Master Aran is an instructor of Sim Fu who owns several dojos, including one in your town, the town that holds festivals, and in Speedville.


  • In the Metroid series, the main character's, who is a combat fighter like the Master, last name is Aran (Samus Aran). He also shares his name with the Aran of Maplestory, which also uses combos and animals as a part his fighting style.
  • Aran (อรัญ; meaning: forest) is one of common first names for a Thai male. A variant form, which is Hebrew, means "mountain of strength".
  • Aran was originally meant to be shirtless in the original game. However he was later given a shirt before release for unknown reasons.
    • For also unknown reasons he was made shirtless in MySims Agents.
      • It was long rumored that Aran was shirtless in the Japanese version of MySims, however this is simply untrue.
  • In MySims Party there is a poster of him in Roger's minigame, Pump-it!
  • It is hinted he is Thai, from the fact that he does kickboxing, as well as his name and appearance, but both his house blocks and his fighting style (Sim Fu; obviously based on the Chinese Kung Fu) suggest he is Chinese.
  • In his tasks, he only requires a Training Dummy the whole time. He also asks for essences for all six interests, with the exception to his hated interest: Cute.
  • In MySims Agents, it is revealed that he has a tattoo of a tiger on his back, which is the same picture as the one on the back of his shirt.
  • Like Shirley, he first arrives at Star Level 3, but you cannot complete his final task until Star Level 4.
  • Aran appears in SimCity Creator as the Finance Advisor for the city.


Foreign NameEdit

  • English: Master Aran
  • Spanish: Maestro Arán
  • Japanese: マスターアラン (Masutā Aran)
  • Yiddish: בעל אַראַן
  • German: Meister Aran
  • French: Maître Li
  • Polish: Mistrz Aran