Mira Cull is the daughter of Barney Cull and a member of SkyForce who appears in both versions of MySims SkyHeroes.

Roles in GamesEdit


  • Mira's full name, Mira Cull, is a pun of the word "miracle".
  • She is the fifth sim to be the proven child of another sim, with the first being Jimmy, the second Butter, the third Daniel, and the fourth Evelyn.
  • Considering that Barney had romantic interest towards Elmira in MySims Kingdom and MySims Agents, Elmira might be Mira's mother, although there is no strict evidence of this. It is also quite likely, because her name is Elmira, the last four letters saying "Mira".
  • Mira was planned to have appeared in MySims Kingdom on a Pirate themed island that was scrapped alongside Mira and another three Sims[1], music for Mira was found in the game files[2], as well as a promotional banner featuring Mira on it.[3]



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