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Hi there! Welcome! As you can guess, MySims Wiki is a wiki all about MySims, a video game series for everyone! MySims is a spin-off of the popular The Sims franchise, and it came from the desire from the developers of the series when they wanted to make something more kid-friendly and for everyone but still "Sims". The first game in the series became extremely popular, and the developers decided to make a whole series following the first MySims.

We fans then decided to unite and set up a wiki about MySims on December of 2008 after the second game in the series, MySims Kingdom, came out, so other fans of the series can come in and see our work! To read more on MySims, take a gander and check out our articles, and if you're curious about how we work around here, check the About page for more info.

Maurice Says Hai!!!

If you're a fan of the MySims series like all of us working here, we encourage you to join and help us out! Don't be shy! The wiki's growing, and more contributors will mean that we get things done quicker! The more the better!


Thanks for visiting us today at MySims Wiki! If you plan to contribute, please create a username and sign in each time you make an edit. An account will allow you to keep track of your contributions and create your own personal user page.

Check out the template page to learn and use templates! Also, see the category page to find what you're looking for.

If you need any help, try looking in the Wikia Help or try contacting one of the active admins. Check out the FAQ also if you have a question regarding a game, and add a question you may have onto the page. It will be answered as soon as possible. If you have any ideas on how to improve the Wiki, check out our Crideas page and add something there. Also, tell people more about yourself by using the userboxes. Check them out here!

There have been 1,601 articles on MySims Wiki since December 28, 2008! Help us increase that number!

Also visit our sister Wiki, MySims Fanon Wiki, the Wiki all for MySims fanon!

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15th of June's poll winner: Barney Cull - By 79 votes! To find out what the question was and view previous polls, visit the polls page.

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2014 - R2G1

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Featured Article March 29, 2014
Potter: So I'm a week late putting this up but the 2013 Character Battles concluded last week and Violet Nightshade won! Thanks to all who participated and stuff. Also, first post of the new year ^U^
Featured Article May 11, 2013
Skull: Hello everyone. I would like to congratulate our two new admins, Gold and Luke! They were promoted for their hard work and dedication to the wiki and sure deserved it! Congrats guys! I would also like to announce that the rollback system has been reintroduced. Our seven active rollbacks can be seen in the Wiki Activity.
Featured Article April 20, 2013
Matt: Hey guys! Today marks the start of my new Let's Play! of MySims! In this Let's Play, I'll be making a video or two dedicated to the tasks of each Sim, giving as much information about them as I can! Check out the introductory episode here: [1] and all of the following episodes on my channel in the coming months! Hope you guys enjoy!
Featured Article April 1, 2013
Potter: So, the Character Battles have ended and Zombie Carl was the winner. We also have two new articles about the Merchandise and the Beta Version of MySims. Be sure to check them out, and happy Easter everyone!
Featured Article January 14, 2013
Iona: First update of the new year! Oh, and the Character Battles have started! Make sure to vote for your favourite Sim!
Featured Article June 3, 2012
Potter: Me again, just to say a huge congratulations to our newest admins, Google & Iona, who were promoted today!
Featured Article May 28, 2012
Potter: Hey guys, be sure to check out our new affiliate, he's called Gocubs711 and he does MySims Let's Plays on YouTube. His description: I make Let's Plays/Walkthroughs of various videogames, including MySims Agents and MySims Sky-Heroes Starting June 2, I will be Let's Playing MySims Kingdom on my channel. I will be getting all of my information from this wiki. Please watch, leave a comment, and subscribe if you're interested! -gocubs711 Please check out his channel and enjoy his vids!
Featured Article May 7, 2012
Mayor Zain: Heya, everybody! You've heard of the MySims Wiki Chat, right? Well... me, Potter and Google are working on adding new smilies for the chat! Of course, we are gonna make the chat EVER so colourful! Yes! Indeed! If you would like to help, ask Potter, Me or Google and we may consider it! Get ready to have smileys up on! Check here for the emoticon codes for the chat! Enjoy!
Featured Article March 26, 2012
Iona: Hai. Don't know if you recognize me. All I'm sayin' is that we, the remaining users of MySims Wiki, are going to try to revive everything on the wiki, from the Character Battles to the Comics. If you haven't nominated on the Character Battles yet, then you can nominate here (My blog), or here (The article). Have a nice day, and if you have any questions about this revivin' stuff, ask Potterdude or MOI!!!!!!!!!!!!! Again, have a nice day.
Featured Article March 14, 2012
Potterfan has been promoted to an admin by Holli. So if you need any help with anything, don't feel afraid to contact any of the active admins, rollbacks or trusted users!
Featured Article February 24, 2012
Holli has been promoted to an admin by Blanky. So if you need any help, don't feel afraid to contact her.
Featured Article December 18, 2010
Holli: Oh. Em. MOCKINGJAY! WE CAN VOTE FOR THE TOP TEN GAMES OF 2010! It's really exciting, no? Anyways, MySims SkyHeroes is in the running, and though you don't have to vote for it, it would be really exciting if it made it in the top ten. Infact, we are really close to the top 10. So come on down and vote for your favorite game of 2010 here!
Featured Article September 28, 2010
MySims SkyHeroes, is now soaring into stores everywhere! Pick it up in a store near you! Check out its article for more info!
Featured Article September 21, 2010
To celebrate the upcoming release of MySims SkyHeroes, admins BlankyXP and Dentface have given the Wiki a temporary new look! To comment about the new look, go Here
Featured Article September 14, 2010
Summer: The winner, of the first, MySims Wiki Quiz Bowl is Secretive13! She gets bragging rights, an award, and her name on the main page. See Puffles Rule, Holhol1235, and *Kinz* battle it out at the MySims Wiki Quiz Bowl!
Katrina: Also, we haz a new calendar tanx 2 Googleybear's cridea! Now ya can keep up with upcoming events on da wiki and in real life!! Ask Dent if ya wanna add sumthin'!!! Wow, Ah used a lotta exclamation points....
Featured Article September 11, 2010
MySims Wiki now has a Youtube Channel! Go here for more info!
Featured Article June 10, 2010
MySims Wiki now has a status template so you can keep the wiki updated on what your doing! Go here and follow the instructions put it on your own user page!
Featured Article May 19, 2010
MySims Wiki now has a buddy list that you can put on your user page to display your best friends on this wiki! Go here and follow the instructions to put it on your user page!
Featured Article May 9, 2010
MySims Wiki is going to have a newspaper, its going to be called The MySims Wikian Gazette. You can submit your own articles here, or you could submit advice for levels of MySims games at the advice column of the gazette here! The first issue will be published on July 1st, 2010.
Featured Article May 5, 2010
Troubleman: GREAT NEWS! MySims SkyHeroes, the 6th installation to the MySims series has been announced today! Click here for details, pictures and more! Includes info about two new consoles that will allow Sky Heroes to be played on, multiplayer mode, and online capabilities!
Featured Article April 28, 2010
Wii: 'Ello, MySims Wikians!! I has now started the all new, MySims Wiki Comics!! See here for more details.
Featured Article April 4, 2010
Blanky: MERRY EASTER!!! Minor changes have been implemented into the Wiki's main layout/skin. Every Table of Contents of box and such now have a blue gradient background instead of the main background image. The large banner also will be updated.
Featured Article February 6, 2010
Neural: Hello, I am now an admin! Dentface promoted me. WOO! I will continue to help the Wiki out, of course! ;) But I am on often, so watch out, vandals/trolls!
Featured Article January 31, 2010
Blanky: OMG OMG OMG!!! We has possibly found the title of the new MySims game!!! It has been found that EA has filed a protection for the trademark of sumthin' called "MySims Sky Heroes". You can see the source of discovery here. :O MySims Wiki will be gathering info about the game as it comes. Sounds kinda uh...weird, but we could have said the same for MySims Agents, no...? o.o;; WE WILL...TRY TO KEEP YOU INFORMED! CIAO, MATES!
Featured Article December 28, 2009
MySims Wiki is now a year old! Thanks to everyone that have contributed to the wiki in this past year! Keep up to good work!

Want to see what else has happened in the past? Check out the News Archive!

MySims Wiki is not associated in any official way with Electronic Arts Inc., its subsidiaries, or its affiliates.
The characters as well as the "MySims" series are TM and © (or copyright) Electronic Arts and its related entities.

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Featured Article Featured Article (Featured Article Archive)


Robo-Assault is a minigame in MySims Party. The game has you and a few other players running away from a giant robot! Who runs into the robot is out! There are also several rock obstacles in the path. Read more about Robo-Assault here

Leaf Bullet Tilted Right Featured Sim (Featured Sims Archive)


Lyndsay is an adventurous sim who seems to like to go travel to new places. She is often liking to search places around the location she is in at the moment. She is also exited whenever she finds a new place explore! To read more about Lyndsay, click here

Featured Location Featured Location (Featured Location Archive)


Jungle Temple is the last location in MySims Agents. It has a big temple, Moon and Sun Shrines, and The Gaia tree on the outside. The inside of the big temple has the Temple Grotto, the Fire Room, the Wind Room, and the Water Room. All of these rooms are part of the things you need to get iside the temple, knowing the four things you need is for each room In the Temple. Read more about Jungle Temple here.

Essence Featured Essence (Featured Essence Archive)

Penguin Essence

Penguins are cute essences in MySims (PC). They are found in the Gardens, knowing that all PC Essences are found in the Gardens. Find out more about this essence in its article.

Cute Featured Interest (Featured Interest Archive)


Tech is a new interest in MySims Kingdom. The interest is for those sims who are interested in science and technology. Sims who have this interest is sims like Dr.F and Vic Vector. To learn more about this interest, click here.

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MySims Kingdom - Japanese Commercial

The Japanese TV Spot for MySims Kingdom on Nintendo Wii.

See more TV Spots.

Featured Game Newest MySims Game

Have you ever wanted to get a new MySims game, but are torn between getting MySims and MySims Racing? Well, look no further! MySims Collection (MySims & MySims Racing), released in 2010, contains both MySims and MySims Racing on a single Wii disc! Also, the save data for the games on MySims Collection is different save data than the original game editions. So if you already own MySims alone; if you get MySims Collections, you could have 6 towns instead of just one! But this edition is Wii only, so heads-up if you have just a DS!

It's not exactly new, but it's a great alternative for saving space in your game collection! Check out its article here, and buy it now!

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BeatBro BeatBro 24 February

An Interesting Theory

The MySims games were a major part of my childhood. I used to play them all the time when I was a kid, and I'm extremely familiar with the whole series. It warms my heart that people still remember t…

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AutisticSeaAlien AutisticSeaAlien 28 January

New name, same ol' me!

Hey guys!

It's been a while since I've been on this site, lol! I used to be called Pixelboid in another account, but I wanted to create a whole new account since I'm going under a brand new name, afte…

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Summm1 Summm1 6 January

Wiki Adoption Request

Hi MySims Wiki,

I am writing this blog post in hopes of receiving your approval to become an administrator. I've noticed that the current active user base was not around when I first joined the wiki, …

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DarkFairy287 DarkFairy287 26 December 2023


Ok, so it's 3 a.m. EST on December 26, 2023 as I type this. Why am I still awake?

Truth is, I just randomly remembered that I joined this wiki back in 2010, and was quasi-active until late 2018...


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Jacee01 Jacee01 6 September 2023

MySims Agents CAS File Names

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Taupexmauve Taupexmauve 21 January 2023

New Original Characters for MySims!

The MySims Wiki seems to be inactive for good, but I thought I'd show (whoever is here) some new characters I made for the game the past few months. I've made probably close to 40 characters but thes…

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JordanTheBoss JordanTheBoss 23 February 2022



I feel like all my friends don't care about Mysims

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JordanTheBoss JordanTheBoss 13 February 2022

Patrick's Diary

This is to show the horrific life of Patrick, during the age of Mysims kingdom. (A game which he did not appear in.)

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SailorSkeleton SailorSkeleton 17 June 2021

wadda heck


uhh i'm making this bcuz i totally forgot how to move MySims PC blueprints into my save file and do not have my discord to a…

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Meatzza Meatzza 8 March 2021

MySims Kingdom: Essences and Interests

So I just check the Reward Island, and looking at essences, which they has interest tell in them.

  • 1 Structure
  • 2 Cute
  • 3 Domestic
  • 4 Elegant
  • 5 Food
  • 6 Fun
  • 7 Nature
  • 8 Spooky
  • 9 Tech

  • Basic Essences
    • Metal
    • Stone
    • Bronze
    • Gold
    • Kaiseriu…

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