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Welcome to the Featured Sim Archive! Here, you can view the past lucky Sims that have appeared as the Featured Sim on the main page of MySims Wiki!

The Featured Sim changes every two weeks on Saturday, so be sure to check frequently and see if your favorite Sim is one of the lucky ones!

Sim Description Duration
King Roland3
King Roland is the mighty ruler of the MySims Kingdom. He sends you on your adventure to making everyone happy throughout the kingdom. Read about him here! January 10, 2009 - May 31, 2009
Mayor Rosalyn
Rosalyn P. Marshall is the mayor of your town in MySims, and is a principal of the Royal Academy in MySims Kingdom. She enjoys paperwork and takes her job very seriously. She has a high sense of authority. To read more about her, click here. May 31, 2009 - June 7, 2009
DJ Candy
DJ Candy "Supergroove" is the DJ and one of the main recurring characters of MySims. She is said to be the best DJ in the world, and known to make every party fun. She's also a genius of sound, and is often seen listening to the music playing in her headphones, which she is seen wearing all the time. To read more on DJ Candy, check out her article. June 7, 2009 - June 13, 2009
Makoto looks like a little girl, but she's actually a highly advanced, artificially intelligent, humanoid robot made by Dr. F. Makoto usually speaks in capital letters and tries to desperately disguise the fact that she is a robot. In MySims Kingdom, her prototype resides in the Forest of the Elves, where she is found damaged until the player helps her out. To read more on Makoto, click here. June 13, 2009 - June 20, 2009
Odin Revolution
Odin Revolution is a guitarist. Like Annie Radd, he is also a rockstar. He was named after the Norse God, Odin, and loves to rock out. He hosts a minigame where he wants to not only teach you how to play the guitar, but how to rock out. To read more about him, click here. June 20, 2009 - June 27, 2009
Ray is a spooky guy who comes to town after Star Level 2. Ray once lived in the town, but moved away "after the Essence Guy left", but comes back if you ask him to move in (saying that he has nothing better to do). He has brown hair with a fringe and has interesting red eyes. He wears a white dress shirt with a purplish-black vampire-style suit with red markings over it. He also wears boots with the same markings as his suit, and black pants. His outfit also consists of many belts. He seems to like using the word "whatever" often and is often very nonchalant. To read more about Ray, click here. June 27, 2009 - July 4, 2009
Sapphire da Sim
Sapphire is the very energetic roadie working for DJ Candy Supergroove (who she is also a fan of). She has bursts full of energy and LOVES to dance! She currently sells her own drink, Sapphire Blu-Energy Blitz (probably why she is so energetic). She knows how to move and shake and does neat tricks with her glowsticks. To read more about Sapphire, click here. July 4, 2009 - July 11, 2009
Violet is a dark and mysterious girl whose preferences contrast with the preferences of her extremely bubbly and cheerful sister, Poppy. Violet shares Poppy's love of flowers, but unlike Poppy, she prefers them dead. Although she and her sister prefer different things, Violet still cares deeply for her sister and even worked for MorcuCorp to protect her. To read more about Violet, click here. July 11, 2009 - July 18, 2009
Chaz McFreely is an EXTREME stuntman who enjoys anything extreme. He often overuses the word "extreme". He is sometimes a bit snobby and somewhat naïve. He is also somewhat cocky. To read more about Chaz and how EXTREME he is, click here to see his extreme article. July 18, 2009 - July 25, 2009
Esma is a very conceited woman whom thinks of herself as royalty. If moved in to your town, she will boss everyone around, believing that they are her subjects. She is also one of MorcuCorp's top agents and contributed to the plot to take over Speedville. To read more about her, click here. July 25, 2009 - August 1, 2009
Iggy is a fun-loving guy and a food addict. Nothing beats hanging out at Club Candy and enjoying a delicious sandwich platter with Iggy. He will come to town once your town is bustling for a nice and tasty home. He enjoys his aunt Zoe's home-style cooking and sometimes experiences heart-attacks. To read more about Iggy, click here. August 1, 2009 - August 8, 2009
Alexa Lexington is a robot scientist whom is willing to open up a Robot Lab in your town. She looks up to her mentor, Dr. F, and wishes she had the free-spirit towards science like he does. She resided in Rocket Reef and helped build the rocket and sent Vic Vector into space. She is very complex and intellectual. To read more about Alexa, click here. August 8, 2009 - August 15, 2009
Gordon is a Studious Sim whom likes literature. He is very smart and enjoys reading. He is interested in many academic things and wants to write a book on the history of the semi-colon. He is also an avid fan of plays. He will be seen on Trevor Island, along with Linda, watching many of Trevor's famous plays. To read more about Gordon, click here. August 15, 2009 - August 27, 2009
Enhanced Leaf
Leaf is an Elf who lives on the Forest of the Elves, with his fellow Elf and Nature Defender, Petal. Leaf is very bold, audacious, and loud, and is not afraid to do anything, which includes tearing down the Temple of the Woods just to get wood for his hot tub. Unlike Petal, Leaf does not care for traditional Elf practices of defending nature and doesn't seem to care much for his job, preferring the life of a rockstar. Petal doesn't really approve of this and is often complaining about how lazy Leaf is to the player. To make up for the mess he caused, Leaf will play a concert to bring back the unicorns that fled the forest (they had not returned once the Temple of the Woods was rebuilt, unlike the other animals on the island). According to Lyndsay, his concerts rival that of Candypalooza. To read more on Leaf, check out his rockin' article here. August 27, 2009 - September 5, 2009
MC Emi
MC Emi is the cheery Master of Ceremonies in MySims Party. Whenever you want to enter a festival, talk to her at the Central Flower Garden and tell her which festival you want to enter. She's never seen without her friend, the monkey Mitch. Emi has leopard ears and a leopard tail, and shining purple hair. For more on MC Emi, read her article here. September 5, 2009 - September 12, 2009
Jenny is a prolific Starcruiser X fanfiction writer from the original MySims. She's the self-proclaimed "wife" of Captain Argon, the main character from Starcruiser X. One fanfiction by her is called "The Captain From Starcruiser X and Me Get Married". She'll also soon appear in MySims Agents as the desk receptionist of your Agent Headquarters (probably still crazy about Starcruiser X, as she can usually be seen reading a book). Read more on Jenny the Starcruiser X fanfiction author here. September 12, 2009 - October 3, 2009
Buddy is a great pal who's always great to have around. Buddy's also extremely loyal to his friends and will always try to help as much as he can. Buddy always practices his salutes to people ("dag dag!"). He's also somewhat clumsy and always randomly falls on his face. In the original MySims, Buddy was the bellhop of your town's hotel. In Kingdom, Buddy is a royal messenger who follows you on your journey around the kingdom with Lyndsay. Lastly, in Agents, Buddy is your best friend and an aspiring comic book artist who'll help you sketch clues. Read more on him here. October 3, 2009 - October 10, 2009
Penelope is a cheerful, peppy, and friendly girl who loves making new friends. She always loves to be happy and likes to think positive! She absolutely loves everything Cute, or just anything that makes someone happy! Read more here. October 10, 2009 - October 17, 2009
Vic Vector Vic Vector is a mega-geek to the MAX! He knows everything there is to know about action figures, comic books, and video games! He spends his time watching TV, on the computer, and playing arcade games. Especially "Plane vs. Eye", his favorite game. Go here to learn more. October 17, 2009 - October 24, 2009
Yuki Yuki is a girl who can be a tad... excitable. She loves randomly biting people's faces with her small, sharp fangs. However, people aren't very intimidated by her, due to her cute appearance. Yuki can be very wild and naive. Her comedic appeal is the main reason of her popularity among MySims fans. Read more about Yuki here! October 24, 2009 - October 31, 2009
Hopper3 Hopper is a boy who believes himself as a frog. When he was younger, he won in a jumping competition. This made him think himself as a frog. He's never seen without his frog costume, which he wears everywhere. Hopper often uses phrases such as "ribbit" and "SPROING!" To read more on Hopper, check his article here! SPROING! October 31, 2009 - November 7, 2009
Evelyn Evelyn Gray is a client of yours in MySims Agents. She comes in your HQ asking you to investigate her apartment because in was robbed. Helping her is just the beginning, you travel the world and search the city to find clues to where the nightmare crown is and to help Evelyn find her father. Go here to learn more. November 7, 2009 - November 14, 2009
Petal Petal is an Elf girl who is assumed to be somewhere over a thousand years old. Petal is very wise and kind, loving all nature and animals around her. She has a desire to make the world a better place, and if you help her on a forest dilemma dispatch mission, she will volunteer to be an agent so she can help the world out. She is often annoyed by her fellow Nature Defender and companion, Leaf, who she believes is very lazy, and wishes Leaf would help her defend the spirit of nature and rise up to protect all of the animals of the kingdom. Learn more about Petal here! November 14, 2009 - November 21, 2009
Princess Princess Butter is the spoiled daughter of King Roland. She loves ponies and unicorns. She also often is in her mushroom garden by the castle. You, the player will also compete with her in the royal wandolier trials. Go here to learn more! November 21, 2009 - December 22, 2009
Linda Linda is a very polite, studious woman. She comes to your town in hopes of getting a nice home. She knows her manners very well and apologizes frequently. She also resided on Trevor Island as a fan of the stage. She also spent her time making and embroiding Renaissance dresses. She also seems to be a good piano player as she hosts a minigame teaching it. To read more about Linda, click here! December 22, 2009 - December 29, 2009
Edwin(MSP) Edwin is a tasty young guy who moves to your town looking for a nice home to kick back in. He loves to eat anything, especially food involving his favorite condiment, mayonnaise! He loves the tasty 'zing' of it! Edwin also hosts a minigame in which he is the star of an eating competition. He wants the players to bring him the foods that he asks for. He will eat it, if he wants it! To read more about Edwin, click here. December 29, 2009 - February 15, 2010
Shirley Shirley is a sweet hair stylist with a pink beehive hairdo in your town, many cute sims visit her salon for a hairdo. She is in rivalry with her twin sister Nicole, who owns a boutique. Shirley is always up on the latest gossip. In MySims Agents, she runs a small salon called Shirley's Hair and Nails on Main Street. She also gives you your second case in the game. She wants to find out who is sending her flowers, with Poppy's help, you narrow it down to 3 people, Chef Gino, Patrick, and Mayor Skip. To read more about Shirley, click here. February 15, 2010 - February 20, 2010
DRF Dr. F is a mad scientist. He creates many inventions. He has the sim Alexa as his lab assistant in

MySims Kingdom and MySims Agents. He also created three known robots, T.O.B.O.R, Makoto, and Makoto's prototype, Proto-Makoto, Dr F can be found in your town, Rocket Reef, his lab in Speedville, and his lab in the Industrial District. To read more about Dr. F, click here.

February 20, 2010 - November 24, 2010
Rhonda2 Rhonda is a positive young woman who believes in living life to the fullest. She believes in treating everyday like a birthday and comes up with a new motto to follow every day. She loves to party any time she can in your town, and she wanders around in Main Street. She always knows what the news is and knows to stay out of trouble. To read more about Rhonda, click here. November 24, 2010 - April 3, 2012

Skip Rogers is a sly, mysterious with man who seems to have huge interest in money. He is the mayor of your city and usually hangs around in his office in Main Street. Previously being involved with MorcuCorp, Skip is prone to being corrupt and making deals outside the law. Later on, in MySims SkyHeroes, he is the leader of a group called the Fortune Hunters. To read more about Skip, click here.

April 3, 2012 - April 10, 2012

T.O.B.O.R. is a robot who resides in Rocket Reef with Alexa Lexington, Dr. F and Vic Vector. He is a crash test dummy for the robots, but gets fed up of being blown to smithereens and quits. T.O.B.O.R. decides to pursue his dream and he opens a diner famous for it's grilled cheese sandwiches. To read more about T.O.B.O.R., click here.

April 10, 2012 - April 13, 2013

Brandi is a spooky and mischievous girl, as well as a compulsive liar. She lives for causing trouble and likes to throw people off course. She parties, races, and appears as Morcubus' right hand in MorcuCorp's affairs. She also works closely with Esma in causing problems for you. To read more about Brandi, click here.

April 13, 2013 - April 27, 2013

Ginny is an imaginative young girl who loves playing dress-up and acting as different professions. She is mostly known for her pirate persona, but also acts as a sheriff, fire chief, police officer, and pilot. She runs Cowboy Junction, participates in festivals, races in Speedville, and joins air battles. To read more about Ginny, click here.

April 27, 2013 - May 11, 2013

Samurai Bob is a patient, traditional, and wise samurai. He is the studious uber Sim and strictly follows the Bushido code of honor. He teaches Sims his ways during festivals and owns a gas station in Speedville. He also helps teach agents his ways and the ways of the Bushido code. With the Bushido code, he believes heavily in loyalty and honesty. To read more about Samurai Bob, click here.

May 11, 2013 - July 27, 2013
Pablo Pablo is an adventurous young boy who likes to dress as a pirate. He can be known as Ginny's sidekick and unofficial boyfriend. He enjoys fun things and sometimes stutters when he talks. Despite desiring adventure, he dreams of calm, clear seas. To read more about Pablo, click here. July 27, 2013 - February 16, 2014
Goth Boy Goth Boy is, well, a Goth. He prefers to stay hidden in his misery and dark solitude, and refers life to be as bleak and meaningless as his soul. He's cynical and pessimistic, and often depressed. He prefers to be garbed in black with chains and piercings. He often writes gloomy poetry. To read more about Goth Boy, click here February 16, 2014 -May 31, 2014
Lyndsay Lyndsay is an adventurous sim who seems to like to go travel to new places. She is often liking to search places around the location she is in at the moment. She also exited whenever she finds a new place to explore! To read more about Lyndsay, click here. May 31, 2014 -
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