For the area in MySims Racing, see Snowy Mountain.

The Mountains (also known as the Chalet), is a snowy region outside of the City. It is visited after solving Evelyn Gray's case on Main Street. You are there to solve the disappearance of a young man named Preston Winthrop Esquire. He and his girlfriend Beebee were in the mountains picnicing, when Beebee left and Preston claimed he was taken by a yeti. Rosalyn and Vic, government agents, were sent to investigate the case. You end up meeting a yeti in a cave high in the mountains, Preston returns, and the lodge is vandalized. He claims he was held by a yeti but there is no evidence. You later solve that Preston vandalized the lodge in a yeti costume and he wanted to buy the lodge to acquire enough land to build one of his watter bottle factories.


  • The Ice Chalet ski lodge and gift shop
  • Mid-Mountain Slopes
  • Upper Ranger Station
  • Lower Ranger Station
  • Abandoned Mine
  • Paul's Cave
  • Summit

Local residents and visitorsEdit

Everyone here except Paul eventually live at the HQ once this place is completed.


  • Bunnies, local burrowers
  • Wolfah, pet wolf and tracker



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