Megatropolis Prime - IconMegatropolis Prime
Megatropolis Prime - Selection Screen

Character Info Edit

Climate Bright, except during All Rhodes Lead To Morcubus
Number of Missions 4

Megatropolis Prime is a futuristic city location in the console version of MySims SkyHeroes. You race here twice, one of these being a wargame, as well as partaking in a dogfight. The third Boss Battle also takes place here.


This stage is focused on the skyline of a futuristic city. The playable area is above the cloud line, and the tops of many buildings and skyscrapers emerge through providing various obstacles. During the third boss battle, All Rhodes Lead To Morcubus, a giant Morcubus Statue called the Morcubus Colossus is in the centre of the area.

Missions Using Megatropolis PrimeEdit


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