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Do you need to know how to beat that one level in MySims Agents? Do you need advice on wooing that cute girl in your class? Are you depressed about something and need some tips on cheering yourself up?

Why not try asking a question for the MySims Wikian Gazette's advice column? Here, you can submit questions to the advice column. The question will then be answered.

We have two people running our advice column: the experienced and wise Ol' Gabby that knows all, and the mysterious and profound Midnight! Both are two very different characters and have very interesting but different views on things. If you would like to ask one of them a question, please do so on the differnt talk page sections. But first, here is a little you need to know about each of them before you go lollygagging and ask a random question.

Ol' GabbyEdit

Ol' Gabby is the hilarious but wise country man from Cowboy Junction (In My Sims Kingdom). Ol' Gabby is a funny person, as we all know, but a very helpful one at that. He normally specializes in game help, but he can take a question from time to time about crushes, bullies, etc.. He is more then happy to help you, just drop by and ask this guy your question.


Midnight is probably the most serious (but can be random) person on this Wiki, which is full of nutty people. A very helpful girl, Midnight is a mature and helpful person, perfect for asking questions when you want a straight foward answer and not something humorous. She specializes in serious stuff, like, relationships, arguements, confusion, etc., but she may also help you with a level you're suck on. She'll be happy to help you with any problem you have, so stop and ask her a question when you need help.

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