Martin, also known as True Blue Martin, is a pilot. He likes flying in his helicopter in the sky. He has spiky red hair, blue eyes, and he wears pilot goggles. He is also a taxi driver.

Trivia Edit

  • Martin seems to be of Australian origin as he often says "G'day Mate!" whenever you meet with him.
  • Oddly, in MySims Kingdom, his age is not shown in his profile.
  • In the DS version of MySims Kingdom he has tan shorts. In the DS version of MySims Agents he has light blue pants.
  • In MySims Agents for the DS, Martin's taxi car wing is modeled after a plane.
  • Martin is the second DS character to be put in a Wii version of a game, Tim being the first.
    • Strangely, in all of his appearances, he only appears in the DS or Mobile versions, but in MySims SkyHeroes, he only appears in the console version.
  • In the mobile version of MySims, he has blonde hair instead of red.

Foreign NamesEdit

  • English: Martin
  • Dutch: Maarten
  • Korean: 마틴
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