Kingdom Resident Daniel Lord Daniel
Lord Daniel

Character Info Edit

Role Prince of Cutopia
Home Island Cutopia
Interest Cute

Lord Daniel is the prince of the kingdom of Cutopia and the son of Duchess Beverly. He spends most of his time dating Violet by visiting her at her tower and taking her to picnics by the beach after the main storyline. Lord Daniel, when you first meet him, asks you to help him prepare for the yearly traditional festival of Cutopia that his mother ordered for him to help with. But after the festival, Daniel and the player find out that Duchess Beverly imprisoned Violet, and then go on a quest to free her. After freeing Violet, Violet kisses Daniel on the cheek, causing Daniel to be sent into fits of happiness. Later, Daniel wants you to decorate the picnic site more.


Although the Duchess is always reminding him of his royal responsibilities, Daniel feels just like a regular boy. He wants his mom to be proud of him, but he'd rather play with his friends than spending all day fluffing bunnies and decorating gingerbread cookies.


  • In MySims Agents, Daniel does not appear in the game, but he is mentioned by Marlon in his dispatch mission Magical Assistant. Marlon is deciding whether Daniel or Princess Butter would be a good wizard assistant.
  • It was said by concept artist for MySims Agents, Genevieve Tsai, that Daniel was originally going to be in MySims Agents, but was scrapped.
  • According to Marlon in his first dispatch mission in MySims Agents, Daniel and the rest of the royal line have much magical aptitude. Whether he meant that Daniel was a good student in learning magic or that he actually had magical ability is unclear. Although, it's might just be Marlon thinks he can take good care of his Kingdom Pals since Daniel's a Cute sim.
  • The picture of Daniel in the Boudreaux mansion could belong to Violet, which means she still might have a tight relationship with him.
  • There is also a picture of a boy that shares similar looks to Daniel hanging in Evelyn's apartment.
  • It is unknown how Daniel and Beverly are related to Butter and Roland, but they are related due to Marlon speaking of them all being apart of some royal line.

Foreign NameEdit

  • English: Daniel
  • Dutch: Heer Daniel van de Lavendel
  • Spanish: Daniel
  • French: Seigneur Daniel
  • Japanese: ダニエルきょう