Zoe MSR Icon Madame Zoe
MadameZoe 2

Character Info Edit

Role Fortune Teller
Business Omens-While-u-Wait
Residency Greenwood Forest

Madame Zoe owns yet another fortune telling shop, called "Omens-While-u-Wait", which can be found in the Greenwood Forest neighborhood of Speedville. She gives you tasks usually on what she sees in your future, such as, when she foresees a victory for you, or when she trains you for a predicted danger on Crater Lake and Bayou Boardwalk.


MSR-Race Foreseen Victory

Aim: Finish the race in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place.

Introduction: Ah! It is you, [player name], the one who will triumph over all others on the path of glory! I have foreseen it! // Now go. Go win this race and don't come back until you do. Madame Zoe's visions are never wrong! // Are you ready to fulfill your destiny, mon cher?

Gold Target: 1st Place

Silver Target: 2nd Place

Bronze Target: 3rd Place

Course: Crater Lake

Completion: Mois oui! The prophecy has been fulfilled! Here, mon cher, a little something for your trouble.

Reward: MSR-Front Object Waxing Skull

MSR-Obstacle Course The Forest for the Trees

Aim: Avoid obstacles and reach finish line before time runs out!

Introduction: Ah, [player name], I knew you would be back. Grave danger awaits you, and you are not ready. I am destined to help you. // The challenge I propose will help you develop the ability to foresee obstacles before they appear. // Will you dare face this perilous ordeal?

Gold Target: 44 seconds

Silver Target: 56 seconds

Bronze Target: 70 seconds

Course: Crater Lake

Completion: I always knew you would succeed. Here, to help you face the dangers that await you.

Reward: MSR-Steering Adjustable Steering, MSR-Front Lights Sharp Lines

MSR-Obstacle Course Spirit Journey

Aim: Avoid obstacles and reach the finish line before time runs out!

Introduction: To discover one's true spirit, one must head into danger. Only by overcoming fear will you see your destiny! // You are at a crossroad. How will you choose? Will you walk through the fire?

Gold Target: 85 seconds

Silver Target: 95 seconds

Bronze Target: 105 seconds

Course: Bayou Boardwalk

Completion: You have peered into the abyss and returned. You are ready. Accept this memento of your ordeal.

Reward: MSR-Frame Tungsten, Off-Road, MSR-Mirrors Cresent Moon

MSR-Burning Lap Speed Racing

Aim: Beat the given time to complete the challenge.

Introduction: The moon is in the seventh house, and clouds are gathering in the East. These signs do not lie, great ordeals await you. // You must prepare yourself, you must be ready when the time comes. Go on the forest track, and drive as fast as you can! Go! // Will you follow this advice, mon cher?

Gold Target: 80 seconds

Silver Target: 85 seconds

Bronze Target: 95 seconds

Course: Bayou Boardwalk

Completion: Every day brings you closer to the reckoning. Be brave, and take this to help you on your quest.

Reward: MSR-Wheels Stars

Best Friend Reward

  • MSR-Special Rear-Wheel Drive