Marlon is the wizard for King Roland and the kingdom. He teaches and puts individuals to the test to become a Royal Wandolier. He also has a collection of Kingdom Pals.

Roles in gamesEdit


  • Marlon's name is a pun of "Merlin", the name of a legendary wizard, known for his role in the King Arthur tales.
  • Marlon may have made a cameo in the original MySims, but only as a decorative item, labeled as "Wizard".
  • In MySims Kingdom, Marlon has brown shoes whereas in MySims Agents he has more blackish-brown shoes.
  • Though he's always seen at Capital Island, he lives in a castle on the Isle of Magic, which is only seen while doing the trials during the Royal Wandolier Trials.
  • In MySims Kingdom, if player's Sim traps characters other than player himself when the game wants them to go somewhere else, they will sometimes teleport away in the same way Marlon does.
  • Although he is wearing glasses in his MySims Agents icon, he doesn't actually wear them in the game.
  • Marlon could be the uber for Paranormal in MySims Agents, because he has five Paranormal points.
    • It's strange he's all Paranormal since it seems to be based off Spooky, which is often thought of as the opposite of Cute, Marlon's interest in MySims Kingdom.
  • If Marlon will be sent on Wendalyn's dispatch mission, Reagent Run, he'll fall in love with her. However, this could be made irrelevant, as if you don't send him on the mission, they don't have any reaction throughout the game and they will say nothing about each other.
  • If Marlon will be sent on Makoto's first dispatch mission, High School Yearbook, he'll state wizards have to go to a different kind of school when they are young, where they have to take a magical train to get there and where things are always trying to kill them, but they still learn a lot. This a possibly a reference to the main setting of the Harry Potter series, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
  • If Marlon will be sent on Walker's fifth dispatch mission, One More Time, it'll be revealed Marlon's worst fear is not being able to use magic.

Foreign namesEdit

  • English: Marlon
  • French: Mirlan
  • Japanese: マーロン
  • Spanish: Marlón



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