cowboy Junction}}
Ginny's Jailhouse Userboxes loves Cowboy Junction! YEEHAW!

{{Uncharted Isle}}
Uncharted Isle 5 Userboxes admires the prehistoric Uncharted Isle.

Game Roles

Code Result
{{Essence Creator|town name=your town's name here}}
Essence Creator's Workshop Userboxes is the Essence Creator who has saved {{{town name}}}.

{{Royal Wandolier}}
Wand Userboxes is proud to be King Roland's Royal Wandolier.

{{Partier|town name=your town's name here}}
Festival Userboxes is a proud festival competitor from {{{town name}}}.

{{Racer|town name=your town's name here}}
Sir Charles In Car Userboxes is a champion racer who had brought peace and happiness back to the citizens of {{{town name}}}.

{{SPA Agent}}
MySims Agents Thingy Userboxes is a special agent operative, hired by the SPA to foil the nefarious plans of Morcubus!

{{SkyForce Pilot}}
SkyForceRole Userboxes is a pilot who works with SkyForce to defeat Morcubus and the Chaos Pirates in order to take back the skies!

MySims Wiki Fanon Articles Fan Userboxes

Code Result
{{MySims Reality! Fan}}
MySims Reality! Ad Userboxes is a fan of Game-fanatic's MySims Reality! And always watches every episode to find out who really will win 100,000 Simoleons!

{{Sim Survivor Fan}}
Sim Survivor All-Stars Userboxes is a fan of Wii maniac's Sim Survivor and can not wait to see more camp drama to stir up!

{{Battle of the Sim-est Fan}}
Battle of the Sim-est Ad Userboxes is a fan of Skull26374's Battle of the Sim-est! And is on their seat, anxious to finish every episode!

{{Survival for a Signature Fan}}
Survival for a Signature Banner Userboxes is a fan of BlankyXP's Survival for a Signature and loves to laugh out loud with all of the comically-twisted irony!

{{MySims Drama Fan}}
200px-King Roland21 Userboxes is an fan of Zordon123456789mlw7's MySims Drama! And never knows what kind of show it will become!

{{Violet Fan (Fanon)}}
Violet with Powahs Story Ad Userboxes is a fan of X-Naut Da Gamer's Violet! And loves to read her stories riddled with chilling suspense!

{{MySims Heroes Fan}}
MySims Heroes Ad Userboxes is a fan of Jackr12's MySims Heroes! They can never wait to catch another thrilling episode!

{{Battle of the Interests Fan}}
Battle of Interests Userboxes is a fan of Orange Yoda's Battle of the Interests! And watches every episode to figure out which interest really will win!

{{The Sim Race Fan}}
The Sim Race Userboxes is a fan of Wii maniac's The Sim Race and watches every leg of the race to see what happens.

{{The Next Big Sim Fan}}
Annie & Candy New Userboxes is a fan of Tardisgirl98's The Next Big Sim and can't wait for the final resuts!

{{The Last Sim Standing Fan}}
Last Sim Standing Ad Userboxes is a fan of Holhol1235's The Last Sim Standing and can't wait to see which Sim will be, well, the last Sim standing.

{{Typical MySims Town Fan}}
Typical MySims Town Userboxes is a fan of Icecream18's (formerly Sumaes01's) Typical MySims Town and loves seeing the episodes of the strange and funny refrences to T.V. shows and other stuff. They also realized that Typical MySims Town is not a typical town at all!!!

{{Out in the Woods Fan}}
Out in the Woods Ad Userboxes is a fan of Corey785's Out in the Woods reality show and feels lucky to not be a contestant.

{{Marlon's School of Wizardry Fan}}
MarlonsSchoolOfWizardry Userboxes is a fan of Marlons School of Wizardry! I just can't wait to see who gets voted off!!

{{Big Bucks and Billionaires Fan}}
BIG BUCK$ & BILLIONAIRE$! Userboxes loves BIG BUCK AND BILLIONAIRES! and watches every episode to see who wins the billion dollars, laugh out loud, see Sims make fools of themselves and well, they have nothing better to do than watch it

{{Boku-lympic Fan}}
Boku-lympic Banner Userboxes is a fan of Salinlovecake's Boku-lympic with sport festival and find hana!

{{MySims Zombies Fan}}
MySims Zombies Ad Userboxes is a fan of Skull26374's MySims Zombies! They are always anxious to catch up with the survivors of the apocalypse.

{{The Sim Apprentice Fan}}
The Sim Apprentice Userboxes was a fan of Wii maniac's The Sim Apprentice and is sad that it was cancelled

{{The MySims House Fan}}
The MySims House Userboxes is a fan of Wii maniac's The MySims House and can't wait to see who is evicted next.

{{Sim Showdown Fan}}
Sim Showdown Banner Userboxes is a fan of Potterfan1997's Sim Showdown and is very intrigued into what'll happen next!

{{The Sim Show Fan}}
TheSimShowLogo Userboxes is a fan of Googleybear's The Sim Show! And enjoys reading every single episode to see who goes home!

{{The Sim Surprise Fan}}
SSS Userboxes is a fan of Icecream18's The Sim Surprise. They think it is funny and they never know what's coming next.

Character Hate Fan

Code Result
{{Alexa Hate Fan}}
Alexa hater! Userboxes hates Alexa, and thinks she does NOT make a good robot scientist. She is such a snob!

{{Annie Radd Hate Fan}}
Annie hater! Userboxes thinks Annie Radd's voice is weird. What kind of rock star girl has a voice like that??

{{Ashley Hate Fan}}
Ashley hater! Userboxes thinks Poppy sells better flowers than Ashley.

{{Bean Hate Fan}}
BeanHate Userboxes thinks that, even though hoodies are cool, it's mean that Bean Bradley brags about his childhood fame.

{{Beebee Hate Fan}}
Beebee Hate Userboxes thinks Beebee's fandom over bunnies is too annoying and cute. They also think her laugh is weird.

{{Blaine Hate Fan}}
BlaineHate Userboxes hates Blaine and thinks his obsession with biting necks is annoying.

{{Brandi Hate Fan}}
Brandi Hate Userboxes thinks Brandi is evil, and that lying is wrong.

{{Brendan Hate Fan}}
Brendan hater! Userboxes thinks that Brendan should stop obsessing over video games and make some friends, because Userboxes is definitely NOT a friend of Brendan!

{{Buddy Hate Fan}}
Buddy Hater! Userboxes dislikes Buddy and thinks his jokes are NOT funny and he is annoying.

{{Butter Hate Fan}}
Princess Butter Hate Userboxes thinks Princess Butter is a spoiled little brat. With her behavior, she doesn't deserve a unicorn!!

{{Cedella Hate Fan}}
Cedella hater! Userboxes dislikes Cedella and her coffee. It is a bad drink!

{{Chaz Hate Fan}}
Chaz Hate Chaz McFreely thinks he is so extreme. Userboxes thinks he's just a loser stunt devil.

{{Chef Watanabe Hate Fan}}
Hisao hater! Userboxes dislikes Chef Watanabe. They think it is stupid and dangerous to juggle knives.

{{Clara Hate Fan}}
Clara hater! Userboxes thinks Clara Belle NOT cute at all.

{{Clayton Hate Fan}}
Clayton hater! They call Clayton Dander "Mr. Unpopular and Lame". Userboxes calls him that, too!

{{DJ Candy Hate Fan}}
Candy hater! Userboxes dislikes DJ Candy Supersnooze, and thinks she needs to do something with her life other then partying.

{{Daryl Hate Fan}}
Daryl Hate Userboxes thinks The Amazing Daryl isn't that amazing

{{Derek Hate Fan}}
Derek Hate Userboxes hates Derek and thinks it was wrong of him to steal Chef Gino's maps. He deserved to be banned from the pizzeria.

{{Dolly Hate Fan}}
Dolly Hater! Userboxes hates Dolly Dearheart because they think dressing up is silly. They also do not like her because they think she is annoying.

{{Edwin Hate Fan}}
EdwinHate Userboxes thinks Edwin's obsession with food is revolting and that he is just plain annoying!

{{Elmira Hate Fan}}
ElmiraHate Userboxes dislikes Elmira Clamp and her hate for noise and some good fun.

{{Esma Hate Fan}}
Esma Hate Userboxes thinks Esma is full of herself and thinks she is the queen of LOSER town.

{{Finn Hate Fann}}
Not Finn Fann Userboxes dislikes Finn and gets insulted whenever he is called "Crash"

{{Gertrude Hate Fan}}
Gertrude Hater! Userboxes hates Gertrude because they think bugs are GROSS! Ewww!.

{{Ginny Hate Fan}}
Ginny Hater! Userboxes thinks Cap'n Ginny makes a horrible pirate.

{{Ginny2 Hate Fan}}
Ginny2 Hater! Userboxes dislikes Sheriff Ginny and thinks she should have left Rusty alone. He was sooo much cooler as a bandit.

{{Ginny3 Hate Fan}}
Ginny3 Hater! Userboxes thinks Fire Chief Ginny is way too lazy. She never puts out fires; she just races!!!

{{Ginny4 Hate Fan}}
Ginny4 Hater! Userboxes dislikes Officer Ginny and thinks she's WAY too strict. Is she even old enough to be a policewoman?

{{Gordon Hate Fan}}
Gordon Hater! Userboxes dislikes Gordon because he spends too much time reading and should be more interested in his friends around the town.

{{Goth Boy Hate Fan}}
GothBoyHate Goth Boy's gloominess annoys Userboxes very much. How could somebody be so down!?

{{Ruthie Hate Fan}}
Grandma Ruthie hater! Userboxes thinks Grandma Ruthie is a greedy woman and is not a fan of hers, even if her cookies are pretty good.

{{Hopper Hate Fan}}
Hopper Hate Userboxes finds Hopper very irritating when it comes to his love of frogs. He should have a fandom over something without warts.

{{Ian Hate Fan}}
Ian hater! Userboxes thinks Ian Arneson is MAJOR NERD!

{{Jeremy Hate Fan}}
Jeremy Hater! Userboxes dislikes Jeremy Snoars and think he... Zzzz...

{{Justice Hate Fan}}
JusticeHate Userboxes really doesn't like the way Justice puts himself in charge. They also think tattoos are ugly!

{{Kage Hate Fan}}
KageHate Userboxes hates Kage and his weird ninja skills. Maybe he should just act normal!

{{Karine Hate Fan}}
Karine hater! Userboxes hates Karine and thinks she is faking her country accent.

{{Roland Hate Fan}}
King Roland hater! Userboxes dislikes King Roland and thinks his obsession with cupcakes is distracting him from his royal duties.

{{Leaf Hate Fan}}
Leaf Hate Userboxes dislikes Leaf and thinks he is very lazy. They also think hot tubs are a waste of time and water.

{{Liberty Hate Fan}}
Liberty Hater! Userboxes dislikes Liberty because snakes are not cool. Snake this, python that. Why can't a snake bite her? Because she is a nature goody too-shoes. Urgh!

{{Linda Hate Fan}}
Linda hater! Userboxes does not think they are being bold when they say they are not a fan of Linda.

{{Luis Hate Fan}}
Luis hater! Userboxes dislikes Luis and his obsession over collage applications.

{{Luke Hate Fan}}
Luke hater! Userboxes dislikes Luke. Does he know that you can't mix surfer talk with Spanish or is he just stupid? And Summer goes way better with Chaz/Travis!

{{Lyndsay Hate Fan}}
Lyndsay Hate Userboxes thinks Lyndsay is very mean to Buddy and finds her too hyper when she discovers a map. I mean, it's just a map.

{{Zoe Hate Fan}}
Zoe hater! Userboxes hates Madame Zoe. She's all creepy. Besides, who really cares if she can read the future?

{{Margaret Hate Fan}}
Margaret Hater! Userboxes hates Margaret and her laziness. Do it yourself, you old hag!

{{Maria Hate Fan}}
MariaHate Userboxes hates Maria and thinks she really should stop talking about food and go on a diet.

{{Martin Hate Fan}}
Martin hater! Userboxes dislikes Martin and hopes someday he will crash.

{{Mel Hate Fan}}
Mel Hater! Userboxes hates Mel. Pharaohs are real ancient. Nobody has time to discover... except this guy!

{{Morcubus Hate Fan}}
MorcubusHate2 Userboxes hates Morcubus and thinks he is really mean and evil.

{{Natalia Hate Fan}}
Natalia Hater! Userboxes thinks Natalia Roshmanov is really creepy, and should go spy on another town!

{{Nicole Hate Fan}}
NicoleHate Userboxes doesn't like Ms. Nicole Vouge and wonders why people think fashion is so important these days.

{{Noelle Hate Fan}}
Noelle hater! Userboxes dislikes Noelle. Who really likes cookies anyway?! They're only lumps of cooked dough!

{{Odin Hate Fan}}
OdinHate Userboxes thinks Odin is a bit over the top with the whole "Norse RAWK!!!" thing. They also think he's in desperate need of a haircut!

{{Pablo Hate Fan}}
Pablo Hater! Userboxes thinks Pablo makes a terrible pirate.

{{Patrick Hate Fan}}
Patrick Hate Userboxes hates being called sport and hates eating bacon. Therefore, they hate Patrick Rhino

{{Petal Hate Fan}}
Bossy Petal Userboxes thinks Petal is too bossy and a tree hugger.

{{Poppy Hate Fan}}
Poppy hater! Userboxes thinks Poppy should stop selling flowers and try to not annoy her sister.

{{Preston Hate Fan}}
Preston Hate Userboxes thinks Preston is a jerk. How dare he blame all the problems he caused on Paul? He is very evil!!!

{{Nova Hate Fan}}
NovaHater! Userboxes dislikes Professor Nova and thinks she's lying about aliens existing. Also, what's so interesting about stars? They're just balls of light.

{{Raven Hate Fan}}
If you hate Raven Userboxes thinks Raven Wright needs to lighten up.

{{Ray Hate Fan}}
If you hate Ray Userboxes dislikes Ray because he's so unappreciative for everything you build for him. His 'Whatevers' get on their nerves, big time!

{{Renée Hate Fan}}
Renée Hater! Userboxes hates Renée and thinks her obsession with pigs is too much, and that her laugh just makes her sound psychotic!

{{Rhonda Hate Fan}}
RhondaHate Userboxes thinks that Rhonda's mottos stink and she should stop saying how fun this place is!

{{Rosalyn Hate Fan}}
Rosalyn hater! Userboxes dislikes Rosalyn and her obsession for paperwork. Take a break, lady!

{{Rose Hate Fan}}
RoseHate Userboxes hates Rose' and her evil antics. I mean, who has a pink mohican!

{{Sapphire Hate Fan}}
Sapphire hater! Userboxes is not a fan of Sapphire. She's way too hyper!

{{Spencer Hate Fan}}
Spencer hater! Userboxes dislikes Sir Spencer and certainly does not like PallyQuest. So what if he's a paladin?

{{Sir Vincent Hate Fan}}
Sir Vincent Hate Userboxes hates Sir Vincent and thinks he was wrong to kidnap Bobaboo and Sylvia and lock them up. They also thinks archeology is BORING.

{{Skip Hate Fan}}
EVIL MAYOR Even though Skip Rogers has an awesome moustache, Userboxes thinks he's corrupt, mean, and EVIL!!

{{Star Hate Fan}}
Star Hater! Userboxes dislikes Star because ninjas are really dumb and pathetic. Who cares about the Crescent Moon Village when there are other villages that are better?

{{Summer Hate Fan}}
Summer Hate Userboxes thinks Summer is A.N.N.O.Y.I.N.G!!!!

{{Sylvia Hate Fan}}
Sylvia Hater! Userboxes dislikes Sylvia and thinks it was pointless to leave the Royal Academy. Who cares about Bobaboo?

{{Taylor Hate Fan}}
Taylor hater! Userboxes thinks Taylor isn't perfect and disagrees with her grandfather. They think she should stop gushing over herself.

{{Travis Hate Fan}}
Travis Hater! Userboxes dislikes Travis and thinks he is very phone obsessed."Oooh I got a new phone. Look!" This guy is really a showoff.

{{Trevor Hate Fan}}
Trevor Hate Userboxes isn't a fan of Trevor Verily and thinks he is a drama queen-eth.

{{Violet Hate Fan}}
Violet hater! Userboxes totally hates Violet. Plus, they think dead flowers are dreadful!

{{Walker Hate Fan}}
Walker hater! Userboxes thinks Walker is way to serious and should lay back. He even thought it was a victory when Evelyn was trapped in the Nightmare Realm!

{{Yuki Hate Fan}}
Yuki Hate Userboxes thinks Yuki is a crazy lunatic. They don't want to be bitten in the face!!

{{Yvette Hate Fan}}
Yvette hater! Yvette is a mime, which means she doesn't talk, which means Userboxes is not a fan of her.

Favorite MySims Essences

Code Result
{{8-ball Essence Fan}}
8-Ball Userboxes loves the 8-ball Essence! It's also one of their favorite things at parties with games!

{{Action Figure Essence Fan}}
Action Figure Userboxes loves Action Figures! They're cool toys to play with!

{{Alien Essence Fan}}
Alien Userboxes loves aliens! They also think aliens are cool toys to play with!

{{Amber Essence Fan}}
Amber Userboxes loves Amber! They also think this is a really special gem!

{{Amethyst Essence Fan}}
Amethyst Userboxes loves Amethyst! They also think this is a really special gem!

{{Bacon Essence Fan}}
Bacon Userboxes loves Bacon! There's nothing like a good balanced breakfast!

{{Beach Ball Essence Fan}}
Beach Ball Userboxes loves the Beach Ball Essence! Maybe they'll want to go to the beach and play catch with someone on a hot summer's day!

{{Black Apple Essence Fan}}
Black Apple Userboxes loves Black Apples! Even though they don't eat them, they still make nice decorations!

{{Black Rose Essence Fan}}
Black Rose Userboxes loves Black Roses! They are so dead, but so pretty!

{{Cake Essence Fan}}
Cake Userboxes loves Cake! They might be hungry just thinking about it!

{{Cherry Blossom Essence Fan}}
Cherry Blossom Userboxes loves Cherry Blossoms and thinks they're really pretty! They might also wonder why these blossoms are named after cherries!

{{Chocolate Cake Essence Fan}}
Chocolate Cake Userboxes thinks Cakes taste alot better when they're covered in chocolate! It might be their favorite flavor!

{{Crab Essence Fan}}
Crab Userboxes thinks Crabs will only pinch you if you scare them! They also think it's best to leave them be.

{{Dark Wood Essence Fan}}
Dark Wood Userboxes loves Dark Wood! It's very..... Dark.

{{Dead Wood Essence Fan}}
Dead Wood Userboxes love the Dead Wood Essence! It may be dead, but it looks so life-like!

{{Dinosaur Fossil Essence Fan}}
Dinosaur Fossil Userboxes loves looking for Dinosaur Fossils! Which Dinosaur will they find?

{{Elephant Essence Fan}}
Elephant Userboxes loves Elephants! They also know for a fact that even though the it is a pretty big mammal, it is not the biggest!

{{Eyeball Essence Fan}}
Eyeball Userboxes thinks Eyeballs are scary! They thought right and that's why they love them!

{{Fish Bones Essence Fan}}
Fish Bones Userboxes loves Fish Bones! They also like to collect them and make necklaces for their friends!

{{Gear Essence Fan}}
Gears Userboxes thinks Gears are really helpful. After all, they are one of the things that help us make machines work, right?

{{Ghost Essence Fan}}
Ghost Userboxes loves Ghosts! They also love watching them fly around everywhere!

{{Gingerbread Man Essence Fan}}
Gingerbread Men Userboxes loves Gingerbread! They also think Gingerbread is the best cookie to eat in the Holiday Season!

{{Globe Essence Fan}}
Globe Userboxes loves Globes! It's a map........ in ball form!

{{Gold Essence Fan}}
Gold Userboxes loves the Gold Essence! They also want to find some in treasure and become rich!

{{Green Apple Essence Fan}}
Green Apple Userboxes loves the Green Apple Essence! They also think even though Green Apples are sour, they still make good pies!

{{Jack O'Lantern Essence Fan}}
Jack O'Lantern Userboxes loves Jack O'Lanterns! They also love making pumpkin pies!

{{Jade Essence Fan}}
Jade Userboxes loves Jade! They also think this is a very special gem!

{{Knight Essence Fan}}
Knight Userboxes loves the Knight Essence and thinks it's cool to have have a guy to play as that can jump over other guys in Chess.

{{Lemon Essence Fan}}
Lemon Userboxes loves the Lemon Essence! They also like to find that sour fruit on the top of there cups!

{{Light Wood Essence Fan}}
Light Wood Userboxes loves Light Wood! They also think it's really cool for the wood used to build things with blueprints!

{{Lime Essence Fan}}
Lime Userboxes loves the Lime Essence! They really like citrus fruits!

{{Magic Carpet Essence Fan}}
Magic Carpet Userboxes loves the Magic Carpet Essence! It let's them fly anywhere they want!

{{Mega Lizard Essence Fan}}
Mega Lizard Userboxes loves the Mega Lizard Essence! They also think that Mega Lizards are the perfect pet to find in the Desert!

{{Metal Essence Fan}}
Metal Userboxes loves Metal! How would we be able to use magnets without it?

{{Moai Essence Fan}}
Moai Userboxes loves Moai Statues and thinks they're really nice decorations to have!

{{Musical Note Essence Fan}}
Musical Note Userboxes loves the Musical Note Essence! They really love to listen to music!

{{Octopus Essence Fan}}
Octopus Userboxes loves Octopi! They hope they'll get to see one when they go scuba diving!

{{Orange Essence Fan}}
Orange Userboxes loves oranges! They're really sweet and delicious friuts!

{{Organic Essence Fan}}
Organic Userboxes loves the Organic Essence! They also think it's a pretty nice Essence of Nature!

{{Pawn Essence Fan}}
Pawn Userboxes thinks that it's cool to have a lot of Pawns to protect the king from the enemy in Chess!

{{Pencil Essence Fan}}
Pencil Userboxes thinks that it is good 2 have Pencils used as tools for writing the stuff you wanna write down on paper!

{{Puppy Essence Fan}}
Puppy Userboxes loves puppies! They're very playful pets to have around!

{{Rainbow Trout Essence Fan}}
Rainbow Trout Userboxes loves Rainbow Trout! They are really colorful fish!

{{Red Apple Essence Fan}}
Red Apple Userboxes loves the Red Apple Essence! There's nothing like a nice healthy snack, right?

{{Robot Essence Fan}}
Robot Userboxes loves Robots! They are really cool!

{{Rocket Essnce Fan}}
Rocket Userboxes loves rockets! Maybe they'll want to fly in Outer Space and travel other Galaxies!

{{Rook Essence Fan}}
Rook Userboxes loves The Rook Essence and thinks it's cool to have the ability to play as one castle character on both their king and queen's side in Chess!

{{Sad Essence Fan}}
Sad Userboxes likes the Sad essence, they think it's nice.

{{Sapphire Essence Fan}}
Sapphire Userboxes loves Sapphire! They also think this is a very special gem!

{{Scary Essence Fan}}
Scary Userboxes loves the Scary Essence! Umm.......BOO!

{{Skeleton Essence Fan}}
Skeleton Userboxes loves Skeletons! Ohh.....Spooky...

{{Snake Essence Fan}}
Snake Userboxes loves Snakes! They make really great pets! ......Except for the poisonous ones....

{{Soccer Ball Essence Fan}}
Soccer Ball Userboxes loves to play Soccer! Maybe they'll have a chance of getting some goals!

{{Spider Essence Fan}}
Spider Userboxes loves Spiders! They make really great pets!

{{Spring Essence Fan}}
Spring Userboxes loves Springs! How very.......springy.....

{{Stone Essence Fan}}
Stone Userboxes loves The Stone Essence! They also think that is one great thing to use to build houses!

{{Star Essence Fan}}
Star Essence Thingy Userboxes loves the Star Essence! Maybe they'll find one when they go stargazing!

{{Terra Cotta Essence Fan}}
Terra Cotta Userboxes loves to make pottery into Terra Cotta! They're really good places to keep your plants!

{{Thorn Essence Fan}}
Thorn Userboxes loves Thorns! They're really spiky!

{{Tiger Essence Fan}}
Tiger Userboxes loves the Tiger Essence! Look at those stripes!

{{Tiny Shark Essence Fan}}
Tiny Shark Userboxes loves the Tiny Shark Essence! Luckily, it's a toy and not the real thing, right?

{{Tire Essence Fan}}
Tire Userboxes loves Tires! We can't drive without them!

{{Video Game Essence Fan}}
Video Game Userboxes loves Video Games! They also think video games are a great way to have fun in your home and not outside in the rain getting all wet and sick!

{{Voodoo Doll Essence Fan}}
Voodoo Doll Userboxes loves Voodoo Dolls! Now they can get revenge on whoever was bulling them!

{{Topaz Essence Fan}}
Topaz Userboxes loves Topaz! They also think this is a really special gem!

{{Spade Essence Fan}}
Spade Userboxes loves Spades! They also like to have fun playing cards!

{{Hopi Doll Essence Fan}}
Hopi Doll Userboxes loves Hopi Dolls! They also think they're really fun!

{{Heart Essence Fan}}
Heart Userboxes loves Hearts! They also love to play cards!

{{Diamond Essence Fan}}
Diamond Userboxes loves Diamonds! They also love to have fun playing cards!

{{Club Essence Fan}}
Club Userboxes loves Clubs! They also love to have fun playing cards!

{{Clown Fish Essence Fan}}
Clown Fish Userboxes loves Clown Fish! They also think it would make a great pet!

{{Angry Essence Fan}}
Angry Userboxes love the Angry Essence! They also think it's funny every time Morcubus gets angry after always losing!

{{Yellow Crayon Essence Fan}}
Yellow Crayon Userboxes loves Yellow Crayons! They also love to color beautiful pictures!

{{Yellow Blossom Essence Fan}}
Yellow Blossom Userboxes loves Yellow Blossoms! They're such pretty flowers!

{{Tina Doll Essence Fan}}
Tina Doll Userboxes loves Tina Dolls! They're so fun to play with!

{{Tim Doll Essence Fan}}
Tim Doll Userboxes loves Tim Dolls! They're so fun to play with!

{{Sunflower Essence Fan}}
Sunflower Userboxes loves Sunflowers! They're such pretty flowers!

{{Rose Essence Fan}}
Rose Userboxes loves Roses! They're such pretty flowers!

{{Red Crayon Essence Fan}}
Red Crayon Userboxes loves Red Crayons! They also love to color beautiful pictures!

{{Purple Crayon Essence Fan}}
Purple Crayon Userboxes loves Purple Crayons! They also love to color beautiful pictures!

{{Plum Blossom Essence Fan}}
Plum Blossom Userboxes loves Plum Blossoms! They're such pretty flowers!

{{Kissing Fish Essence Fan}}
Kissing Fish Userboxes loves Kissing Fish! Hey! Fish don't wear lipstick!

{{Happy Essence Fan}}
Happy Userboxes loves the Happy Essence! They are always happy when they see their friends happy.

{{Garnet Essence Fan}}
Garnet Userboxes loves Garnet! They also think that is a really special gem!

Favorite MySims PC Essences

Code Result
{{Kitten Essence Fan}}
Kitten Userboxes is a fan of the essence Kitten, and loves having them around in their house!

{{Banana Essence Fan}}
Banana Userboxes loves Bananas! Mmm... yummy!

{{Bat Essence Fan}}
Bat Userboxes loves Bats! They make great pets for spookies!

{{Beta Fish Essence Fan}}
Beta Fish Userboxes loves Beta Fish! They're so cool!

{{Compass Essence Fan}}
Compass Userboxes loves Compasses! They also think they're really helpful if they get lost on a big Adventure without a map!

{{Cube Puzzle Essence Fan}}
Cube Puzzle Userboxes loves Cube Puzzles because they're so fun 2 figure out! Can you solve the puzzle?

{{Freezer Bunny Essence Fan}}
Freezerbunny1 Userboxes thinks Freezer Bunnies are cool...

{{Fruit Pie Essence Fan}}
Fruit Pie Userboxes loves Fruit Pie! It's pie made with fruit!

{{Microscope Essence Fan}}
Microscope2 Userboxes thinks Microscopes are very helpful at see tiny, impossible to see objects.

{{Penguin Essence Fan}}
Penguin Essence Userboxes loves Penguins and is sad they only live in Antarctica.

{{Pinwheel Essence Fan}}
Pinwheel Userboxes loves Pinwheels! Oooh... Look at them spin!

{{Puppet Essence Fan}}
Cute puppet Userboxes loves Puppets and hopes one day they can put on a show!

{{Raven Essence Fan}}
RavenEssence Userboxes loves Ravens! Caw!

{{Robofish Essence Fan}}
Robofish2 Userboxes loves Robofish! It's a robot and a fish!

{{Rubber Ducky Essence Fan}}
Rubber Ducky Userboxes loves Rubber Duckies! They make the perfect bath toy!

{{Salmon Essence Fan}}
Tasty salmon Userboxes loves Salmon! Mmm... Fish... So tasty!

{{Telescope Essence Fan}}
Telescope Userboxes loves Telescopes! Maybe they'll find some constellations with this thing!

{{Textbook Essence Fan}}
Textbook Userboxes loves Textbooks! At least it's not a blueprint, right?

{{Tuna Essence Fan}}
Tuna Userboxes loves Tuna Fish! So tasty!

{{UFO Essence Fan}}
UFO Userboxes loves the UFO Essence! They hope can fly one into Outer Space someday!

Favorite MySims Kingdom Essences

Code Result
{{Bat Fish Essence Fan}}
Bat Fish Userboxes loves Bat Fish! They are bats and fish!

Favorite MySims Games

Code Result
{{MySims Wii Fan}}
Mysims artbox Userboxes has MySims Wii! Building furniture with Essences is so much fun!

{{MySims DS Fan}}
MySimsDS Userboxes has MySims DS! They also love to play minigames, make furniture, make patterns, and more!

{{MySims PC Fan}}
MySimsPC Userboxes has MySims PC! They also love to play this very first MySims game that you could play on the computer through WiFi and new exclusive sims!!

{{MySims Mobile Fan}}
MySims Mobile Userboxes has MySims Mobile, and thinks it's amazing to play this game on their phone!

{{MySims Kingdom Wii Fan}}
MySims Kingdom Userboxes has MySims Kingdom Wii! They also love being the Royal Wandolier of the Kingdom!

{{MySims Kingdom DS Fan}}
MySims Kingdom DS Boxshot Userboxes has and is a fan of MySims Kingdom DS because they want to help bring the town back to it's former glory.

{{MySims Party Wii Fan}}
MySims Party Userboxes has and is a fan of MySims Party Wii because they love to participate in the Festivals and play minigames!

{{MySims Party DS Fan}}
MySims Party DS Userboxes has MySims Party DS and loves playing the minigames on there!

{{MySims Racing Wii Fan}}
MySimsRacing Userboxes has and is a fan of MySims Racing Wii because they love to race their friends and become the champion of Speedville!

{{MySims Racing DS Fan}}
MySimsRacingDS Userboxes has MySims Racing DS and loves racing their friends!

{{MySims Agents Wii Fan}}
MySims Agents Boxshot Userboxes has MySims Agents Wii and loves solving cases and wants to take down MorcuCorp!

{{MySims Agents DS Fan}}
Cover-agents Userboxes has MySims Agents DS and loves to solve cases, find clues, and solve puzzles!

{{MySims SkyHeroes Wii Fan}}
SkyHeroes Wii Boxart Userboxes has MySims SkyHeroes Wii and loves to fly through the skies and defend their fellow Teammates!

{{MySims SkyHeroes PS3 Fan}}
SkyHeroes PS3 Boxart Userboxes has MySims SkyHeroes PS3 and loves to fly through the skies and defenf there fellow Teammates.

{{MySims SkyHeroes Xbox360 Fan}}
SkyHeroes 360 Boxart Userboxes has MySims SkyHeroes Xbox360 and loves to fly through the skies and defend their fellow Teammates!

{{MySims SkyHeroes DS Fan}}
MSSH-DS Userboxes has MySims SkyHeroes DS and loves to fly through the skies and defend their fellow Teammates!

{{MySims Agents 2 Fan}}
MySims Agents 2 Userboxes was excited for MySims Agents 2 to come out, but is sad because it didn't.

{{MySims Camera Fan}}
MySims Camera Userboxes has MySims Camera and loves taking pictures with their favorite characters!

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