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Welcome to the MySims Wiki Comics page. Here will be the list of the weekly comics shown on the front page. If you would like to send in a comic to be posted on the front page, please go to the discussion page or contact Limited who is head of this area.

NEWS: Voting and Voting Results have been deleted off the page due to some issues with criticism

EDIT: I will try to bring the voting back soon ~L2G

Making a Comic StripEdit

Here is the NEW classifications for a comic strip! As follows:

1. The Comic can not have more than 15 slides. Have as many slides as you want, sweets!

2. It must be clear for reading.

3. Make it humorous Who says we can't have a little drama? Woohoo Also, peoples' sense if humor differ, so ya do what u want~

4. A Signature (This can be provided)

Please try to have these in your comic strip:

1. Color

If you can't have color, it's fine.

I strongly suggest you use the computer to make your strip, but drawing it on a paper is fine, too.


April 28th 2010-Edit

Leaf Forest Comic

May 5th 2010-Edit


May 14th 2010Edit


June 23rd 2010Edit

Sumaes01's 1st Comic

October 23rd 2010Edit


January 8th 2011Edit

Awkward robot moment

August 5th 2011-March 25, 2012Edit

Limited2gal==Dat cray-Z Yuki

March 25, 2012-April 9, 2012Edit

Comic 2

April 9, 2012-I forget whenEdit


I forget when-October 5, 2012Edit

Mysims wiki 004

This Comic was created by User:MC Cindy

October 5, 2012-Edit

Teh agents comi

This Comic was created by User:limited2gal


Sim comic copy

This comic was made by LordKurai.

E2lilpsl copy

This was made by LordKurai.

Sunday, December 9th, 2012Edit

Buddy's Secret

So THIS is what he listens to!

This was made by YoungOtakuNerd

Spring 2013 (the 2012 was a boo-boo) - July 2014Edit


This was made by Limited2gal

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