Main Street
Main Street 2

You start out as a neighborhood detective on Main Street. Main Street is a small suburb, with few residents. Chef Gino Delicioso works in his own pizza restaurant here. Shirley also owns a hair salon. Skip Rogers, the mayor of the city, works in a small office in the town hall. Evelyn Gray lives in an apartment in the small neighborhood near the construction site. Patrick Rhino is often seen working at the construction site east of Main Street (what is being built is unknown). Derek is a mischievous boy, and seems to be the Main Street bully. Luis will be seen selling newspapers next to the train station, along with Rhonda, who will often be chatting with some of the locals, and Travis, who is usually on his cellphone.




  • City Hall
  • Construction Site
  • Gino's Pizzeria
  • Evelyn's House
  • Main Street
  • Park Forest
  • Patrick's Trailer
  • Shirley's Hair N' Nails
  • Jeremy snores museum
  • east side manor


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