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The MySims series is based on the popular series The Sims. However, it differs in that MySims has a more cartoony art style and is more child-friendly. There are six main games in the MySims series:

There are also two collection games; one for the DS, and one for the Wii:

  • MySims collection for the DS
    • MySims Kingdom
    • MySims Party
  • MySims collection for the Wii
    • MySims
    • MySims Racing

There were also games that were shelved from production:

The games have been available on the following consoles:

  • MySims: Wii, DS, Windows, mobile phones
  • MySims Kingdom: Wii, DS
  • MySims Party: Wii, DS
  • MySims Racing: Wii, DS
  • MySims Agents: Wii, DS
  • MySims SkyHeroes: Wii, DS, Xbox 360, Playstation 3

The games from MySims Kingdom to MySims Agents are exclusive to Nintendo systems.

Game descriptions[]

MySims (Wii/PC)[]

Ever since the Essence Master left the town, it's been slowly declining; residents have left, paths are blocked, and very few people remain. You must fix up the town and attract new residents.

MySims (DS)[]

There aren't many townsfolk when you get to your town! You have to try getting more residence in your town!

MySims (Mobile)[]

An extremely violent storm has happened to your town! Your job is to clean up the town, attract tourists, and play minigames to save your town!

MySims Kingdom (Wii)[]

The Royal Wandoliers have disappeared, and nobody is content anymore. You have to become a Wandolier to restore the kingdom to its former glory!

MySims Kingdom (DS)[]

A mysterious man named Dr. Nefario has been destroying the town! It's up to you to make the town the way it used to be with different objects and houses, and foil the plans of the mysterious man once and for all!

MySims Party (Wii/DS)[]

Party on with your favorite MySims Characters, play Minigames and enter festivals!

MySims Racing (Wii)[]

Morcubus is up to no good! He is planning to take over Speedville (or whatever you name it)! Your job is to stop him from taking over the town!

MySims Racing (DS)[]

Not many sims are interested in racing anymore! Your job is to make sims interested in racing again!

MySims Agents (Wii)[]

Beginning as a simple neighborhood detective, you must work your way up until you're a top agent, ready to foil the plans of the evil Morcubus as he attempts to wreak havoc on the world.

MySims Agents (DS)[]

Your town is under threat from a mysterious Thief V, who always manages to be one step ahead of the law. Can you outsmart him, and bring him to justice?

MySims SkyHeroes (Wii/DS/Xbox 360/Playstation 3)[]

Nowhere is safe as Morcubus takes to the skies! You must stop him by joining Skyforce, and doing missions and battles to stop him!